Supernatural Musical Moments Part 3

The Musical Road continues on Supernaturals Road so Far…..

We left the boys on a field in Lawrence, KA blasting the rock of ages. If you liked what happened in seasons 1-5 then it only goes up from here! So strap in and put your musical ears on and let’s keep going.

Supernatural Season 6

Episode 6×1 Exile on Main Street- Dean has taken a hiatus from hunting at the bequest of a dead Sam. But it isn’t all it is cracked up to be leaving the hunter life behind. Which he clearly hasn’t at the end sleeping with a gun and holy water.

Episode 6×2 Two and a half MenDean is still doggedly hanging on to suburban life at the beginning of season 6. He even goes so far as to cover the Impala with a blanket and hide her away. When Sam returns, Dean falls all too easily back into the hunting lifestyle (which proves to me he never wanted to leave and only did to honor Sam.) At the end of the episode Lisa tells Dean that he is free to return to his life as a hunter, and she will apparently wait for him to come back “whenever.” So, with “Smoke on the Water” beginning to play in earnest, Dean goes into the garage and whips the dust cover off of his one true love.

Episode 6×4 Weekend at Bobby’s- Come on, this song was perfect. This song totally fits Bobby’s character. It was a standout song for a memorable episode

Episode 6×9 Clap your hand’s if you believe- This whole episode was brilliant and hilarious. But does it get better than Dean nuking a tiny fairy in a microwave while David Bowie plays in the background?

Episode 6×17 “My Heart Will Go On”- This episode actually has 2 songs that were awesome. The scene where they are tempting fate with One Way or Another playing as they walk around was genius. And seriously who can forget the hatred of Celine Dion from this episode? I don’t know why the video promo won’t load for this but I attached the link.

Episode 17 Frontierland- A nice throwback to the wild west. I loved the haunting music that played during this showdown with the Phoenix.


Episode 18 Mommy Dearest- Eve may have been an underwhelming bad guy for most of the season. But in this episode she actually was pretty awesome. Does it get creepier then watching a room full of newly turned monsters eat each other while You Sexy Thing plays on?

Supernatural Season 7

Episode 7×1 Meet The New Boss– Perfect Song to recap Season 6 and kick off Season 7 of Supernatural. Also there is Crowley’s Grooving to these boots are made for walking.

Episode 7×6 Slash Fiction– Dean singing along never gets old. Every song is picked for a specific reason and I am curious what people think this song was representing.

Episode 7×10 Death’s Door– I know this is just music that overlays this scene but it’s haunting and tragic just like this scene was. Everything together just gut punches you in the feels

7×11 Adventures in babysitting– I know this seems like a strange choice to be on here as the episode wasn’t one of the best. But this scene and song at the end was heartbreaking. Dean is clearly not doing well and watching him try and take Frank’s words about faking happy and smiling even though you’re dying is horrible.

Episode 7×17 Born Again Identity– this episode had some great music accompanying it. Nothing was more powerful though then the song playing when Cas remembers who he is. As he walks toward the entrance of the asylum where Sam is being held, The Yardbirds’ “Turn Into Earth” begins to play. Cas kills every demon, flashing from the present back to scenes from previous seasons (mostly of Dean) with each kill, and he remembers what he has done. I got chills.

Episode 7×20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo– Charlie’s entrance scene and awkward white girl dancing. Memorable and epic. I miss Charlie.

Episode 7×23 Survival of the Fittest– The Impala makes a splashy return to action in the finale of season 7. After nearly a year of being hidden away thanks to the Slash Fiction events, it gets brought out in the fight against the Leviathan. The Impala makes a triumphant comeback as Meg drives the car through barriers and barricades, blasting “Born To Be Wild” as she wreaks havoc outside of SucroCorp.


So as you can see the moments just keep on getting better. I hope that I surprised some of you with the choices I made. Drop a comment let me know what you think and if you feel I left something off.

-SupernaturalFreak Out

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