Happy St Patties Day – Top 5 Malicious Beers for the day!

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM. Hello my Nerdology Pals.  My good friends, it is time to lift a pint beer and drink down a draft of the hair of the dog that can bite you.  We are going to look at 5 beers that you should consider imbibing with high spirits and a smile!  For today is Saint Patties and well everyone is Irish today.

Jump on over to My opinions of the 9D- Irish Red beer style for more thoughts on the traditional Irish red beer style

Beer Number 5: George Killian’s Irish Red

Killian’s Irish Red

This beer is on the list under protest as it really isn’t Irish.  Made by Coors Bottling company in the Irish style in the Colorado.  It makes the list do to its easy accessibility and the fact that most people see it as an good starter beer in the Irish Red 9D class.

It has a good flavor to my taste, but a weak flavor profile and leaves something to be desired on finish.  But if you are in a jam hit St Patties day grab a six pack and have yourself a merry time.  Far superior to dyeing some Pilsner green!


Beer Number 4: Harp Lager

Harp Lager
Harp Lager

Harp Lager

A fine Larger brewed by Guinness Ltd.  It makes the list do to it being truly Irish but doesn’t rank higher as it is a Lager; and not really of the traditional Irish red 9D style or Stout.  It will be popular with all you Lager drinkers as it has the smooth finish and light mouth feel.  Which is a plus for all the drinkers of American Larger’ed beers.  Still a bit weak on the flavor category to me, but then again I am bias against lagers.  They always seem to brew the flavors out of them in the lager process.

Beer Number 3: Murphy’s Stout

Murphy Stout
Murphy’s Stout

Now we are getting some where.  I placed the stout on this list. Even though it is not a traditional Irish Red 9D.  Stouts are a huge part of the Irish beer tradition and lets face it I like it a lot better then Murphy’s Irish Red; which can be pretty hard to find.  Stouts have been a staple in the Emerald Isle for a long minute and will continue to be.  What can I say they have grate taste in beer there.

This is stout is smooth and creamy with a good head on its shoulders.  Lots of malty flavor behind it with light coffee and chocolate malt flavors to back it up.  It’s a smooth drink with a bit of a bitter taste and a solid but balanced mouth feel.

Beer Number 2: Guinness


What list of St Patty’s day beers could be complete with out good old Guinness Stout.  If you haven’t had one not sure what planet you are from.  Strong headed, thick and creamy, a minor hint of bitterness, and with all the malty goodness you can ask from something brew in Ireland, but still not of the traditional Irish red 9D style again my personal favorite.  I think I have mentioned that a time or two.

Guinness is a must have for any St Patty’s holiday festivities.

Beer Number 1: Smithwick’s Red Ale

Smithwick’s Red Ale

The winner is!!!! Yes yes Smithwick’s Red Ale

Medium body for a smooth mouth feel and all the caramel and toffee flavor anyone could ask of a Irish Red.  That beautiful red hue will bring a tear to your eye as you look into the frost glass.  One of the oldest beers still in commercial brewing this relic of by gone years still holds up against modern masterpieces. Word of caution that smooth light finish and medium body make for an extremely easy drinking beer that will creep up on you!




Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

Malice-Corp reminds you to drink responsibly this Saint Patrick’s day.  Never drink and drive and only people of legal age should consume alcohol of any kind!



A nice gift for your favorite Beer Drinker this ST. Patty’s.

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