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So I know I just posted an article on Crowley being my number 1 Villain. Hang with me though, because I don’t feel like I fully got to sink my teeth into the character. So I am going to revisit Crowley over the seasons to highlight the impact he has made on Supernatural.

Season 5

Abandon All Hope

Dean is so Done.

Introduced in “Abandon All Hope” we learn that Crowley is a high ranking crossroads demon. Cunning, connected, and apparently the only demon who knows that Lucifer is going to wipe out demon-kind. Wanting to preserve his own power and life he sides with the Winchesters to stop the Apocalypse. He’s wholly self-interested, fond of teaming up buddy cop style, and, unlike other species in play, doesn’t seem to care if he’s on the side of humans, angels, or demons, as long as he personally benefits. He ends up giving the Winchesters the colt in this episode to take out the Devil. I am convinced he thought the colt would work against Lucifer as he truly desired Lucifer gone.

The Demon You Know

He comes back to the Winchesters to team up again in the episode The Demon You Know. It became clear from Crowley’s introduction that he is a demon into the finer things in life. And he had to give them up to aid the Winchesters in their fight against Lucifer, as he became demonic enemy number one after giving the Colt to the Winchesters to use on Satan. Lucifer loyalists have burned down his house and he is on the run. With Demons hunting him this ensures Crowley working with TFW.

Crowley comes back to the Winchesters to help them track down the remaining 2 horseman. He leads them to the Demon who is working for pestilence. He is not above tricking Dean before sending him in to meet with the contact. You gotta watch yourself around Crowley. He also seems to know a lot of Winchester history because he knew the Demon was possessing Sam’s college buddy Brady. Brady was the demon who killed Jess. So he clearly is methodical when he works with people. He’s totally cocky, thinking he can tempt Brady into a deal.

“Please. I’ve sold sin to saints for centuries. You think I can’t close one little deal?”

Actually he couldn’t close the deal, and had to resort to more devious methods. At the end Crowley visits Bobby and suggests a way to locate the last of the Horsemen Death. In exchange for his soul. Crowley promises to release Bobby from the deal as soon as Death is located. Like THAT would ever happen, but Bobby takes the deal.

2 Minutes to Midnight

In the episode 2 Minutes to Midnight, he reveals his deal with Bobby to the Winchesters. Crowley explains that he intends to use Bobby’s soul as insurance so Sam and Dean won’t kill him.It leads to a funny where Sam asks Bobby if he had to kiss him to seal the deal. Crowley shows his perverse side by showing the picture of the kiss as proof.

Dean and Crowley go to face off against Death. Crowley uses his crossroads connections to obtain Death’s scythe and gives it to Dean, believing it may kill Death. He also reveals that as part of Bobby’s deal, Crowley has returned his ability to walk, for which Bobby is very grateful. In Chicago, Crowley finds the Horseman sitting alone in a pizzeria and leaves Dean to face him. This is the last we see of Crowley until season 6.

Season 6

Weekend At Bobby’s

Crowley makes his reappearance to the show when he is summoned by Bobby to take away his deal. Crowley however has flourished since Lucifer has been locked up. Unsurprisingly he is reneging on his deal to return Bobby’s soul. I believe the exact words went: “Paragraph 18 subsection B, which is on your naughty bits: I only have to make ‘best efforts’ to give you back your soul.”

Bobby tries to force him to honor the deal by trapping him in a Devil’s trap. Crowley has anticipated this however by coming armed with a hellhound. This forces Bobby to let him go. Eventually Crowley is forced to honor the deal, as bobby has found out where his bones are buried. So with Sam and Dean threatening to burn the bones, Crowley removes Bobby’s Deal. Also note, Sam has stopped Dean from killing Crowley, citing a deals a deal. At this point Sam is soulless and essentially neutral character. This was a clue that not all was right with Sam.

Even though it appears he lost in this episode this was setting up the plot for season 6. Crowley has taken over Hell, and is clearly on the route to gain more power. So though we don’t know he will be the main focus of the season it definitely establishes him as a player.

Family Matters

In Family Matters, it is revealed that Crowley is behind Samuel Campbell’s actions of capturing Alphas. apparently that Crowley resurrected Sam and Samuel too recruit them to work for him. Samuel has been working for Crowley, gathering high-ranking creatures to torture, trying to learn the location of Purgatory. Crowley then tells them that if Sam ever wants the return of his soul, he and Dean need to help Samuel continue to capture creatures for him. So currently he has Sam and Dean trapped into helping them.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

In All Dogs Go to Heaven Crowley further secures hid hold over the Winchesters. He makes it clear to them that if they don’t fetch Alpha’s that he will send Sam back to hell.

“I own your brother, do you understand me?!”

So once again the Winchesters are forced for the time being to be the errand boys for Crowley.

Caged Heat

In this episode, Crowley’s hideout where he is torturing the Alphas is discovered. The Winchesters track Samuel to Crowley. They bring in Meg as she has a grudge against Crowley, to be their backup with Castiel. Samuel double crosses the boys once they get inside. He reveals that Crowley plans to resurrect Mary Winchester in exchange for his help. Which is just wrong on so many levels. They escape and rescue Meg (Cas was banished) they trick Crowley into a Devil’s Trap. Meg “tortures” him for the boys, trying to force him to retrieve Sam’s soul. Crowley gets Meg to step in the circle accidentally and breaks free, turning the tables on everyone.

SPN 1307

As Crowley gloats over his apparent victory, Castiel reappears with a bag containing Crowley’s bones. Crowley Reveals that there is no way for him to retrieve Sam’s soul from the cage. So Cas lights the bones of fire and up goes Crowley. Or does he?

Mommy Dearest

We don’t see Crowley again until near the end of Season 6. At this point we think Crowley is dead. So when he pops up at the end of Mommy Dearest after Eve has been killed was a shock. Then it’s revealed that he has been teaming up with Castiel to open purgatory together. Double shocker. Eve has revealed to the boys Crowley is still alive. Castiel leaves, ostensibly to discover if Crowley is still alive. At the diner where Eve died, Crowley is waiting and tells Cas he’s “Tired of cleaning up his messes.” 

So everything in caged heat was all just one big stage between Cas and Crowley to get the Winchesters off their ass. Crowley has had months now of uninterrupted torture of Alphas for purgatories location.

The Man Who Would Be King

One of the greatest episodes of Supernatural to date still in my opinion. Through a series of flashbacks from Castiel’s POV it is revealed that Crowley approached Castiel with a proposal that they join forces to locate Purgatory. Castiel is highly reluctant to trust Crowley, but the King of Hell brings him around to his way of thinking. The offer to  plunder the souls of the 30-40,000,000 monsters trapped in Purgatory was too tempting to Castiel.

Crowley even offers an advance loan of 50,000 souls from Hell in exchange for half the souls in Purgatory. Castiel, seeing no other way to stop Raphael from rebooting the Apocalypse, agrees to Crowley’s proposal and uses the power of the 50,000 souls to deliver his first strike against Raphael and declare civil war in Heaven.

In the present, Crowley has discovered the lingering connections between Eve’s body and the monsters.  When he jabs Eve’s brain with a silver stake, it causes extreme agony for the nearby vampire. Crowley realizes that Castiel has been spending more time with the Winchesters. Even more pissed because he has to hide from them he pleads with Castiel to let him kill them. Castiel refuses.

Despite his promise, the King of Hell sends three of his very best demons to kill Sam, Dean and Bobby. Castiel intervenes and smites them all. Cas returns to an infuriated Crowley who reasons “If you’re allowed to kill my hunters, why can’t I kill yours?!” in which Castiel forcefully reminds Crowley that if anything happens to the Winchesters the deal is off and he will destroy Crowley for real. When he vanishes, a shaken Crowley comments: This is not how synergy works!

Crowley ends up saving Castiel from the Winchesters at the end of the episode. He rips into Castiel for his predicament. Castiel simply warns Crowley to get out of his face. Crowley obliges, leaving with the remark: “You wanna know the difference between you and me, Cas? I know what I am. What about you?”

Let It Bleed

In one of his coldest moves to date, Crowley has kidnapped Lisa and Ben Braeden to force Dean into focusing on them and not him.

“As long as I have the woman and boy, your fop-coiffed little heroes will be scouring the Earth for them, therefore not you, and not me. Everybody wins.”

Dean counters by capturing demons and torturing them for Ben and Lisa’s location. As an insurance policy should Dean find them, Crowley instructs a demon to occupy Lisa to keep Dean from rescuing them. Cold as ice, as the demon taunts Dean about how Ben isn’t his child. Dean rescues her and Ben, the former being healed by a remorseful Castiel. They also manage to capture Dr. Visyak from an earlier episode who is revealed to actually have been from purgatory.

The Man Who Knew Too Much

“We made a pact. Even I don’t break contracts like this.”

Crowley and Castiel interrogate Dr. Visyak and learn the ritual required to open the door to Purgatory. After Crowley has collected the blood required for the ritual (from a virgin and a Purgatory native), Castiel informs him that the deal has changed. Castiel betrays him and is not sharing the souls of Purgatory with him. His options, Castiel says, are “Flee or die. Crowley than seeks out Raphael to take out Castiel. They return to demand the blood from Castiel, who gives it to them and leaves. Together they draw the sigils and, while the moon is eclipsed, Crowley recites the incantation to open the door. He is interrupted by Dean and Bobby, but he disables them while he completes the ritual. It doesn’t work however, as Castiel has ultimately betrayed them. He had already done the ritual, switched the virgin for dog blood, and consumed all the souls.

Crowley Flees, and Castiel let’s him. So we leave with Crowley on the run from a juiced up Cas on a serious power trip. When we come back next segment we will see how Crowley handles this mess he has gotten himself into.

I hope I made you all nostalgic to go back and rewatch these amazing seasons. Know for a fact I sure as hell am. I look forward to continuing the journey of this amazing character with you guys in a few days. Stay Calm and Watch Supernatural Dammit.

-SuperwhovianFreak Out

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