Supernatural Season 12 recap episodes 5-8

Supernatural is returning from mid-season hiatus

From Hitler to the White House

     Episode 5 (The One You’ve Been Waiting For)

So for episode 5 we revisit the world of the Thule society that is trying to resurrect Hitler.  I was looking forward to this episode for the return of Aaron Bass. A single phone call to him was all we get? #disappointing. Aaron’s return could have been better.  The rest of the episode was pretty entertaining however.

The Thule Society was a sub-faction of the Nazi party known for using dark arts. Introduced in season 8, and they are definitely back. Sam is concerned about Dean’s state of mind considering he turns down pie. An addict turning down his crack is never a good thing. So they go to investigate and end up discovering a secret room full of Nazi memorabilia.  Enter the Thule Society. Lame phone call scene to Aaron (So disappointed!!) and then it is off to rescue the girl from the Thule.

Thanks to their phone call with Aaron they learn that all the officers are gathering together in one spot. Gathering to raise the spirit of Hitler. The Thule have trapped Hitler’s soul in a pocket-watch Lord Voldemort style. They now have found an heir of Hitler needed to revive him. To sum up Dean Winchester Style: “Nazis … I hate these guys.” Also when are the people Sam and Dean are trying to save going to stop running off on their own and getting kidnapped? Runners make Sam and Dean’s already difficult job three times harder.

The boys catch a break though, and get a lead from the Thule they had kidnapped and interrogated earlier. He offers to lead them to Ellie (the descendant) for protection from his father. This leads to a funny scene at the impala where Dean is trying to convince Sam that now is the time to use the grenade launcher. Dean doesn’t win the argument. Jared and Jenson improved that scene and the director decided to keep it. Camera was rolling and the director decided to keep it.

Cut to scene inside. Hitler is alive now. I didn’t need Hitler dancing around shirtless ever in my life. Thule’s capture Sam and Dean and take them to Hitler. Which leads to the amazing line from Dean: “Nice new meat suit. It come with two testicles this time?” Hitler’s reaction to social media is the only thing that tops it: “I sold 10 million copies of Mein Kampf. What do you think I can do with Twitter?” (Which is a scary parallel to Trump, but let’s not go too far on that train of thought). The best thing in this whole episode was Sam fangirling over Dean killing Hitler. Overall a pretty entertaining episode. And at the end Dean goes back to his pie affair.

Episode 6 (Celebrating the life of Asa Fox)

Hail to the World it’s a Jody episode and I do love me some Sheriff Mills. Curious to discover how an episode titled with someone I had never heard of was going to keep me entertained however I was not disappointed. We finally get a Mary hunting flashback, as it starts off by showing her a saving a young Asa Fox. The fact that this flashback took place in 1980 was intriguing. Mary had supposedly stopped hunting after marrying John and yet here she was a year after giving birth hunting. Asa afterwards is writing to Mary over the years. A demon kills Asa at the end of the postcard montage.

So, over in the wonderful world of Jody we see her tucking in on a night alone with pizza wine and netflix. Jody knows how to roll on a teenage free night. That is until the Winchesters show up on her doorstep. Dean is still bragging about having killed Hitler.

Dean: “Since the last time I saw you, I killed Hitler.”

Jody: “Thank you?”

Dean: “You’re welcome.”

Dean so rarely brags about anything he does it is nice to see him excited about something. There is also the wonderful exchange where Dean finds out Jody is secretly a rom-com lover. The phone call Jody receives that Asa has died kills the fun times. This is strangely the first large hunter wake the Winchesters have ever been too. Other hunters stun them by telling them they are considered legends in the hunting world. One hunter asks Dean, “Aren’t you dead…like, four times?” Dean responds, “Yeah, didn’t take.” Please Dean, you wish it was only 4 times.

The best part of the episode honestly comes in the next scene. Dean busts Jody on her secret that she had actually been dating Asa, and then in walks Mary. Jody is beyond thrilled to meet their mother but Dean is pissed. Mary is hurting him by barely keeping in contact but then showing up for some random hunters funeral. In Mary’s defense, Asa was one of the last living people she knew before she died. Sam gets it though, telling her the fact she was hunting after Dean was born proves it’s in the blood.

Even at a wake hunters can’t catch a break. Crossroads Demon appears and starts possessing and killing people. This demon has a score to settle and jumps bodies to mess with the hunters. Billie the reaper (who is a bitch BTW) appears to Dean who’s stuck outside the house. Billie teleports Dean back in the house to where chaos is ensuing. The demon is jumping bodies to mess with the hunters and spill everyone’s secrets. Jody? She fantasized about a life with Asa. And Bucky, Asa’s closest friend. Well, he killed Asa, and then blamed it on the crossroads demon. Asa and Bucky were arguing over hunting methods. Bucky pushes Asa who lands headfirst on a rock and dies. The hunters are out for blood and threaten to tarnish Bucky’s reputation as a hunter.

The episode ends with Mary and Jody bonding over the boys, love that. Billie appears again, which nobody needed or wanted, and tells Mary she wants to reap her as she gets the vibe Mary doesn’t want to be alive. Stubborn Winchester spirit is strong with her though and essentially tells Billie to piss off. The boys reward her with the promise of breakfast with all the Bacon. Even though Mary isn’t ready to come home, bacon breakfast is an awesome first baby step.

Episode 7 (Rock never Dies)

OK so this was definitely my favorite episode of the first half of the Season. All 4 of my boys working together, and grumpy Dean having to work a case n LA. Let the good good times roll. Lucifer is back bitches ready or not. Rowena banishing him into the ocean doesn’t even slow him down apparently. Lucifer tracks down one of his own wings feathers that have been fossilized using its magic to revive his vessel. Rock on Lucifer. To the episode we go.

Sam and Dean are chilling in the bunker, and Dean is sadly losing to his mom in words with friends. Also note, the tiles dean had in his queue spelled out Lucifer. Cas calls, informing them that Lucifer is planning on hosting a rock concert in LA. Crowley jumps in on the call giving the boys grief over not contacting him after the Amara deal. I love their banter. And on that note, they’re headed to LA, or as Crowley calls it, “my city.”

Here comes grumpy Dean. His least favorite things about Los Angeles are the traffic,the sweat of desperation, the toxic beaches, and dudes in skinny jeans wearing sunglasses inside. I loved every bit of ripping on LA humor. Sam is totally oblivious to Dean’s rant, because he is listening to “Hair Rock” Sam forces Dean to listen to it as Research for the case. I have missed the brothers teasing each other.

We flash to an amazing Lucifer scene. “Humans have always been desperate to put someone or something above them. Let’s face it, God ain’t cutting it these days. It takes a Kim Kardashian, whatever Justin Bieber is.” Leave it to the brilliant writers to tie in a connection between music and religion and show how it relates to the current mindset of the world. Back to the boys with banter aplenty. Sassy Castiel is a beautiful thing to behold. Castiel is happy to spend some time with a lumberjack if it means getting a break from weeks upon weeks of Crowley’s relentless talking.

They split off to chase leads on their own. Translation: Crowley intimidates his source at the record label, Castiel tries to appeal to Tommy, and Sam and Dean do their best to look hot and spit out a convincing lie to Vince’s rep. They all fail. They get the hot look down though. Tommy steps up though after watching Lucifer force the rep to kill himself and contacts “Agent Beyonce.”

The plan they concoct is pretty terrible on the other hand they don’t have a lot of options. Cas and Crowley agree to buy the Winchesters “4 minutes” to get the crowd out of there, while he is focused on killing them. Dean fires his gun and scares the crowd into running. Lucifer tries to pull them back in, but Sam uses his freakishly long arms to keep the doors open long enough for everyone to run out. This is seriously the best use of Jared’s height ever. We even get a “Hey Assbutt” from Cas.

Here we get to see Rick Springfield’s best moment as Lucifer. His monologue about feeling used by God is brilliant. According to Lucifer, God apologized and then abandoned him again to ride off into the sunset with “Aunty Amara.” He simply thinks he was willing to say anything to get Lucifer to help him. And now, Lucy has no plan. He just wants to smash “daddy’s already broken toys and make you watch.” Sam was right in the end when he says Lucifer was bad enough when he had a plan, but now he’s just having fun. Vince Vincente is now dead and Lucifer has vanished. But Dean is there to remind them: They’ll stop him. As Dean says, “It’s what we do, man.” This episode was funny, totally relevant to today’s views on social media and celebrity worship.

Rock on Rick. You were a solid addition to Lucifer Vessels.

Episode 8 (Lotus)

This episode was nuts. Not only has Lucifer apparently taken over the President he knocks up one of the aides. Furthermore, the angel who hates humanity the most has now knocked up a human. Let the insanity begin. Lucifer is back to vessel hopping and has now Settled on President Jeff, Leader of the free world. It seems President Jeff over here thinks that he and Lucifer are going to be “partners” in this journey to better humanity.

While C2 and the Winchesters work to track Lucifer, the devil is busy leading the White House staff in morning prayer. Surprisingly, none of them notice the fact that the Bible is literally burning in his hands. Instead they take the awkwardness in stride considering that he just became the most popular sitting president in modern history. What Make PJ so lovable? He’s a widower who’s currently sleeping with Kelly, a chick on his staff. And for Lucifer, that means he gets to have sex for the first time … ever. The writers like to write Angels having sex apparently. Cas was at least human in his case. The second Kelly mentions wanting kids with him and he grins, you know something bad is going to happen.

Back at the bunker Dean powers down the warding so that Crowley can enter with an update (and this amazing interaction):

So Lucifer is POTUS and the game is afoot. Crowley goes to get Rowena, and when I say “get” that means showing up just as her “latest fiancé” is leaving her and literally exploding him. Rowena tells her son (with blood all over her face): “That is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me.” Talk about a screwed up family. Lucifer shows some foresight and gives Sam and Dean’s photos out as terrorists out to kill him. And then the crazy shit happens, Castiel gets overwhelmed with voices on angel radio. They’re experiencing a massive surge in celestial energy. Castiel knows: Someone has created the offspring of an angel and a human (nephilim) — and due to the power it has to be Lucifer. Dean’s perfect reaction to this larger-than-life news? “I didn’t know he was dating.”

They continue on to Impeach LOTUS and find Rosemary’s baby. They get stopped by Secret Service, and saved by Ketch, the creepy BMOL guy. Dean is jealous that Ketch gets to use the grenade launcher. Ketch tries to entice the boys to work with the BMOL by showing them cool toys. A sign of good faith, they take one that will expel a demon. Now they have a plan, and it is on to convince baby mama to help them. She agrees and they set up a meet with Lucy. With mind control by Cas (why doesn’t he use this more?!?!) he convinces the secret service agents that the motel room is safe. Sam uses their new toy to expel Lucifer and Rowena sends him back to the cage. Or so we think, no way to know where he went right now. Although Sam yelling “go to hell” was awesome.

With the president amazingly still alive, Crowley grabs Rowena and flees, in true Crowley fashion. And here is where the horrible writing of Buck-lemmings come into play. They are the worst at having the characters make decisions they would never freaking make. In one of their dumbest moves to date (discounting the ENTIRE episode where charlie died that is a whole other rant) they send the mind manipulating Angel away to get Kelly (baby-mama) safe. So now, Sam and Dean, are left alone in a motel room with an incapacitated POTUS. Come on, man. It is so frustrating as a fan that Buck-lemmings are brought in for these huge episodes and they biff it every time. Needless to say Sam and Dean are arrested and being dragged off to God knows what prison for attempted assassination.

And to top things off, Kelly ditches Castiel because she doesn’t want to kill her baby. Again, I reiterate that buck-lemmings ruins Cas, they also write him as a dumbass. But he’s great at disappearing from situations with the snap of a finger in case, I don’t know, the secret service enters the room and you need to leave in a hurry. That really was an epic fail for everyone involved. But I suppose it does set up some drama for the return from the winter hiatus.


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