Supernatural Recap Season 12 episodes 11-12

Catching up people who may have forgotten the epicness before Supernatural returns from mid-season hiatus!

Witch Induced Memory Loss to a Prince of  Hell

The story marches on:

Episode 11 “Regarding Dean”

Supernatural is a show that demonstrates how frustrating it is that CW shows get no love for Emmy consideration. Jensen’s acting in this episode was so brilliant and deserving of so much praise. The way he flows from the lightheartedness and comedy to heartbreaking reality was amazing to watch. It is probably my second or 3rd favorite episode of the season, tossed up there with the next episode Stuck in the middle with you. I honestly can’t pick a favorite between the 2.

CLEARLY Dean has forgotten that he doesn’t tell Sam these things

Episode starts off with Dean chasing someone through the woods. The man hexes Dean (because apparently he is a witch) as Dean goes to shoot him. The spell is so strong he knocks Dean out with it. When he wakes up, he contacts Sam to meet him for waffles, at this point assuming he drank too much alcohol the night before. Over breakfast, Dean explains that he can’t remember anything from the night before. Oh and BTW those waffles Dean is eating look freaking amazing! The longer they talk though, the details that Dean is having trouble remembering make it clear something is not right. Both are assuming that alcohol is involved so Sam tells him might be time to pull back a bit. Dean responds with: “1. The rat pack partied till the day they died and 2. I can still kick your ass” 

Also, outside the morgue when they are leaving Dean has clearly forgotten how to drive the Impala, can’t name all the members of Bon Jovi, and doesn’t recognize his own name. Time to queue worry. This is one of the most quotable episodes in a while. Everyone gets great one liners, even Rowena when Sam calls her for help asking Sam: “Am I saved to your contacts now? Tell me, do I have my own ringtone?” She could say anything in her voice and it’s magical. This is where the episode starts to give off the Momento/Hangover vibe. Both of which I love so bring it on. Let the retracing begin!

Sam takes Dean back to the bar where he had gone to get a burger. They run into the waitress that filled in some of the gaps from the night before. Apparently, Dean had come in and rode Larry, their mechanical bull. According to the waitress he had the hots for Larry the min he walked in. Sometimes the subtext is not so subtle. Especially when Sam asks if he “rode” Larry. Personally I also think it is funny Sam has to give Dean the monsters are real talk. It fits Dean’s character that he instantly believes in all of it. Even more than that, he thinks they have the best job ever. Also, did he mention that their best friend’s an angel?! To quote Dean: “Whaaaaaat?!”

The facial expressions kill me

So, here is where the episode gets a bit more complex. They find the guy Dean shot the night before near the tree with the Hex Sigils. The dead body freaked out Dean, since he has forgotten he has seen worse. Dean still having memory loss is what Sam freaked when he sees the dead guy. So up shows Rowena, who figures Sam could use her expertise and they keep Dean distracted with Scooby-Doo cartoons like a toddler. I love Rowena in this episode. She had some great dialogue, and I think she actually enjoyed getting some positive attention from Dean. Let it also be known that Dean cannot remember what a lamp is, but he can remember cinemax is skinemax.

Rowena tells Sam about the trio of witches that have cursed Dean. They are in possession of a powerful grimoire (of course). She tells Sam that they would need to get the book to cure Dean. Otherwise he is eventually going to forget how to speak how to swallow and die. As Dean sadly puts it: “Sucks for that guy.” There a very sad scene between Dean and Sam, where Sam has told Dean his life story (again). And Dean tells Sam he can feel his me
mories slipping away. This is where the episode gets super real. Sam has had to put post-its on everything, and this is totally something you have to do for a person who has Alzheimer or Dementia. Sam informs Rowena (getting real with her) saying “Watching my brother become not him, this might actually be the worst.”

And this is where the show beautifully balances out the comedy of this episode with a scene that will surely rip your heart out. Dean stands in front of the bathroom mirror reciting, “My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom. And Cas is my best friend.” Repeating it until he forgets his own name. And then the “I don’t know” was heart wrenching. The look of panic in his face and eyes, it is top 5 acting moments for Jensen on the show. Jared as well hit all the emotional moments.

Rowena is watching Dean and getting annoyed, so she gives him a voodoo doll to play with. She tells him some of her backstory with the BMOL and how they ousted her from her homeland. Rowena then talks to Dean about how seeing God and Amara bicker made her wonder if there was any hope for her to be happy or satisfied. It is remarkable what people share when they know you won’t remember the conversation. Sam calls and interrupts the bonding moment. The witches kick Sam’s ass and are going to use him to revive their dead friend.

Rowena sticks Dean in Baby’s passenger seat and makes her way to rescue Sam. Turns out Dean channels his inner bad ass and ends up saving the day. There are post-its in the car explaining what is going on. Also one saying “STAY.” Luckily for everyone he doesn’t listen.  After he discovers the trunk — the grenade launcher has a big “NO!” Post-It on it — he gets some witch-killing bullets and saves Rowena’s life. He also kills the other witch, but not before almost accidentally shooting Sam.

Rowena is then able to fix Dean and hit the road. Lacking the powerful spellbook, that is, since Sam takes it. The brothers end on a touching moment as Sam admits he was a bit jealous of Dean at first. Simply for the fact that he didn’t have to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. But, losing the bad meant losing the good, so if that’s happy, Dean will pass. The scene cuts out to a montage of Dean riding the bull and what happened under the memory loss.

It was set against probably the most brilliant piece of music they have used since season 2 “Nightshifter” played Renegade as they fled from the FBI. If you have never listened to the song Broomstick Cowboy give it a listen, it is a beautiful song. Plus I mean who DOESN’T want to watch Jensen ride a mechanical bull?  And thus ends another amazing episode of Supernatural.

Ride on Broomstick Cowboy. For soon you’ll be a dreadful thing, My son. You’ll be a man <3

Episode 12 “Stuck in the middle with You”

This episode rocked. The director, Richard Speight Jr. shot this episode as a love letter to Tarantino and Reservoir Dogs. Trying to recap this episode feels impossible. The filming style and the time jumps kept it fascinating. The mythology arcs jumped out at you, even for being a monster of the week. So kudos to that. The Crowley backstory, to a new Prince of Hell being introduced, Mary is working with the BMOL, the freaking Colt making a comeback?!? This is one episode???

This episode took the story of one action packed “hunt” and chopped it up into many different chapters, complete with time stamps and everything (again I reference the idea of Reservoir Dogs.) And I loved it, although different, it worked perfectly. Hopefully, this won’t seem confusing as I try to recap, because the action does not happen chronologically. I don’t even know where to start focusing on to be honest, because so much happened. Let’s start with the new bad guy Ramiel. A prince of Hell, the first we have seen since the original bad guy Azazel. When he flashed those yellow eyes and the utter terror on Mary’s face, you knew shit was about to get real. Ramiel apparently was the Demon that could have been king. I loved that it shows how Crowley snags the throne. Also, the look of Ramiel gave me some Benny flashbacks, so awesome.

Crowley actually attempted to follow proper procedure 6 years ago and go down the line of succession. Crowley always showed ambition, so Ramiel handed the crown to him. After some serious sweet talking and deal making from Crowley’s side, which was his forte. Seeing the history, I don’t think Crowley expected to attain such a high level of power. So, it adds yet another layer to the onion that is Crowley. Ramiel however, rejected the throne, and told Crowley that none of the Princes wanted it. It’s actually fascinating because for 6 years we have been believing that Crowley fought his way to the top. We should have known it was done through the art of talk and others just not giving a shit. The only catch to the deal was that he wanted to be left alone. If anything disturbed them, it would fall on Crowley’s head.

Azazel was a fanatic, a true believer in Lucifer’s master plan. But the rest of us? Well, the truth is, we stopped caring a long time ago. Asmodeus has his hobbies. Dagon has her toys. We’re happy where we are. So if you want the crown, it’s yours.”

Crowley was the one to dish out the backstory of who Ramiel is to the Winchesters. He is also the one to tell them what Cas got stabbed with, The Lance of Michael. Michael originally created the weapon to kill Lucifer in the Battle of Armageddon. How Crowley got it, I have no idea. What he left out of his narrative, however, was HE was the one who gave it to Ramiel, as a peace offering for invading his home. The Oh Shit moment on his face when Mary describes the weapon that stabbed Cas (Did I forget to mention Cas is dying? Oh yeah we will get there too.) was priceless.

Also, there was a sort of parallel between Crowley and Cas at one point in the episode. Remember when Cas gave his passionate “The world needs the Winchesters” speech? Crowley did his version of  “the Winchesters are awesome” speech to Ramiel. He was trying to convince Ramiel to spare them as even Hell needed allies. Ramiel doesn’t buy the sweet talk this time, however, and kicks Crowley through the door of the barn the Winchesters and Cas are hiding in.

Ok, so Time to rewind and fill in some gaps. This case starts by the BMOL asking Mary to steal something from this demons house. She tricks her boys and Cas into helping. She does this by claiming her Hunter friend Wally needs help with some “demons who like to fish.” They coordinate an attack plan and do a cool walking montage filmed Tarantino style. Everything goes to crap immediately when the demon brushes off the devil’s traps and devil trap bullets like they were nothing. Ramiel traps Mary and attacks Cas, keeping Sam and Dean locked out. Mary is the only one to see his eyes turn yellow which freaks her out, UNDERSTANDABLY, and Cas tells her to Run. Ramiel pursues Cas out of the house and stabbed him in the side with the Lance of Michael and he is in bad shape.

Mary is freaking out for many reasons. Demons have killed Wally. Demons that were there to prevent people from bothering Ramiel (and a terrible job they did really.) Sam is now questioning her as to what she has dragged them into. She is pissed at the BMOL for feeding her bad intel. She is lying to her boys and treading some very dangerous ground here. I assumed the situation was going to require assistance from the British Men of Letters. Then, Mary’s dealings with them would be revealed. So, now let’s jump back to Crowley getting kicked through a barn door. Because, it is so much fun.

I’d love to say I kept to the single man tear but that would so be a lie

Cas is not doing well, and is begging the Winchesters to leave him. He is giving his farewell speech. He thanks them for being the best part of his life, says you’re my family and says he loves them all. If anyone wasn’t doing a single man tear you all are heartless bastards. It ends with him pleading them not watch him die. Sam and Dean basically say screw that because they never leave Family behind to die.

Ramiel busts in and they are able to trap him with holy oil. They try to intimidate him but he literally doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about anything except that they stole from him. Both Sam and Dean are more than confused, because they have no idea what he is talking about. Also, fun fact: His sister Dagon has “taken an interest about Lucifer’s baby” so that cannot lead to anything good in the end. He gives them 30 seconds to return what has been stolen. Mary seems on the verge of giving in but Dean stalls her by telling Ramiel he has no idea what they are talking about. Cue bad-ass fight scene.

Crowley……. you make it so damn hard to hate you. Just come be a good guy already. Leave Hell. The good side has pie!

Ramiel uses the lance to wipe out the holy oil. He proceeds to start an ass whooping. Dean gets a few decent hits in, but still is about to be stabbed by the Lance. Mary distracts him by stabbing him with an angel blade (which may as well have been a paper clip.) It does give Sam the edge to steal the Lance and stab Ramiel with it. Cas though is spitting up black goo and everyone is at a loss. And then in steps Crowley, who flashes back to Ramiel saying the power of the Lance was all in the runework. He snaps the Lance in half, grace flows out ,and snap crackle pop Cas is healed, from what I can only assume is Michael’s grace. So, what that means for Cas, I have no idea, absorbing an archangel’s grace. Curious to see if they do anything with that.

Oh and just in case that wasn’t enough for one episode. Mary still has to go give the item that she stole from Ramiel to Ketch. And boy is she pissed. Mary’s pissed off glare seemed to get to the ruthless and violent Mr. Ketch. She threatens to tear it all down if he pulls anything like that again. And then she hands the damn Colt. Remember the Colt. Well it is back, and Lord knows why the BMOL want it.

Finally, did you notice the part where Mary called Castiel “one of her boys”? I like how this family is becoming all about expressing emotions. It’s healthy for everyone. Now, will someone please get Dean on this train. Oh, you think we are done. Foolish Mortals. The episode ACTUALLY ends with Crowley in Hell freaking out that the colt is gone. And who is that singing and taunting Crowley chained up in a cage? Oh it’s only Lucifer. Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer to be exact. And end Scene.

– SuperwhovianFreak

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