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Just in case you haven’t watched the new teaser trailer 100 times yet, or read every fan theory on the inter webs I’ve got some more right here for you. Before you continue you can check out the Mest5150 and his post with the new trailer  also a detailed breakdown at Jedi RMB‘s article here

Celebration Ceremonies in Orlando feed the Nerds with the Last Jedi Trailer

  • After watching the new teaser trailer released at The Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando today. I have to admit compared to when Episode VII’s teaser was released I was a little underwhelmed to be honest. I think it had some very cool images in it and obviously my nerd erection was at full salute seeing and hearing the Millennium Falcon blasting Tie fighters for sure, but overall this trailer did it’s basic job of getting me excited for the movie being released this year, but ultimately a little depressed realizing I have to wait more than half a year before I actually get to watch it.
  • So after all those emotions are done and gone I watched the trailer at least a dozen more times, and began to create my own theory and break it down. We’ll see how completely crazy I am or if I open your minds to how Disney is trying to manipulate us into thinking the Episode I-III movies were actually necessary for us all to understand the moves they are trying to make with their latest and soon to be instant classic of a movie in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


Theory of the Balance of the Force

  • Now my main take away from this trailer was Rey witnessing a vision through the force and Luke asking her what she sees. Rey says “Light, Darkness, a Balance”  We then hear Luke say ” It’s so much bigger”. So this is mostly where I am going to focus being that so many others are talking about who is going to die or if this is a hint at Gray Jedi. First let’s rewind way back for a little history. I believe that this is referencing to what we have been hearing about since the Phantom Menace and even the original trilogies about someone bringing balance to the force. We even witnessed Anakin before he turned to Darth Vader being managled by his Master in Obi-wan that he was supposed to bring balance to the force not leave it in Darkness.


Darkness begins to take hold

  • Now with these references of balance I think Luke has spent all these years discovering this one truth that balance must ultimately take place. Once one side of the force gains too much power such as when the jedi Order was helping maintain peace throughout the galaxy. A young boy was born and believed to be created by the force in Anakin Skywalker.  In reality Anakin did bring balance to the force he took the power which was so heavily in favor of the light back to the side of the Sith by destroying the Jedi Temple and Palpatine’s order 66 made sure the light side of the force was soon to be extinguished.

A Glimmer of Hope Emerges

  • After so much time of the Sith and The Darkness reigning terror across the galaxy we get Luke a child of arguably the most powerful Jedi/Sith in Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader helping a resistance to the Emperial forces in which they not only destroy one but two Death Stars; they throw Palpatine down an electrical well of death and watch Vader Die and ultimately we see Anakin one last time speaking to his son Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi before his last breath.
  • So between those moments in history we watched the balance of the force swing from being strong in the Light Episode I and then shifting to the darkness Episode III, Then we see Luke and the rebel alliance topple the Empire shifting those scales back towards the light and in the gap between episode VI and VII Luke presumably establishes a Jedi academy, shifting balance back towards the light under the Jedi.

So lets pause there because now we have witnessed the balance of the force shift from Light, to Dark, to Light again. Back to the Trailer!!!


  • Now the trailer by the way has also shown what I really hope is a force tree which is totally bad ass and presumably where Luke is currently hiding out at on Planet Ahch-To. So as we continue we see images of what looks like Luke kneeling with R2-D2 in front of a temple burning, and to what I can only assume is his Jedi temple being burned to the ground by either Kylo-Ren himself, or the knights of Ren which would leave me to believe they all have some connection to Luke, the Jedi and or Sith.

Aaaand back to Darkness we go

  • So in this moment we watch the Dark now take control of the balance of the force once again now its been years since the knights of Ren have taken power, and now the force needs to correct this shift in balance and that’s where Rey comes into play. If all this seems to be correct Rey could be another being created by the force to shift balance back to the light, and end the reign of the Dark and the Sith.


  • In the final of the moments it really gets me excited because Luke is seen exiting some sort of cave, and says “I only know one truth. It’s time for the Jedi to end” now this I assume would be what solution Luke has come to after meditating for so long on this ultimately never ending struggle between Jedi and Sith that one cannot exist without the other, and no matter what he and Rey do to over throw the First Order or Snoke, the Knights of Ren, or Kylo-ren himself. Eventually the force will correct itself, and bring balance from one side to the other; and to end that cycle Luke is willing to end the Jedi if it means ending the terror of the Sith and having himself or Rey become the Last Jedi. To save lives of the ones who get caught in this struggle and die as the two sides fight for power. but more improtantly in this shot we see Luke step out of the Darkness in the Light.


Final Thoughts

  • So I know this may feel dark to some but what I really hope is that Lucas Films and Disney are willing to make this jump, and give the feeling of a win less battle between these two crashing forces. I know it seems counter productive because hell they could technically make the Star Wars saga last forever for the next 100 years but why not end the tale of Luke, The First Order, and the Rebel Alliance. I mean they obviously seem to be willing to take chances by killing off everyone in Rogue One (which was amazing, sorry, not sorry for the spoiler you should have watched it by now you Star Wars nerd).
  • They killed off Han Solo in VII and why not kill off the remaining Major characters of the original Trilogy, and let the new additions take over and create their own stories. As long as they make the deaths meaningful and part of the amazing universe that is Star Wars. This universe is known for sacrifice, and heart breaking story telling I say do it. Take the risk and don’t fall into the trope of we need to make sure all the popular people live. So we can sell merch, and future movies. Stay the course. It’s been an amazing ride so far. Take the chances and make something great.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this fan theory of mine. Please comment below and checkout all of our other coverage here on for more reactions and theories of an awesome day for Nerds. A new Star Wars trailer release always seems to make time stand still for just a little bit. Before we have to go back to the real world and damn, do I love it so much.


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3 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Theory

  • Avatar
    April 15, 2017 at 10:30 am

    Very well done Matt and I personally agree with your theory here. I think you better articulated it then I could. I love that central theme of balance and you are spot in that the balance is constantly shifting as the force is always correcting itself. In that sense it is best to walk in the gray, in the true balance. I think Luke is the last Jedi and he is training her to walk in the gray.

    • Avatar
      April 15, 2017 at 11:46 am

      Thanks BCON, that makes a lot of since. Luke is going to be the last Jedi and Rey will become the next Gray. Perfect way to move forward with this saga. that could be where Kylo and the KNights of Ren failed. They tried to become Gray Jedi and were seduced by the dark side due to Smoak still being powerful enough to persuade them over to the Sith. Well I think we have the subject for our next podcast haha.

      • Avatar
        April 18, 2017 at 6:07 am

        Thank you Matt. Great job and I love the thought process here. I can’t wait to read more of them.



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