Supernatural Musical Moments Part 5

Continuing the Supernatural Musical Moments of The Road so Far

Sorry again that this has taken so long to continue. I tried being the quiz master, and those may be easy to take but they are not easy to make. So we are jumping back in to looking back at all the amazing  songs Supernatural has given us.

We left off with the heartbreaking scene of Cas and Sam trying to process Dean’s Death at the end of Season 9. Let’s continue on by jumping into Supernatural Season 10.

Season 10

Episode 10×1 Black –

Because Supernatural almost never throws in chick rock, so the fact that one of my favorite songs recaps a heartbreaking season I’d say they nailed it.

Dean singing will NEVER EVER get old.

Episode 10×2 Reichenbach-

It was hard to not feel a bit sorry for Crowley in this scene. Even as a Demon he is still rejected by Dean.

Episode 10×4 Paper Moon

I know this episode was a little boring, but this song is awesome, and it made me have high hopes for this episode. Sadly the song was the coolest part overall.

 Episode 10×5 FanFiction

EVERYTHING IN THIS EPISODE. It was all beautiful from start to finish. And who didn’t cry at the acoustic version of Carry on my Wayward Son?

Episode 10×10 The Hunter Games

A great Episode, and one of the best road so far they have done. The Long Black Road indeed.

Episode 10×12 About a Boy

Sam’s face is PRICELESS in this scene.  And also it brought reference to the great hillywood video.

Episode 10×17  Inside Man

Ok I know I used this in season 6 but hello, it’s Bobby’s comeback. The Gambler never gets old.

Episode 10×18 Book of the Damned

Both the songs used in this episode were great. Knowing what we know now the end scene was heart wrenching.

Episode 10×20 Angel Heart

Claire may be grumpy cat but this was a sweet moment of groth for her and Castiel.

 Episode 10×22 The Prisoner 

Watch it without crying I dare you

Season 11

Episode 11×1 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

I always love the songs they do in the intros recapping the last season. I also want to say I loved the song it’s not unusual during Crowley’s orgy scene but I couldn’t find a clip of it.

Episode 11×2 Form and Void

Billie the Reaper singing Oh Death was very haunting. And probably the only thing I ever liked about her character.

Episode 11×4 Baby

You know this episode is going to have a few entries. This episode was awesome, and every song used fit perfectly. And the outtakes from the Car washing scene HELLO!

Episode 11×6 Our Little world

I know some people were creeped out by Teenage Amara and I get that her hitting on Dean was weird. But I thought this a very fitting song for her character as she wasn’t done maturing yet.

Episode 11×10 The Devil in the Details.

All of it. The recap song, the fact that Crowley is gushing over a funko Sam and the Devil is Santa Claus.

Episode 11×20 Don’t Call Me Shurley

Dude. This episode. Rob Benedict kills it.

Episode 11×22 We Happy Few

Who doesn’t love a temperamental archangel throwing a fit in Sam’s room?


And there you have seasons 10 and 11. Some truly inspirational and heartbreaking musical moments. But there was enough fun and silly thrown in to temper it out. When Season 12 wraps up I will be revisiting the amazing memories to round out the Musical Moments of the Show. Carry on My Wayward Son and Don’t You Cry No More.

-SuperwhovianFreak Out

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