Supernatural Musical Moments Part 4

Continuing the Supernatural Musical Moments of The Road so Far

We left off with the Triumphant return of Baby leading the charge against the Leviathan at the end of Season 7. Let’s continue on by jumping into Supernatural Season 8 (amongst my personal favorite seasons.)

Season 8

Episode 8×01 We Need to Talk About Kevin This was a perfect song to highlight Dean’s return. He erupts in the middle of the woods lost and a bit feral. it’s the perfect background song for his journey to dig up Benny’s Body.

Episode 8×4 Bitten- I know this is a controversial episode for people. I have no issue with it personally, and I though tit had a lot of great music. The end scene when Sam and Dean walk into the bloody apartment and find the DVD…. amazing.

Episode 8×6 Southern Comfort– This was an awesome sequence to cover the path of the haunted coin. And then ending with Dean holding a gun on Sam.

Episode 8×7 A Little Slice of Kevin– I will never NOT see Dean in the impala tripping over seeing Cas on the side of the road when I hear this song.

Episode 8×10 Torn and Frayed– I challange anyone to not groove along to this while the road so far plays

Episode 8×17 Goodbye Stranger– You know a song has to be important if it is used as the title of the episode. It fits the ending of the episode well. The lyrics are a farewell to a “stranger” with whom you couldn’t come to an understanding and had to separate from, but ultimately wish well. This scene – beginning with Dean and Sam, then transferring over to Castiel, who is leaving on a bus – the characters reflect this position. Castiel is someone who the brothers thought they knew, but after the events of the episode, he has become a stranger.

Episode 8×23 Sacrifice- Cas and Dean at the bar is awesome. Second Dean’s Facial Expressions are PRICELESS when he realizes who the cupid hooked up. Also thrown in there is Crowley singing Changes because it is just amazeballs.

Season 9

Episode 9×01- I love these intro’s they always just so good at picking a song to match the recaps of the past season.

Episode 9×04 Slumber Party- How can I not have Charlie’s departure to Oz on here? For you who are about to go adventure we salute you

Episode 9×05 Dog Dean Afternoon-  I know the song (I want to know what love is) is a little bit faint but whenever I hear it on the radio now all I can picture is Dean Winchester arguing with a dog about Styx and playing fetch

Episode 9×06 Heaven Can’t Wait- Dude Cas singing? Cas singing to soothe baby to sleep because he no longer has powers? The Great American Hero is the song he knows. Feels. All the feels.

Episode 9×10 Road Trip- Ok there are a couple goodies from this one. The first being the song played over the funeral for Kevin. The grief is just pouring out of Dean, and the lyrics really hit home. “Like a guest that stayed too long, now it’s finally time to leave” always reminds me of Kevin and how he had to stay with the Winchesters, and most who stay with them die. I also personally love the song that goes with the pimpmobile introduction, though there is no good video to be found with it sadly. 

Episode 9×23 Do you Believe in Miracles- Ok let me just say Cas and Sam will break your heart in this video. That moment when Supernatural makes one of your favorite songs even more special.

Here you have it, the music styling’s of Seasons 8 and 9. So many good episodes, I couldn’t even find videos for some of them. This just means y’all need to go find the seasons and do a rewatch. Like I plan on doing now. I hope you enjoyed, drop a comment and let me know if I missed anything good.

-SuperwhovianFreak Out

2 thoughts on “Supernatural Musical Moments Part 4

  • Jack Malice
    April 24, 2017 at 11:25 pm

    SuperWhovian you going to start the letter writing campaign to get TWD a musical episode like we discussed on the PodCast?

  • Avatar
    April 24, 2017 at 11:29 pm

    I might just to see wtf they come up with. I want to see a walker warble through a love song to the brains it’s eating


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