My Supernatural Top 15 Bad Guys, Part 1

The Best Villains of Supernatural

There are literally hundreds of Characters from this show that I could spend the next year of my life analyzing. I will be analyzing what my favorite bad guys Team Free Will has faced off against over the last 12 years, and why I picked them over what other people consider obvious choices. This will be broken down in 5 days so here is #15-#13.


15.) Bela Talbot

First off, I love this actress, and it feels weird putting her on the list of bad guys. Her character elicited a lot of sympathy towards the end as more of her backstory was revealed. However, she was a thorn of the side of the good guys, hence she goes on the list. Her first appearance was in Season 3 in the episode “Bad Day At Black Rock” where she steals a cursed rabbit’s foot from John Winchester’s storage locker. The boys become aware of her when she stole the cursed foot back from Sam. After that she was constantly making them nuts by constantly appearing to be helpful to them but actually using them to steal whatever it was she needed at the time. She stole the Colt, led psycho Gordon to them and got them arrested. She was kind of a bitch in that regard.

I loved her from her very first appearance despite the above bitchiness. She was smart, sly, independent and such a bad ass. A character set up as someone you are supposed to despise, morally corrupt an opportunist and out for herself, and doesn’t appear to care who may get hurt by her actions. She is very much what Dean could be if Dean had no moral compass. They shared a lot of the same character traits. Both acting cool, same devil-may-care behavior, both trying so hard to hide inside what they feel deep down.

You find out in the episode “Time is on my Side” that she killed her parents. When asked why by Dean she tells him: “They were lovely people. And I killed them. And I got rich. I can’t be bothered to give a damn. Just like I don’t care what happens to you.” He is completely disgusted and goes to kill her. Revealed however, is the fact that she made a deal with Lilith as a child to kill her parents; due to the fact that her father had been sexually abusing her for years. When Dean realizes she is on the run from a deal he spares her life and leaves. Her last appearance on the show was this episode when her demon deal runs out and she was killed by hell-hounds.

What childhood she had was horrible. The abuse broke something inside of her, something she never got back or fixed. Her parents were the people she was supposed to love most, that were supposed to love and protect and shield her, but instead they lit it on fire it and tore it apart. I think that’s why she never truly trusted anyone, why she worked on her own. What she did, her deal with Lilith, it is so hard to blame her.  Even at the end, she refused to tell the truth, to let anyone have pity on her, or judge her, for what she did. She didn’t want Dean to feel sorry for her, she didn’t want to be seen fragile and vulnerable.

    She knew she was damned already, so that is why she did the things she did. So what was the point of being good? She  decided to live her life as grand as possible because when the clock ran out the party was over. I would love to see her character come back as a demon, and hold out hope for a cameo before the end.

14.) Gordon Walker

Gordon is a bit of a shifty Character. First introduced in “Bloodlust” He appears to be a friend and fellow hunter. His specialty as a hunter is killing and tracking vampires. Due to the fact that his younger sister was turned, he became a hunter. Eventually you find he tracked and killed the vampire his sister had become. Because of actions like this Gordon was probably the most cold-blooded and unforgiving of any of the characters that have been on supernatural. He takes pride in the torture and killing of the bad guys, which makes him the antithesis to the Winchesters who only do what they have to do to monsters. Gordon was in some of my favorite episodes which is why he cracks the top 15 list.

Gordon is very short sided and one-track minded. There is nothing but black and white in his world, there never can be no matter the circumstances. Nothing seems to waver his determination, and if  killing his sister turned vampire without hesitation didn’t slow him down I can’t see anything that would have. He becomes a full bad guy when he discovers Sam has demon blood in him and marks him as someone who has to die no matter the situation or circumstances involved. He is the one character who embodies true resolution in his purpose for life. This is why he clashes with the Winchesters: they constantly attempt to change who or what they are. Yet he is also void of the hypocrisy that is the brothers’ relationship and how they will bend their own values for each other, and represents a purity in that regard that the Winchesters lack.

Gordon is on Sam’s trail, trying to kill him. Gordon’s obsession with both Sam and Vampires is what proves to be his downfall. In what is perhaps what could be considered some of the sweetest justice delivered on the show, Gordon is captured by a Vampire named Dixon,  who decides to turn Gordon into a Vampire. And even THAT doesn’t stop Gordon from his mission to kill Sam. Look up laser focus in the dictionary it will have Gordon Walkers image there. He captures Sam after being turned and tells him:

“I got to hand it to you, Sam. You got a lot of people fooled. But see, I know the truth. I know what it’s like. We’re the same now, you and me. I know how it is walking around with something evil inside you. It’s just too bad you won’t do the right thing and kill yourself. I’m gonna… as soon as I’m done with you. Two last good deeds. Killing you, and killing myself.”

A Noble sentiment from Gordon However Sam kicks his ass and gives one of the most bitching deaths supernatural ever had by garroting his head off with a razor wire. Sam Winchester BAMF.

13.) The Trickster

Dude, this is flat out one of my favorite characters in Supernatural. Yes, I know he is Gabriel really and goes down swinging as a good guy, But his 3 episodes as the trickster are amaze-balls, and the way he fucks with everyone has yet to be topped. The reason he isn’t higher as my favorite bad guys is because he does get revealed as a good guy.  Gabriel made a grand total of five
appearances on the series. He was in Tall Tales, Mystery Spot, Changing Channels, Hammer of the Gods, and then was wonderfully brought back in season 9’s “Meta Fiction” So now I am left wondering is he really dead or was he truly just an illusion created by Metatron? Goddammit, just bring back Gabriel already! But I digress.

When we first meet Gabriel, we know him only as “the Trickster.” He is described as a demi-god with a penchant for sweets and dealing out odd forms of justice. He appears to have a sarcastic sense of humor, very mischievous and twisted. He loved to screw with people. It definitely was shown that he embraced a hedonistic lifestyle. Even after revealing himself to be an angel, he still used misdirection to achieve his goals and to protect himself. Out of all the angels presented on the show, he was the most human and the most appreciative of all the good things humanity had to offer.

His next appearance adds more depth to the character.  We still don’t know about his true identity yet. There is definitely something he is hiding, as he seems to care a great deal about trying to get Sam to accept having to live without Dean. The twisted side of him however comes through by the fact that he tries to enforce this lesson by trapping Sam in a Time loop and forcing him to watch dean die over and over and over again no matter how hard Sam tries to prevent it. Admittedly these deaths were very humorous to watch even though it was totally fucked up.  Knowing what we know about Gabriel, this episode could be seen as a way to set Sam on a path to not be the one who releases Lucifer from the cage , if avoiding the fate was at all possible that is.

Because as we know, he resents Sam and Dean for being the ones to release Lucifer and force this gran plan to make his 2 brothers fight. Gabriel could be seen as a reflection of the Winchesters that family comes first. He loves his family, and hates what his family has become. We find that Gabriel isn’t much different from Sam or Dean, although he seems to resonate more with Sam especially. He was so sick of his family fighting that he left home, adopted a pagan persona and hid for millennia just to avoid family fights. All he wants is the fighting to be over one way or another so he can live in peace with whatever brother lives. This is why he decrees that saying yes is the only option, after what I believe his plan to derail the release of Lucifer failed.

Changing channels is in my top 10, probably top 5 favorite episodes of all time. And for a show approaching 300 episodes that is definitely saying something. It had everything humor, plot development, and making Sam and Dean do ridiculous shit. It’s truly an amazing 42 minutes of television.

 I’ll be back tomorrow with numbers 10-12, because I could seriously go on and on forever if I don’t stop myself.

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