Supernatural Musical Moments Season 12

Supernatural Musical Moments Season 12

Reliving the Songs from Season 12

So Season 12 was a wild ride. Overall I enjoyed many of the episodes brought to us. There were just a few bumps in the road to the finale, which was a mixed bag for me. Parts I loved, parts drove me insane. Anyway, let’s go back and remember why Supernatural still ranks among the best shows. And for me it all starts and ends with the memorable music it brings us.

Episode 1 – “Keep Calm and Carry On”

I love these recaps at the season opener, the songs are always spot on. The second song, “Solitude”, really speaks volumes for Sam. The fact that he thinks he is alone and no one is coming for him is written all over his face.

Episode 3 – “The Foundry”

Ok so I know the song was very brief. But this was an important scene to show how much Dean was like Mary. Everyone thinks he is just John’s clone, but Mary is more like Dean at heart.

Episode 6 – “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”

I loved this episode, and this song. It was important to see some of Mary’s background and the lives she affected by hunting. I wish we had gotten more of that. As for the second song I just freaking love some Alice in Chains. Amazing.

Episode 8 – “LOTUS”

Ketch’s entrance was probably the 4th best of the show. Behind Death, Castiel and Lucifer. The little jaunty tune playing while casually shooting a grenade launcher was epic.

Episode 9 -“First Blood”

Again I just can’t get enough of these recaps. They kill it with the songs.

Episode 11- “Regarding Dean”

This seriously is my favorite song and scene that they have ever used in Supernatural. It doesn’t just represent this episode of Dean losing his memories> it represents the kids that the Winchesters never got to be. They were raised with guns and fighting wars in childhoods. It’s beautiful, it’s tragic, and if it doesn’t make you cry – you might be dead inside.

Episode 12 “Stuck In The Middle With You”

This episode had so many amazing songs. I didn’t want to put them all on here, but Mark Pellegrino singing to Crowley? Yes, more please.

Episode 13 “Family Feud”

Crowley, he just makes you so sad here. Rowena really is a bitch.

Episode 20, “Twigs and Twine and Tasha Barnes”

I liked this episode and I liked the Barnes. Though I am disappointed Max used his powers to reincarnate his sister. I am hoping to see them back in Season 13, and have to face this choice he made.

Episode 23- “All Along the Watchtower”

This episode – and the episode preceding this – only featured one song, because I think as we all know the deaths spoke for themselves. I’m still not over these two episodes.


So there you have it. Some truly amazing songs, and some truly amazing episodes. I am looking forward to Season 13 and seeing how they jump in from the finale. Keep calm and carry on.

-SuperwhovianFreak Out, Contributor


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