Supernatural Season 12’s final batch recaps episodes 13-15

Here it is, the last 3 episodes to catch you up on before the Return of Supernatural tonight.

Family Feuds to Out of Control Hell-hounds

The Road of Supernatural continues on:

Episode 12 “Family Feud”

Personally I am still reeling from episode 12 where so much freaking happened. Only on Supernatural can an episode like this seem “light” in comparison to last week. As the episode name clearly states Family drama will be abounding. Let’s start with Winchester Mama Drama. Sam and Dean are investigating a ghost that likes to crush internal organs of teachers. When they call Mary for help, she lies and says she needs to “rest up” after the business with Ramiel. She is however working with the BMOL hunting rugaru’s. A ghost kills a boy scout leader who was taking his scouts on a tour of a museum. So, off they go to Iowa. Once in the museum, they find a piece from a sunken ship named The Star. Dean recognizes it is the ship Gavin McCloud (Crowley’s boy) had been yanked from messing up the past.

Dean Calls Crowley who is in no mood to help. He is dealing with Lucifer, whom he has locked up. Flashing back, we see that Crowley messed with the spell sending Lucifer into his old body. Crowley has altered the vessel to make it his permanent vessel. I am ok with Mark Pellegrino back for as long as Lucifer is around. Lucy is quite alright with this, and thinks that his future baby will bust him out of Crowley’s hold.

The Winchesters call in Rowena as backup. They think they will  lure her in with the promise of meeting her grandson. Rowena agrees, and a matter of hours later, Gavin gets off a bus in Iowa. They take Gavin over to the museum to see if he recognizes anything. Gavin finds a locket that he had once given to his girlfriend Fiona. He had inadvertently broken a promise to meet her at the ship the night Abaddon stole him from the ship. Fiona apparently thinks he left, thereby she smuggled herself aboard the ship and then died when it sank. The locket is now with a new teacher, so off they go to save the day.

They arrive at the Pembroke Day School for Girls too late to save one teacher but in enough time to save another. Gavin decides to summon Fiona’s spirit to try and reason with her. When he summons her though he gets a horrible story. The crew caught Fiona sneaking on, and abused her in return. Her schoolteacher standing there and tells her she deserves the abuse she is getting. And that’s why Fiona now targets teachers, because, according to her, “They claim to love children and then they betray them.”

So how do you stop a ghost whose bones are at the bottom of the Atlantic? Gavin and Dean both come to the same conclusion. They go back in time and have Gavin board the ship like he was supposed to. That way, he can protect Fiona from the crew like he did before, and the two of them will die together. And poof goes the need for revenge. Easy as pie right? Well Crowley pops up at the second to derail the easy train. Rowena shuts Crowley down claiming Gavin should get a chance to do what’s right (Seems fishy no?) So, to the bunker they go and send Gavin back to his proper time. Ding Dong the ghost is gone.

So now comes the third bit of Family Drama. Rowena’s attempt at standing up for Gavin turned out to be nothing more than revenge. She was paying Crowley back for Oscar, the boy she loved more then Crowley, when he made her kill him to remove the mark from Dean. After all, “I’m your mother, dear. Who better to crush your shriveled heart?” That bitch is cold as ice sometimes. Flash back to the original Mama Drama, Mary confesses she has been working with the BMOL. The fact that she confesses these lies after bringing Dean his favorite meal of beer and burgers makes it feel like their last meal. Sam reminds Mary of broken ribs and burnt feet — but she, in turn, reminds the boys that they’re family and asks them to hear her out.

The episode ends with Dagon (the other Prince of hell from last week) saving Kelly from demons and taking her under his protection. Which apparently Lucifer can sense in his cage. That cannot lead to ANYTHING good. This episode was fun, had some good lines, but after the previous 5 episodes it definitely didn’t continue the amazing ride it was.



Episode 14 “The Raid”

This was a stab in the gut that led to a night of tears eating my feelings with booze soaked ice Cream. I blame supernatural for all unneeded calories.

The best thing about this episode of Supernatural was Jensen’s acting. He just kills the angst in this episode. We pick up with them having the showdown with Mary about working with the British Dicks. Dean calls her on all her crap, the lies, the fact that Cas almost died, and how they are also struggling with her return. I hated Mary in this scene. I get that she is struggling, but the almost derisive way she addresses Dean with the “You are not a Child.” Screw you. She was so out of line, and it was heartbreaking to hear his response of “I never was.” Mary does not understand the things Dean did and sacrificed while growing up with John. I highly doubt John’s journal detailed the skipped meals so Sam could eat, the shoplifting, or hardly making friends all in pursuit of avenging HER damn death.

By teaming up with the Brits, Mary has chosen the BMOL over her family, in Dean’s mind. To add insult to injury, he calls her Mary, not mom, and declares, “There’s the door.” Sam actually backs him on this one and tells Mary she needs to go. So Mary goes back to whatever storage container the BMOL apparently have her stowed away in and is distraught. Which is fine in my opinion, she deserves it. They go and start taking out Vampires with their new “Anti-Vampire Device” or AVD. I bet they think they are so terribly clever coming up with these names. Apparently the BMOL are dead set on getting all Winchesters on their side, as the rest of the American hunters go where the Winchesters go.

Clearly the BMOL don’t know how stubborn Dean is. Sam is ready to hear her out after a few days, but Dean is done with Sam playing peacemaker and decides to leave his little brother behind to grab a drink. When Mary texts Sam claiming her need to talk to him is “urgent,” he agrees to meet her. She gives him the “I’m just doing this for you spiel blah blah blah” He agrees to attend a meeting.

Ketch ambushes Dean with some information and an expensive bottle of scotch. He drops a tidbit about a nest of Vampires and off they go to interrogate. Come to find out there is a Vampire raid about to happen at the HQ of the BMOL. Is it sad I am totally rooting for the Vampires? Oh and also, the Alpha Vampire is back and he is pissed. In that moment, the remaining vamps attack the BMOL base, which currently houses two Winchesters, Mick, a hunter named Pierce, and two team members who are all brain and no brawn. Considering the Alpha has made the trip, they’re all in trouble. They have limited weapons and nothing on hand to kill the Alpha. If it weren’t for Sam being there, I wouldn’t give a damn. Yeah, Mary is on my shitlist now, big time.

Mary tells Mick to get the Colt. Oh yeah, there is one more lie to admit to Sam. She stole the Colt from Ramiel, and was responsible for him going apeshit on their asses. And to make her betrayal worse, it’s only barely helpful because they don’t have bullets. Well, here comes Moose to the rescue, who is able to recall the recipe Ruby taught Bobby to make bullets. So Sam, Mary, and Pierce hold off the vamps, but SURPRISE! Pierce is an ally of the Alpha and knocks Mary out to give the alpha time with Mick. He did at least get one more epic line in yelling at Mick to “Get off my Lawn.” Sam ends up killing the alpha after a fake fight with Mick and apparently sides with them and joins them as well.

Are you KIDDING me? Where is the Sam who convinced Dean that just because you were a monster didn’t make you evil? What is Sam going to do when they start targeting werewolves, what about Garth? What about the peaceful community that Garth is a part of? Sam is back on my shitlist. For joining AND for lying to Dean about it. Apparently he didn’t learn that Dean is tired of his family lying to him. And to top it off Dean just rolls over and forgives Mary everything. I get a near death experience puts things in perspective but he deserves better than the crap she put him through this episode.

So, in case you couldn’t tell, this episode ranks at the bottom of my list for season 12. It rubbed me the wrong way almost the whole episode. It is not the writing, because Robert Berens, who is one of my favorite Supernatural writers, wrote some amazing stuff. I just hate the directions the characters are going. But the angst and emotion Berens really delivered on.




Episode 15 “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. On one hand, some stuff was amazing. On the other hand, some stuff made me want to Lucille the hell out of my TV. And in we go.

So many things are making a return this season: The colt, Crowley’s son, the alpha vampire. Now we get to revisit Castiel’s tense relationship with Heaven. Seriously, why is this even still a thing? Why do they even want him around at this point? Secondly, EVERY TIME Cas gets involved with them he is either used or tortured. SO WHY ON EARTH DOES HE KEEP GOING BACK?? I don’t know, but hot damn does it piss me off.

He has managed to track Kelly to the Diner where Dagon picked her up. I loved him trying to deal with the manager of the restaurant who was a full on tin hat conspiracy theorist. Watching Cas struggle with “aliens did it” was priceless. He shows Cas security footage of Kelly, whom he refers to as the “brood queen,” being menaced with star-metal knives (a.k.a. angel blades). He points out the yellow eyes of the “alien” who arrives just before the picture cuts out. Cas knows that this must be Dagon, grabs the recording and bounces. It MUST be noted that Cas is going by Agent Solange, and he’s still holding his FBI credentials upside down. My adorable little awkward angel.

Cas getting the badge wrong will never get old

Upon leaving, he bumps into an angel named Kelvin who tags along to help on the hunt. He says they need Castiel and his centuries of field experience. Even though the Winchesters’ hearts are in the right places, doesn’t Cas miss having the power of Heaven behind him? No, no he doesn’t. So, screw this railroading BS. Cas doesn’t look at all interested in whatever Kelvin is selling.

Now we go to the Winchesters side. The Winchesters are returning to the bunker after a lengthy hunting trip(s). Dean swaggers in brandishing a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat and declares, “Dad loved this thing” (LOVE the Walking Dead shout out). He’s filthy, covered in god knows what, and wearing four-day-old boxers (according to Sam, who somehow knows). Which is super creepy. Then Sam’s phone chimes with what he says is a program he designed to alert him about potential cases. Dean’s impressed. “Computers: monsters, porn, is there anything they can’t do?” After a much needed shower the boys head off to the case the BMOL have sent to Sam.

Turns out a hellhound has attacked a campsite, leaving one survivor. No one believes the girl. The boys don’t quite know how to handle this with her. As Dean tells Sam: “No, seriously, Sam, what are we gonna say? ‘Hi, my name is Sam Winchester, and this is my much handsomer brother, Dean. We hunt monsters, oh and that guy you were banging, we’re pretty sure he made a deal with a demon, so a hellhound came and dragged his soul to Hell. But you, you’re cool. And since there’s nothing around for us to kill, peace out.’” That probably wouldn’t go over too well. They try to lie and say it was a bear and they get kicked out. Serves them right. The hell hound attacks right as they go to leave, going straight for Gwen, the girl it left behind.

They tell her the truth this time, and she tells them neither her nor her boyfriend ever made a demon deal. The boys place a call to Crowley, who is still slightly bitter at them for making him sacrifice his son. He is also busy, you know, torturing Lucifer. “I’m still gonna peel off your skin and eat your soul.” Crowley promises that he’s ten steps ahead of whatever schemes Lucifer’s brewing.“You make me your dog, I make you my slave.” He quickly changes his flippant  attitude when they tell him about the hellhound. Or, once he confirms with his demons that a hellhound is on the loose. Not just ANY old hellhound. Ramsey is the hellhound, the pregnant bitch that Lucifer saved when God was going to put them all down for being evil. Now she’s loyal only to Lucifer.

So we get a scene where Sam and Dean split and Dean actually let’s Sam drive the Impala. And his instructions were classic, especially when Sam thinks he is talking about Gwen. So here we have the next scene: Dean, asks whether the Winchesters have rubbed off on Crowley, what with him helping save “the girl of the week” (hi, fourth wall-breaking humor!) and, you know, making Cas better. Crowley replies that he was just sparing himself from Winchester Man Pain, and since Dean’s working with the king of Hell, “maybe I rubbed off all over you.” Again with the subtext not being subtext.

Sam is with Gwen, and they of course get attacked by Ramsey who wrecks part of the Impala. Sam kills her with  a lucky shot. Dean is still pissed however and tells Sam “This is why you don’t drive.” Back at the bunker Sam confesses that he has been working with the BMOL and apparently Dean just rolls with it. Whatever. Still waiting for the fallout that comes when they find out the BMOL eliminate EVERYTHING, even people they have spared.

Back in hell, Crowley discovers Ramsey was released by henchmen to distract him in attempts to release Lucifer. He comes back to them dead and Lucy sprawled on his throne. It’s over now for Crowley right? Not even close. Crowley snaps his fingers and in a blink has Lucifer gasping in pain on the floor. He takes great delight in explaining that every molecule of Lucifer’s vessel is warded with runes and spellwork from the Cage, making it the true prison. This is GENIUS. I love seeing badass Crowley.

It ends with Cas calling Dean, Dean saying Cas sounded weird, and Cas apparently going back to Heaven with Kelvin. Which, I will do a separate article on how stupid that is. This episode was ok, the Crowley stuff was amazing, and the Cas stuff not so much.

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