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Rantings on Supernatural 12×21

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Good evening to all you TFW fans out there. I am dropping you a line to continue my rant from last week. The last episode of Supernatural is still leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Only this time, it has to do with my frustration of Bucklemmings inability to get characters right.

The Rant

Again, I throw this question out there into the internet void. Does Bucklemmings ever watch this show? I still have to say no, because how else can you explain these intelligent characters being so dumb? First off, they give NO explanation for how control suddenly shifted from Lucifer to Crowley. None whatsoever. So, apparently we are supposed to just roll with the fact that now Lucifer is in control and making Crowley yet again do ridiculous antics just for the hell of it. Because apparently just killing him right off would be too easy.

Then, Lucifer does indeed get tired of tossing Crowley around. Making Crowley walk over and makes out like he is going to stab him with an angel blade. But SOMEHOW he and everyone else in the room is distracted for the perfect amount of time that Crowley is able to vacate his meatsuit. Smoke out of his meatsuit and into a freaking rat. Which, NOBODY notices. So, Crowley was cunning and resourceful just like he always is when backed into a corner. This is his MO. He did it when Cas was coming for him in Season 10-11 and now does it again. However, that’s not what I have an issue with.

I have an issue with a roomful of people who don’t notice Crowley vacate his vessel and apparently hop into a rat. So when Lucifer stabs him, NOTHING happens. Lucifer apparently thinks that is fine. He is an archangel and is suddenly too stupid to know that he stabbed an empty vessel. I can’t even begin with this absurdity. This just compiles onto the rest of the mountain of bullshit that was this whole episode.


I am beyond grateful that the finale episodes are being penned by Robert Berens and Andrew Dabb. If anyone can right the ship Bucklemmings put horribly off course it is Bobo Berens. And we all know Dabb can knock it out of the park following Berens.

So, now the countdown to the finale begins. I’ll probably drop a few theories or hopes that I have later this week about what I want to see happen in the finale. Until then, keep faith in the writers penning the finale, and try to keep calm. And keep watching Supernatural dammit.


-SuperWhovianFreak Out

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