Supernatural Musicality moments Part 2

The Musical Road continues on Supernaturals Road so Far…..

We left off with Sam and Dean singing their way through the finale of Supernatural Season 3. So let’s kick off with season 4!

Supernatural Season 4

Episode 1 Lazarus Rising- This is an awesome song, and I just loved it kicking off the recap of season 3 to intro into season 4. You shook me all night long indeed

Episode 4×5 Monster Movie-  I don’t know what the actual name of this song is, but I will never forget it being used in the opening sequence of this episode. Loved this whole episode, the music, the B&W it was all good. I just loved the throwback to the classic monster movie genre.

Episode 4×6 Yellow Fever– Still one of the best episodes bar none on the show. This was actually an outtake, as Jensen was getting bored waiting for Jared, but it is one of the most memorable moments on the show period.

Episode 4×15 On the Head of a PinI know it wasn’t very long of a musical moment but fuck if it didn’t strike a chord in you. great episode, creepy sadistic villain singing as he is about to be tortured.

Episode 4×17 It’s a Terrible Life– While this song by the Kinks narrates the life of a well-respected conservative man, we see the unexpected sight of Jensen Ackles in a business suit turned corporate. Complete with suspenders, palm pilot, sushi and a no carb juice cleanse. He actually FROWNED when the stereo was too metal for his morning commute. This is a far cry from the plaid shirts, shotguns, and rock loving hunter we know and love.

Supernatural Season 5

Episode 2 Good God Y’all– Totally eerie a song like this as Sam and Dean are walking through a ghost town that has just been wrecked. Funny a song about finding a friend in Jesus is playing in a town ransacked by the devil.

Episode 5×3 Free to Be You and Me- Great episode, great song to showcase the different POV on what a simple life is to each brother. Love everything about this scene and this episode. Also you need to check out Jensen’s rendition of Simple Man. It’s not fair that he sings as well.

Episode 5×4 The End– Because seriously what other show outside supernatural plays “Do you love Me” during a zombie shootout.

Episode 5×8 Changing Channels– Every song from this episode pretty much could fit in here. I threw in a couple, because who can forget the Supernatural Sitcom song? It’s my ringtone so I know I don’t. Knightrider too, great homage there.

Episode 5×10 Abandon all Hope Everything. This episode was a heart-breaker. Not a ton of music but the songs featured played a big part. knowing how it ends, the scene of Cas doing shots with Ellen and Jo just is utterly gut wrenching now.

Episode 5×16 Dark Side of the Moon– I tear up when the scene plays. Dean’s version of Heaven is so simple, I wish they could be that carefree.

Episode 5×21 Two Minutes to Midnight- Probably the greatest introduction of a character in Supernatural.This song is an old folk song that was first recorded in the 1920’s. Jen Titus recorded this version specifically for Supernatural,  and it is my favorite cover of the tune. It is haunting, which is perfect considering it is used as an introduction for the character Death.

Episode 5×22 Swan Song– Times are terrible, and the stakes are higher than ever, and Dean does what he always does. He hops in his car, throws in a cassette tape and drives out to stop the apocalypse. But as the song reminds us, “it’s better to burn out than to fade away.” This scene is the climax of the last 5 seasons, and nothing fits better than this loud and rebellious song. Truly it delivers more justice than any purposefully moving string piece ever could.


So here ends the Kripke run era of Supernatural. I hope I have made you nostalgic for the old episodes. I know I certainly made myself ready for a full rewatch of the series. Comment and let me know if you feel like I left anything out.

-SuperwhovianFreak Out

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