My Supernatural Top 15 Bad Guys, Part 2

Continuing the Countdown

I am here to continue my top 15 countdown with the next 3 “awesome” bad guys to come out of supernatural. I cannot stress how hard it is picking and ranking only 15 people to talk about. The method to my madness is picking characters that had a recurring role on the series. So that is probably why you won’t see Godtsiel, or Demon Dean on the  top 15 list. I loved them, but they didn’t get enough screen time to be true villains of the show. Enough rambling though, on with the list!

      Top Supernatural Villain #12


      Ranking in at #12 is Lilith, or specifically for me child Lilith. Adult Lilith was great, but nothing creepier to me than a cute little child who literally rips out your heart. Lilith came into the story in season 3. She was the demon who took over hell after Azazel was killed in the season 2 finale. She wanted to kill Sam, as she saw him as a contender for the the throne of Hell. Lilith was among the most powerful demons, and was the first demon Lucifer turned when he started his demon army. To put Lilith in D&D terms, she was chaotic evil. She killed to kill and derived great glee when squeezing the hearts of her victims. She delighted in psychological torture, and never went for the quick kill when she could extend the suffering of her victims. The scenes they show of her

possessing a child just to screw with that kids family was so sadistic it was both horrifying and amazing to watch.

Lilith is unique in the Supernatural story-line, as she is one of the few villains to actually succeed in her ultimate goal, even though she died to make that goal come true. Lilith leads the plan to break the 66 seals and release Lucifer from hell. It turns out that she herself (being the first demon created) is the final seal. When Sam kills her (thinking he is stopping her), Ruby reveals that he in fact triggered the last seal breaking. The layers to her plotting and manipulation left an effect on supernatural that went beyond killing Dean and has lasted almost to this day in the show.

Even though Lilith was finally killed by Sam, her legacy endures long after her death. Lilith’s death was the final seal that set Lucifer free. The havoc he let loose, death and disaster he caused on Earth for months (along with the 4 Horsemen and the help of most demons) was all due to Lilith’s sacrifice. The considerable amount of power that Sam had to marshal in order to kill her almost turned him into a monster, during the following months he had to struggle with his demon blood addiction on multiple occasions. Only many years later Sam was able to get rid of this by taking on the Trials in the Angel Tablet, which purified his body from demon blood. Lilith was a genius and we tip our hats to her.

      Top Supernatural Villain #11

Dick Roman

Dick was named just to fit as many dirty innuendos as they could and still keep it family friendly. To anyone who questions ‘WHY do people say there is gay subtext to supernatural?’ I challenge you to watch Season 7 and then try to deny it. Dick Roman was a douche, and makes this list for the sole reason of being the one to kill our beloved Bobby. I miss you Bobby, your cameos are not enough. He also makes this list, because his death at the end of season 7 triggers the purgatory arc of season 8. And season 8 brings us Benny, and he was truly the best vampire on the show. James Patrick Stewart played him brilliantly in all his doucheness. He really just owned the Narcissistic snark the character portrayed.

This isn’t subtext people.





Dick was the main Villain of season 7, leader of the Leviathan. Released from purgatory inadvertently by Cas, they set out to literally eat mankind. God had them locked in purgatory since he created humanity. For he feared the Leviathan would “Eat the entire petri dish” (as quoted by Death to Dean). Roman had an inflated ego, refusing to work with any creature “beneath him” which contributed to his inevitable downfall. His arrogance turned the loyalties of Crowley and the alpha vampire to work with the Winchesters to take down Dick.

The leviathans were resistant to normal methods of killing. The only way to kill them were to have them eat themselves or eat each other. They do however show a weakness to the cleaner Borax, which makes their skin burn like acid. They eventually will heal from any wound which makes killing them seem impossible. Standard operating procedure for Leviathans who failed is to be forced to eat themselves (also called bibbing.)  Now remember that, due to their healing abilities, the sheer act of doing so becomes a fate worse than death. If they slack off at all whilst devouring their own flesh, it will simply grow back and they’ll be forced to do it all over again!

Dick appeared to have killed both Bobby and Castiel, though Castiel was later found to have not exploded, simply suffering from amnesia. However, the atrocities the leviathan had Castiel commit while possessing certainly rank up there in terms of evil. Wiping out 1000’s of angels, slaughtering hundreds of humans – the kill count Godstiel amassed was one of the highest on the show. But the killing of Bobby reverberated hard with the fandom, and continued Dean’s arc, a potential path of personal destruction. Castiel started the arc Dean spiraled into after his “death.” He also was responsible for the death of Frank as well, though that one didn’t hit as hard as the other 2 for the boys. The episode with Bobby fighting to break free of his coma to get information to the boys was heart wrenching to watch as they took you on a trip through Bobby’s memories.

Dick’s arc on the show ended before he could enact his master plan of making the human race dumb and complacent. Corn syrup corrupted, humans became complacent and easy pickings. Another reason he goes on this list, he made pie inedible. You don’t piss off Dean Winchester more than messing with his pie. Alas, like so many bad guys on the show however he was stopped by team Free Will. Stabbed in the neck by blessed bone of nun is certainly a memorable way to go. I will say this though, Dick Roman gave us 3 very good things from his arc. The introduction of Kevin Tran; Charlie Bradbury; and – by sending Cas and Dean to purgatory – bringing in the character of Benny.


Dick was stabbed by a bone. Hehehe (I am 12)

      Top Supernatural Villain #10


Metatron, the angel handpicked by God to become his Scribe. That was the start of his over inflated sense of ego.  He started off in the series helpful, at least for appearances’ sake. He was clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He was bitter, vengeful and arrogant. Metatron played Castiel into completing a trial that expelled all of the angels – except for him – from Heaven. Cas then got the blame for the angel exodus. Not to mention started a war between the stuck on earth Angels.

Because he knew everything – literally – and thought humans are emotional and disgusting, he thought he could become their next God. Time and again he threw wrenches into the works of the brothers, appearing at the worst moments to cause trouble like an annoying, bearded fly. To the surprise of no one, when he lost his Grace and became human himself, the cowardly Metatron became an ambulance-chasing videographer, making money off of other people’s misery. Once human, though, he finally realized humanity’s importance and sacrificed himself to try and save the world from the Darkness. Metatron is proof that even the worst scum can redeem himself.

Keep thinking that Dick-weasel
“I’m here to ruin Everything” Truer words were never spoken



Don’t forget, Metatron was responsible for the Death of Kevin and the downfall (again) of Gadreel. Kevin was killed as part of Metatron’s plan that rid the world of people who could read the angel tablet. He tricked Gadreel into killing by playing on his desires to redeem himself. Metatron knew Gadreel harbored a desire to rid himself of the taint his name carried by being the one who let Lucifer into the garden. Gadreel betrayed Dean who had given him refuge, stole Sam’s body, and left Kevin dead on the floor with his eyes burned out. Hatred for this arc fuels my rage at the writers. Bobby’s Death or Kevin’s death, I am not sure which one punched me more in the feels. Dean’s spiral down from this though led to more serious consequences, as without this guilt I don’t believe he takes the Mark of Cain.

Seriously Fuck Metatron and Gadreel by Extension


 Metatron’s actions had consequences for seasons to come. Dean took the Mark of Cain because he had separated himself from Sam and Castiel, and had no one there to tell him any differently. Dean’s choice leads to the birth of Demon Dean, the death of Charlie (oh my beloved Charlie) and the eventual release of the darkness. I could write a whole paper on how terrible the episode was where Charlie died but that is another rant for another time. So these are the reasons this bastard cracks the top 10 on my list of supernatural bad guys. His death showed his transformation from selfish Wanker to redeemed “good” guy. Amara blows him up in the end, sacrificing himself to give Sam a chance to escape with Lucifer


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