Supernatural Season 12 Recap; episode 1 to 4

On the Road So Far……..

Keep Calm and carry on.

Episode 1 and 2 recap (Keep Calm and Carry on and Mamma Mia)

The motto of Supernatural and fitting seeing as that it is the Title of Episode 1 Season 12. Before diving into the meat of season 12 let’s flashback a minute to see where we left off at the end of 11. God and Amara managed to patch up the sibling rivalry and have sailed off into the sunset (which thanks to Dean the sun is still alive and kicking). Dean walks to a forest where he runs into a very confused and not Dead Mama Winchester. Sam has been kidnapped, shot and Castiel was banished. Confused yet? Strap in because it is about to get “Super” wild.

We start off season 12 with the inevitable emotional reunion between Dean and Mary. Dean thinks it’s a hallucination at first until she kicks his ass for trying to touch her. This of course leads to the discussion of why Dean isn’t 4 years old like he is in her memories. The part where he convinces her who he is by telling about the courtship of Mary and John was beautiful. I teared up no joke. And if you didn’t you have no soul. I will say though, when Dean is telling Mary highlights from the last 33 years and say’s I know it’s a lot, that is what I want to tell people when talking about the show. Dean and Mary start to make their way back to the bunker.

We see Sam is being held apparently now by the British Men of Letters who are apparently out to torture him for the names of American hunters. Sam’s not really having it though, Once you have been tortured by Lucifer humans just don’t stack up. Keep in mind Sam thinks Dean is dead so only Cas would be coming for him.

Back in the bunker we get the sweet reunion between Cas and Dean (remember he thinks Dean is dead too) and the introduction of Cas and Mary. Who doesn’t love bro hugs on supernatural. British Men of Letters has kidnapped Sam, which introduces Mary to computers, so her and Cas get to bond over the confusion of computers. Dean, Cas, and Mary head to the garage, where Mary is reunited with Baby, which of course was John’s car. For a moment, Dean enjoys some bonding with mom. It’s nice that they both love the car so much … at least until Dean catches Mary eyeing the backseat with a big grin on her face. Cas is totally confused and I love this.

Cas, Mary and Dean are tracking down Sam and get the crap kicked out of them until Mary saves the day. They are using every trick in the book to break Sam and it’s not working. They even go as far to put him in a reality where him and Lady Toni Bevell, the psycho who has him hostage are lovers and she is trying to get him to give up the names via pillow talk. Can we talk MAJOR consent issues cause that has creepy written all over it. But I digress.

Sam gets saved and reunites with Mary and things are beautiful for a short time . The British Men of Letters (BOL) apparently are going to be a player going forth in season 12.

Also, just in case you forgot, Lucifer is still out vessel hopping. And pissed at daddy for leaving him behind to run off with Amara. We get to watch his new vessel which is played by the amazing Rick Springfield. (Side note– Rick Springfield talked to me on twitter over my praise in his role. Still fangirling over that) Crowley is chasing Lucifer down for revenge so that seems like it is going to be the side story for part of the season. Let me just say, when Rowena and Crowley melt Lucifer’s face off with acid it is legit the creepiest thing I have seen in a long time. Rowena captured by Lucifer and Crowley flees. This is just 2 episodes people.

Episode 3 and 4 recap (The Foundry and American Nightmare)

Well, that didn’t take long. Here’s the thing about coming back from the dead: It’s not always as great as it sounds. Despite how many times people have died and come back on Supernatural no one has been dead for very long. It’s clear Mary is not adjusting well to being back. She is clearly missing her heaven with John and her boys as she knew them. She is throwing herself back into hunting because it is a source of comfort to her. They are also still working on trying to find out more about BOL, and Cas is going to track down a lead about Lucifer.

Sam and Dean coddling her is also not helping. Mary was a bad ass hunter, and does not appreciate that behavior. She finds a hunt for them to work but Sam and Dean don’t take her instincts into consideration at all. Family road trip and bonding over beef jerky flavors and singing “Born to be Wild” is winning though. It is clear that they have very different hunting styles. Mary relies on old school techniques because she doesn’t get the internet. The Winchesters are investigating the house where people have been found with hearts frozen in a locked room. The room locks Mary in when she is standing over a crib. Statistically speaking Mary standing over cribs is not a good record for her. A ghost appears and lays a hand print on Mary’s arm. The boys refuse to listen to Mary when she has doubts about Sam’s theories.

So they attempt to leave her behind as they go to the cemetery to burn some bones. Mary sneaks off however to go back to the house and becomes possessed. When the boys arrive Mary attempts to kill Dean while Sam goes to the basement to salt and burn his bones. That ends the spirit and frees the children trapped there. You find out that the father of the house went mad when his son died. He buried himself in the wall and starved to death. He covets all the boys that live there after he dies, killed them and trapped their spirits. Very Edgar Allan Poe in the end.

The second plotline of this episode comes in buddy cop scenes with Cas teaming up with Crowley to find Lucifer. It is amazeballs. Cas is trying so hard to be successful at interrogation and he still fails. He gives his name as Agent Beyonce, so Crowley plays along as Agent Z. If you thought good cop-bad cop was great, wait till you see the demon-angel version. It cannot be beat. I fully believe that part of Lucifer rubbed off on Castiel when they shared a vessel. He radiates snark and sass more than he used to. He went toe to toe with Crowley the whole episode. The mother line will never get old. Also Rowena breaks free from Lucifer and banishes him to the bottom of the Atlantic. She is tiny but fierce.

The episode ends on a big downer though. Mary makes the decision that she needs space and time to deal with being back. She utterly and completely breaks their heart by telling them that she needs to mourn the loss of the Sam and Dean as she knew them. “Every moment I spend with you reminds me of every moment I lost with them,” she tells her sons. So she decides to leave. The looks on Sam and Dean’s faces were devastating to say the least. Plus she takes John’s journal, literally one of the only link the boys have to John, so really she takes both parents away from them.

We pick up with Sam and Dean dealing with the rejection of Mary. They pick up a case about a psychic child. We start in Iowa, where a case worker from CPS essentially dies stigmata style in a church. So the creepy religious vibe starts off strong. This episode is a winner because it gets Sam and Dean back into their priest outfits. This needs to happen more. After interviews Dean learns that Cas and Crowley have teamed up to hunt Lucifer. We sadly see none of that this week. Dean deems it weird that they have teamed up. Dean is also clearly struggling with Mary’s decision to separate from them. Struggling to the point of wondering whether or not he can even call her mom anymore.

There is brotherly banter that occurs as well as arguing over what is causing the deaths. Dean thinks it is a witch Sam does not agree. Sam discovers there is a crazy religious family whose daughter died. From lack of medical care, one of those God’s will would save her deals. Sam and Dean head straight to the farm. Dean tells Sam that he’s worried about Mary, which leads to this amazing exchange:

Sam: “Sometimes families do better after a little time apart.”

Dean: “Yeah, who? The Mansons?”

Also the “God is our bestie” line when they meet the family ranks up there in the Supernatural quote HOF. Dean has zero patience for these people. Accused them of being the ones to kill their daughter and not God.  they discover that their daughter Magda is alive and being tortured. Not only that but the mother is making her whip herself. Sick and twisted bitch. All because her mother thinks she has the devil in her because she has psychic abilities. The family knocks Sam out and puts him in the basement with their daughter. Once Sam wakes up, he tries to explain to Magda that she’s not the devil. She’s simply psychic. Sam tells her his story and promises she can learn to control her powers and not kill people with them.

This episode just keeps getting weirder. The family forces Sam to attend a family meal where the mother has poisoned all the food. She does this so the entire family so they can enter heaven together. Abraham’s the only one to eat it before Magda intervenes and saves her brother. However, when her brother tries to save her back, it results in his death. (Apparently Mom’s equally as deadly with a knife as she is with rat poison.) The Police come and arrest the mother and it appears everyone gets to have a happy ending. Ha ha just kidding this is Supernatural.

Just when you think it is over, Some creepy as dude from the BOL shows up and kills Magda in a bathroom. Because apparently even if you aren’t evil anything supernatural is sentenced to Death. Wonder how that is going to go over with Sam and Dean when they figure that out. This episode had some good things but I feel it may have been the weakest of the first 4. it’s strongest part was the ending when Dean gets a text from Mary stating she will always be mom to him.

So there you have it the starting point of Season 12. Stripped down to the basics of Family after the cosmic epicness of season 11. I can’t wait to see how The Winchester family dynamic blends to include their mother. And please, can we get some more Cas and the boys teaming up? That needs to happen.

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