Squadron 42, First chapter coming soon?

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM.  Is anyone else sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the release of Squadron 42?  If you’re not, that’s because you haven’t heard about it.

Squadron 42 is the solo campaign/Co-OP multiplayer portion of the up coming persistent universe game Star Citizen, produced by Cloud Imperium Games and Chris Roberts.  You are going to take on the role of a rookie pilot in a volunteer squadron as a new war is broiling against the Vanduul.  This new space simulator will transition from space flight simulator to first person shooter and back again as you move through the plot of Squadron 42.

How and when is the release:

Squadron 42 will be released in multiple chapter formats with the first slated for an unspecific time in 2017.   The campaign will be an off-line primer for the persistent universe(PU) that is Star Citizen.  The first chapter has boasted up to 20 hours of gameplay with 70 missions to whet your appetite for the next chapters to come and the PU’s launch.

Stay tuned to Malice-Corp, we will let you know as soon as a specific launch date is announced.

Cast of Characters and Actors:

Gary Oldman:

One of the most exciting things about S42 is some of the actors that will be in the game.  One of my all time favorite actors Gary Oldman will appear in the game as Admiral Bishop.  Gary Oldman is truly an actors’ actor.  He is known for disappearing into roles and people not even realizing it was him until they see his name in the credits.

Admiral Bishops Character Bio from Squadron 42 official site:

“Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Patton. To many in the UEE, Admiral Ernst Bishop has built a career evocative of these great military tacticians. A lifelong soldier, Bishop quickly distinguished himself as leader and strategist by seeing angles that others don’t and taking risks that others won’t. Strategy is a shifting puzzle to him. For better or worse, he is capable of disconnecting his empathy to the point where a battleship is simply an asset (with strengths and weaknesses) in the game, not a ship of five hundred souls. This is how he keeps winning.

If he had any interest in playing politics, he would have easily been promoted to High Command by now, but he’s exactly where he wants to be and exactly where the Empire needs him; patrolling the dangerous front lines of Vanduul space, hunting for a foe that’s constantly probing for a weakness, any weakness, to cross that border and fight.”

Mark Hamill:

Then for the Star Wars nerd – guess who is also joining the cast.  Mark Hamill will play the role of Lt CDR Steve “Old Man” Colton.  Mark Hamill is of course famous for his role as Luke Skywalker but just as great is his long career as a voice actor.  His portrayal of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series will forever be the truest Joker to the comics.

Lt CDR Steve “Old Man” Colton’s Character Bio from Squadron 42 official site:

“To those who know him, Old Man is an institution of the Navy. Throughout his career, he’s flown every kind of ship, on every kind of mission. He has seen it all and it makes him an incredible teacher to up-and-coming pilots. Unfortunately, he is not a people-person. He doesn’t as much teach as ‘hammer into shape.’ By all accounts Old Man should be much higher in the chain of command, but his bluntness and refusal to soften or censor his criticism have rubbed enough people the wrong way to stymie what could have been a promising career.

Underneath it all though, Old Man is a believer in the Navy and what it stands for. To that end, he’s actually quite selfless and perfectly content devoting himself to something that’s bigger than he is. Old Man also has a very clear notion of right and wrong. He believes in justice: while the system may be unreliable, the idea is right and something that Humanity must aspire toward.”

Many more great actors will have signed on for roles to in the 3 chapters.

For your viewing pleasure:

Gary Old’s character Admiral Bishop give a call to arms speech!



It is my hope the s42 will provide an amazing gaming experience.  I am looking forward to what I hope be the foundation for an amazing Space Sim MMO we have all been waiting for.


Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

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