Supernatural 12×18 Reviewcap

Supernatural 12×18 The Memory Remains Reviewcap

This episode was a MOTW formula that turned into something bigger by the end. Only on Supernatural can an episode about a goat headed monster turn into character development and thoughts about the future. So here’s the breakdown from point Goat Heads to Point Growth.

Act 1

Episode starts off with a bunch of kids drinking and making out around a campfire. Two of them, Jared and Daryn are friends just hanging out. Jared cuts out when couples start getting too pornographic, as he’s walking back through the woods he finds a backpack stuffed full of cash. Clearly this dude has never seen any horror movies as his danger vibes didn’t tingle. It turns out to be a trap, and Jared is facing a goat headed monster with a sledgehammer. Supernatural, am I right? Goat Head knocks Jared out and takes him all while Daryn looks on in terrified horror.

At the bunker Dean is still attempting to contact Cas, 19 times it looked like on the phone. You can tell he’s stressed when he it pulls out and start cleaning it. These writers better be leading up to SOMETHING with all the pining and man angst going on. But let’s not go too far off topic. Sam does his best to console Dean about Cas not answering. They get an email from Mick, who they clearly don’t know is dead. Then they get sent to investigate this disappearance in Wisconsin.

This was mostly a diversion as Ketch and the BMOL are sneaking in to bug the bunker. Ketch steals Dean’s photo of him and Mary from his bedside table. It has yet to be shown if Ketch’s infatuation with Mary will save his character or damn him. I saw this coming for a while, but I will admit Ketch’s lines cracked me up. His orders to: “find out everything about the Winchesters and their allies, like how Sam gets his hair so shiny and how many ratty flannels Dean owns.” I hope the boys find the bug soon that is just not cool.

Act 2

Once they get to WI, the Sheriff assumes Jared just up and ran from their shitty life. Daryn however tells the truth of what he saw, and blames the disappearance on local urban myth, “Black Bill.” Black Bill is a local urban legend who lives in the woods and reportedly has the head of a goat. As Dean puts it So we got a goat dude with a name like a pirate, which is a little insane even for us, and that bar is super high.”  I agree Dean, this is insane even by Supernatural standards.

Dean goes off with the waitress and rejoins Sam the next morning. *Minor Rant* If you are going to start throwing these one night stands in again, (I thought we were over that) Please for the love of God can they at least be well written? This felt like an afterthought by the writers, like hmmm shit we haven’t talked about hooking up in a while. Let’s just have Dean go off with no name, it’ll work right? Wrong. No snappy comeback to the lamest pickup line ever? She goes off with him like it was the hottest thing she ever heard; I am ashamed for you no name girl! *End Rant*

They find out that now Daryn has gone missing and never made it home from his job at the meat plant. Turns out the plant is owned by the town Sheriff. It seems the Bishop family pretty much runs the town. It seems like a good bet the sheriff is suspect No. 1 at this point. Things aren’t looking too hot for Daryn at the moment. He is currently in a meat freezer with some sort of creature, so whatever is going on there is a good chunk of story missing.

Act 3

It’s discovered that everyone who has gone missing recently has been an employee at the meat plant. So they go off to talk to the Sheriff at what Dean dubs the “Addams family house.It doesn’t get less creepy when you go inside either, as they find a full-on torture chamber in the basement. As Dean says, “Why is it always the rich ones? I mean, what are they like, ‘Croquet’s all right, but you know what would be great? Murder.” They get the Sheriff trapped in the basement where the full story spills out.

The Bishop family has been very naughty. They have been getting their wealth over the years through one incredibely twisted reason. They have the God of Sacrifice, Moloch, in their basement and they feed it human blood in exchange for wealth. The myth of the goat headed monster was just a prop the family wore when they were out hunting victims.

The reason there was almost 20 years in between disappearances though was because when the Sheriff took over he put an end to the practice. His intention was to starve Moloch out. But clearly someone else has discovered the God in the basement as the vanishings have started up again. But who is it? Dun dun dun! (Sorry cheese requires cheese.)

Act 4

Pete, the guy they interviewed from the meat plant, knocks Dean out and brings him back to the plant. He and Sheriff Barry are half-brothers. They shared the same father, but while Barry grew up in the big house, Pete grew up in a double-wide. Maybe it is unfair, but to Dean, it just “Sounds like a bad episode of Dynasty.” Pete found the God when snooping for valuables to steal and sell. Moloch promised him wealth and prosperity if he kept feeding him humans. In what may have been the most epic line of the series Pete tells Dean: “Hunting people, killing them. The family business.” I can’t believe it took Supernatural 12 seasons to use that line against them.

With that, Dean becomes the next victim when Pete leaves him in the meat freezer with a hungry God. Sam saves the day and uses the Colt on Moloch. They get out of dodge leaving Barry to clean up his “family legacy’s” mess. Back at the bunker (which is now bugged) Dean tells Sam: “Next time you hear me say our family is messed up, remind me that we could be psycho goat people.” This episode really had some great quotes thrown in it tonight.

They started talking about their own personal legacies, as the case got them thinking about what they are leaving behind. Sam tells Dean even if the majority of the people won’t remember who they are, the people and families they saved will. And that is the legacy they are leaving, a world better then what they had. It was more emotional than I anticipated being a MOTW episode. And then it ended with them carving their initials into the bunker table (loved it BTW.)

Closing Scene

It ends with them calling Mick to report back. Ketch is the one who answers and they are surprised he has Mick’s phone. Ketch is quick to make up some story about how Mick had to return to London to answer for what happened with Dagon. Dean is pissed that they are now to report to him, the “low-rent Christian Bale,” as Dean calls him after they hang up. And Ketch hears that dig, thanks to the bug. And just to top it off creepy man Ketch is listening while staring at Dean’s photo of him with his mom.

So overall pretty solid episode. Feels like they are setting up for something epic in the finale. Cas is back in the next episode (fucking FINALLY!) so I can’t wait for that. Remember there is a one week hiatus coming up next week so no new episode for 2 weeks.

I have to wonder though looking at this season, this episode felt like it was saying goodbye to something.  It seemed to be making a statement – that this metaphorical past must die in order for the show to move forward. 12×18 told us: “hey, here’s a compendium of the past & what the Winchesters used to do/be like (the one night stands, super book nerdy Sam.) It seemed like homages to previous old school episodes like Scarecrow were present as well. The next episode is called “The Future” so it will be really interesting to see what is in store.

So tell me what were your thoughts about last night’s episode?I would love to hear from all you readers. I leave you with a promo for next episode.

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