Star Citizen – Hype or the next great thing?

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM.  Many of you may have heard of the new up coming independent game release from publisher Cloud Imperium Games.  Star Citizen is the first really big budget crowd funded game, I mean really big budget.  Star Citizen is a persistent universe space simulator that will have many varied levels of game play according to released information so far.  Players will be able to interact with the Star Citizen as a pilot in a space combat simulation, in a first person shoot style when out of the cock pit, work markets for profit, or ship cargo, manufacture products, and many more.

History and Funding:

Star Citizen has a very interesting history. Chris Roberts the driving force behind Star Citizen has a long list of credits to his name in the space simulation genre.  Chris worked on the Wing Commander series, Strike Commander series, Starlancer, and Freelancer.  If there is one person that knows the space simulator genre, Chris is your man.  That is not the really interesting part.  The Star Citizen project started out with a kick-starter October of 2012.  A kick starter campaign that raised 6.2 million after the first initial drive.  Star Citizen has at the time of this article reportedly raised 144 million in crowd sourced funding.


With this huge budget and complete creative control Chris has repeatedly said the game will be released when it is ready and not before.

Development and alpha(s):

Star Citizen gets even more interesting with Cloud Imperium Games development process.  The work load is being distributed over several development studios.  They are developing the game several smaller games or modules if you like.  Some of these modules are available to play in their earliest alpha versions.  Arena Commander, a small version of the PU (persistent universe), and Space Marine are available in alpha.  I have played what I could in the alpha and so far the game looks amazing and if it delivers 50% of what is promised it will beat the hype and deliver an amazing game.  I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Will it be hype or will it be amazing? Malice-Corp over the next weeks will be taking a look at some of the ships and aspects of the game we are looking forward to the most.

Jack Malice, Contributor and founder.

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