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I’m baaaaack! Sorry for the long wait in between segments but I took some time to update all you beautiful people on the goings on in Supernatural Season 12. Now I am back to counting down the foes and adversaries that keep our Beloved Winchesters busy season to season. So without further adieu let us continue the countdown.

Supernatural Top 15 Villains #5 and #6

6.) Alastair

You’re not going to get a much better villain then Alastair. He was so sadistic in his run on Supernatural it was fascinating to watch. Different Actors played Alastair, but clearly the one who stands out was the performance by Christopher Heyerdahl. Jensen once said in a con about the episode “On the Head of a Pinthat he had to step up his acting game; due to the performance Chris was giving. Alastair comes into the series in Season 4, in “I know What you Did Last SummerAlastair is the top torturer in Hell, and the one who tortured Dean during his time in Hell. Fun side note, we learn in season 6 he trained Meg how to torture.

Alastair was the second white eyed demon we had on the show, first being Lilith. Although Lilith did seem to outrank him, whether that was Hell’s design or she was more powerful we don’t know. He strikes fear into other demons, as evidenced by Ruby’s terror when she realizes he has surfaced. The very idea that he is after them is enough to make Ruby freak out, and to make Dean abandon the Demon-Killing Knife and retreat rather than risk fighting Alastair for another second. Ruby describes him as “The Grand Inquisitor downstairs,” and “Picasso with a straight-razor” and admits that she is more afraid of him than both Castiel and Uriel. Which is saying something as angels terrify her.

He’s completely immune to the angels’ ability to kill demons with a touch, and also survives getting stabbed in the heart with Ruby’s knife twice; he just pulls it out like it was a splinter and rolls on. He’s also immune to Sam’s powers (at first), and eventually he loses his own abilities to affect Sam in any way. He hasn’t been seen out of Hell since Nazi Germany, and it’s heavily implied that he started the concentration camps. Even for a demon this guy is a sick bastard. He surfaces to hunt down Anna, a fallen angel. He shows up and kicks the Winchesters ass, stealing the demon knife. Anna getting her grace back makes Alastair’s original vessel disintegrate. Sadly he survived and came back to wreak havoc.

Alastair arrives in a new vessel and sets about his goal of breaking the 66 seals to release Lucifer from prison. Alastair kidnaps a reaper from a town (suspending all death there.) He then appears in a third (and final) vessel and kidnaps the reaper Tessa (whom we met in season 1.) He plans to sacrifice the 2 reapers under the solstice moon to break the seal. Castiel captures Alastair this episode, sadly though not before he orders his demons to kill Pamela. This leads us into one of the greatest Supernatural episodes in the series, On the Head of a Pin This is the episode that showed just how much Alastair got off on both psychological and physical torturer.












Cas recruited Dean after 7 angels were killed. The angels had been unable to get Alastair to give up who was killing Angels. So who better to torture him than his former protege. Alastair finds this notion hilarious, laughing and telling Dean: “I’m sorry. This is a very serious, very emotional situation for you. I shouldn’t laugh. It’s just that, I mean, are they serious? They sent *you* to torture *me*?” The whole time Dean is torturing him he is either singing, laughing, or taunting Dean. Or really being a bastard and critiquing Dean’s technique. When the person you are torturing is giving advice it’s not a great sign your torture is going so well. Also, it shows Alastair was really a masochistic SOB.

The taunting doesn’t let up either when Alastair told Dean that John Winchester didn’t break after 100 years on the rack (although we don’t know for a fact that Alastair worked on John or if he was even considered a righteous man).  “Damned if I couldn’t break him. Pulled out all the stops. But John, he was… made of something unique. The stuff of heroes. But then came Dean. Mmm. Dean Winchester. I was up against it again! But, daddy’s little girl… he broke. He broke in *thirty*! Mm, just not the man your daddy wanted you to be, huh, Dean?” Clearly he knows the way to crush Dean is to insinuate his father would be disappointed in him.

Alastair really breaks Dean’s psyche, heart whatever when he tells Dean that he is responsible for breaking the first seal. “And it is written that the first seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in hell. As he breaks, so shall it break.”

Alastair eventually escapes the Devil’s trap (thanks to Uriel being a traitor) and really lays into Dean, and only Cas interceding saves his life. Alastair defeats Cas one on one and almost banishes him to Heaven. Sam however shows up to play Dark Knight, using psychic mojo to kick ass. A demon that most other demons feared, and he did it without breaking a sweat. Like that isn’t something terrifying when you watch it the first time. And there goes Alastair, only around for a few episodes but the damage he causes in Dean lasts throughout seasons 4 and 5. Plus he gave Ruby leverage to work Sam over into a higher Demon Blood addiction whether that was his intention or not.


He knows how to use those words to cut deeper than any knife to a man like Dean.


5.) Meg

Meg is one of the most interesting characters on the show. Personal preference, though I loved both actresses who played her, I am partial to the first Meg, played by Nicki Aycox. She was just a ruthless bitch who let nothing stand in her way. She was the Daughter of Azazel, dedicated to the cause of releasing Lucifer from the cage. Meg was a college student, who was horrified by the demon’s actions in her body: for example, cutting her hair and dressing her “like a slut.” She first possessed the human Meg in either 2004 or 2005; her possession of Meg went on for about a year and this demon eventually adopted Meg’s name for herself.

Meg is the demonic parallel of Dean and Cas. Meg served her father in Season 1. So did Dean. Season 5 comes around, and she is serving her God (Lucifer.) Here, she parallels Cas. Moving on to season 6, where her God is gone again, now she is looking for a new cause to serve. Just like the boys. Also, note that while she has maintained her wit and snarky attitude, she is far less confident than she was in season 1. She’s fighting a losing battle. Just like Cas. Just like Sam and Dean.





She inserts herself into the Winchesters’ life in the episode “Scarecrow” where she pretends to be a drifter and flirts with Sam on the side of the road. She bonds with Sam later at a bus stop and tries to get him to leave Dean behind. When he declines she goes with a trucker who she kills to use his blood to demonically call Azazel. She shows up again in “Shadowwhere she lays a trap for the Winchesters intended to ensnare John. Meg lures our protagonists in by controlling shadow creatures called Daevas to kill people. Informing the boys that she did what she did to lure John out of hiding. She also gets off on control forcing herself on a tied up Sam.

The Winchesters break free, a fight ensues and Meg gets thrown out of a window by the Daevas no longer under her control. Of course when you are a demon 3 story falls are nothing. She shows up again in the episode “Salvation.” She is systematically wiping out John’s allies until he gives up the Colt. She brutally kills John’s friend Caleb when he can hear him die on the phone. After meeting up with John later to make the exchange for the Colt, she is pissed that he didn’t deliver. She kidnaps John and in the next episode “Devil’s Trap tracks the boy’s to Bobby Singers. She ends up getting led into a devil’s trap and becomes the Winchesters prisoner,  and the boys Banish her back to hell.

Now that is just mean


Meg makes a brief return Season 2 when she escapes hell and possesses Sam Winchester in the episode “Born Under a Bad Sign.” She punished both brothers by forcing Sam to commit evil acts. She had Sam kill another hunter, forcing them into a cover up of his death. Meg was ultimately trying to lure Dean into killing Sam so she could enact her revenge on them both. Alastair torturing her in hell bred a desire for revenge that overrode her desire to fulfill her fathers plan. She tries to get Dean to kill Sam by kidnapping their friend Jo. Sam/Meg threatens rape, and rubs in her face the fact John got her father killed. Bobby releases Meg from Sam, and she doesn’t appear again until Season 5.

In Sympathy for the Devil Bobby attacks Dean, revealing that he is possessed by a demon. At that point Meg arrives, and orders the possessed Bobby to kill Dean, but he doesn’t. Sam returns and helps dispatch the other two demons, but Meg escapes by abandoning her vessel. She shows up again by Lucifer’s side in “Abandon all Hope.” Meg confronts Sam, Dean, Ellen, and Jo in the streets of Carthage, setting a pack of hellhounds on the group. The Hellhounds mortally wound Jo, who agrees to sacrifice herself along with Ellen to blow up the hellhounds. This makes Meg responsible for their deaths – which is definitely why I ranked her higher on my list, Fucking Bitch. Cas throws Meg into hellfire at the end of episode but she survives again.

In Season 6 she returns again, this time a reluctant ally of the Winchesters. They team up in “Caged Heatto take on Crowley. Crowley kidnaps and tortures her, although she never seems to lose her sarcasm. The second actress, Rachel Miner, definitely played Meg with more snark. Dean rescues her, to be Crowley’s torturer. This is where we find out she apprenticed under Alastair.  This is pretty much the turning point of her antagonism with the Winchesters. Meg becomes a reluctant ally with the Winchesters as she needs allies against Crowley. Although I think had they not written her out of her tendency to serve herself first it would have led to a betrayal.

I mean Dean even let her briefly drive the Impala in season 7 in the attack on Dick Roman. That’s a level of trust he barely extends to Sam. We find out in season 8 Crowley had her kidnapped because she had been in Lucifer’s confidence and knew where he had treasure vaults hidden. Her arc comes to an end in “Goodbye Strangerwhen she sacrifices herself fighting Crowley to give Cas and the boys time to escape. Fun Fact– for those of you who may be wondering why a self serving demon sacrifices herself? Well the actress playing her actually has MS and could no longer actively play the role without great pain. Out of respect for her and the job she did they had Meg die as opposed to recasting her.


Tune in tomorrow to see who makes the next round of villains. Keep Calm and watch Supernatural Dammit.

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