Steam Powered Giraffe Second On-line concert is a wrap

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COMWell Steam Powered Giraffe wrapped their second live stream concert just wrapped up. I have to say it was an amazing show. They played many of the fan favorites. Even a great version of Mrs. Malice’s favorite song Honey Bee and one of my personal favorites ‘Diamonds’ a cover of the famous Rihanna song.

The Steam Powered Giraffe Show

As always the show mixed the musical and comedic styling of SPG perfectly.  I loved the small malfunctions between songs they just add to the show.  My favorite was the malfunction that had them singing in Japanese.

This show shows a marked improvement in the picture quality and audio quality from the last show.  It seems they are still struggling with the lighting in their new studio.

The Overall Performance

The group as a whole nailed it through out the show.  But as always the Spine is still my favorite his range of vocals is always entertaining.  I know Mr.s Malice will love Rabbit’s performance as always she was on point with her vocals and jokes.  Zero is new and shiny I enjoyed him but still miss Hatchworth.  Then the Walter Workers beautiful as always gave us a lovely ballet style performance as the group played

The finale

BRASS GOGGLES!  This is a blast from the past but were is the bouncing PUG head!  This live version may have been the best yet.  Zero really shined in this old classic his vocals adding new depth to the song.  I tell you if you missed the live stream it is worth taking the time to watch it on SPG’s YouTube Channel.

Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

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