Supernatural ‘Ship Wars

Supernatural ‘Ship Wars

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Which ‘Ship is Your Favorite?

So I thought it would be fun to throw together some of my favorite ‘ships from the show and have them face off March Madness Style to see who the winner is. I know Supernatural is not a show built around romances. It is still fun to discuss the various relationships we have seen over the years.

This can be a polarizing topic, but I want this to be fun and fun only. I hope for no bashing of anyone or any ‘ships amongst the fans. Keep it fun and keep it friendly. Let’s meet the round 1 contestants:

Bobby/Ellen VS. Bobby/Jody

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In the episode My Heart Will Go On, we got to see what Bobby and Ellen could have been. And it was great. The love shone through, and it was so sad to see Bobby pleading with the boys to find a way to save Ellen. The only blessing at the end of that episode is that Bobby didn’t know how good he had it.

Bobby and Jody unfortunately didn’t get a whole lot of time to develop. As is the case in Supernatural death strikes before relationships bloom. But the potential is there, and had Bobby not been killed, they would have been a powerhouse couple. Totally kicking ass and taking names.

Favorite Relationship:


Sam/Eileen Vs. Sam/Madison

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Ok, let me just say that nothing that supernatural has done since killing Charlie has been as cruel as needlessly killing off Eileen. I honestly thought they were setting this up for future end game. Sam finally found the hunter girl who understood the life. They were sweet and I will never forgive them for ending it the way they did.

The end of the episode Heart gets me every single time. I loved them, I thought they were going to last longer than an episode. And then it was literally shot in the head and done. It should have been more.

Favorite Relationship:

John/Mary Vs Sam/Jess

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The ‘ships that started it all. John was Mary’s saving grace from a life of hunting. And then her death sends John into a life of hunting and revenge.

Sam and Jess we didn’t really get to see how well they fit until the episode What is and What never should be. She was put on pedestal like Mary was after her death. But they were sweet and her death sent Sam back into the hunting life just like his father. Plus out of all his girls she matched the Moose in height. Which is totally awesome 

Favorite Relationship:

Dean/Cas Vs. Cas/Meg

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So here is where I ask for no hate. Whether you think the subtext is there or it’s bros only I don’t want any bashing. These are my 2 all time favorite characters and as the years have gone on, it is hard to argue that they wouldn’t be a suitable endgame. Their chemistry is amazing to watch and they seriously bicker like an old married couple. I just want my boys to be happy and settled.

Cas and Meg they were sweet. It took a long time for me to buy into the idea of them, because Cas is usually so unforgiving on people who hurt the Winchesters. However, though they weren’t truly a canon relationship the potential was there, and their chemistry was sweet to watch.

Favorite Relationship:

Dean/Pie Vs Dean/Baby

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Ok so I admit this is just a laugh for me, because let’s face it outside of Sam these are the constants over the years in Dean’s life. And I am sorry but I don’t get down with incest ships. No disrespect to those who do, but I don’t roll that way. Not even in Game of Thrones. So basically I just wanted to see what you think the greater love affair is: the pie or the car.

Favorite Relationship:

Jesse/Cesar Vs. Charlie/Dorothy

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Related image

It was a long time coming to finally see some hunter husbands on Supernatural. I loved these 2 characters and the ease of their relationship. There was no posturing or uneasiness they were who they were and their love shined.

Ok, so I know technically these 2 never hooked up in Oz like I thought they might. But they were still adorable and feisty together. And I can still wish they had been a canon couple.

Favorite Relationship:

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So I hope everyone has fun with this poll. Round 1 will run for 1 week and then at the end I will run Round 2. Everyone be kind to each other and please if I left people out, which let’s face it OF COURSE I did haha, let me know in the comments below who should be there and perhaps I will do a new ‘ship war with people you nominate.

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3 thoughts on “Supernatural ‘Ship Wars

  • Avatar
    June 29, 2017 at 12:34 am

    For another ship war:
    Crowley and Dean
    Crowley and Castiel

    • Avatar
      June 29, 2017 at 12:39 am

      I am thinking about running a separate one that’s all non canon ships. Because there are a ton like those 2, Dean and Amara, Dean and Benny, Dean and Jo/Abaddon, sam and gabriel i mean sooooooo many people wish had gotten together so could be fun.

    • Avatar
      June 29, 2017 at 12:41 am

      Not just all Dean those are just some of the big ones. Sam/Lucifer Anna/Sam Jo/Sam Cas/Benny Cas/Balthazar Bobby/Crowley Abaddon/Crowley Rowena/Lucifer


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