Steam Powered Giraffe gets a new member and loses a old favorite

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Late breaking news (meaning I wasn’t paying attention) on one of my favorite guilty pleasures, a band

that will make you scratch your head and tap your toe at the same time.  I was originally introduced the enigma that is Steam Powered Giraffe by a friend and maybe Malice-Corp contributor. Peter where are you Peter!  The are a group of amazing preforms, musicians, and artists.  Many bands have had gimmicks or face paint in the past, but none have ever been quite like Steam Powered Giraffe.

They have evolved over the last few years and always changing.  That brings us to the news.  Steam Powered Giraffe has announced that Sam Luke will be leaving the group.  Sam Luke is known to his fans as “Hatchworth”.  I am very sad to say it Hatchy is leaving SPG.

There is hope, Bryan Barbarin has joined the band as the steam powered automaton “Zero”.  Yes, I did

Steam Powered Giraffe Zero (Bryan Barbarin)
Steam Powered Giraffe Zero (Bryan Barbarin)

say steam powered automaton.  For all you out there who don’t know about SPG I say: “shame on you”. I suggest you watch the videos to understand more, because words fail to explain the pure entertainment of watching these amazing musicians play.  Who would have thought a bunch of old steam powered automatons could be so imaginative.


The first video I have here is the very first song I heard from SPG and was instantly fascinated by them.

The reasons for the change in personnel according to the bands website ( is that Sam has decided he wants to focus more on his own personal goals.  Well we here at Malice-Corp

wish Hatchy luck!  We hope to see something great from him the future.  Sam left us with this quote on the band’s website.


Steam Powered Giraffe Hatchworth (Sam Luke)
Steam Powered Giraffe Hatchworth (Sam Luke)

“2016 has been a tough year for the entertainment industry and now to top it all off Hatchworth is leaving Steam Powered Giraffe. This is one way of looking at it however I assure you it’s going to only increase the amount of art and music in 2017 for you. I’m leaving the group so I can focus solely on my own personal goals. I’ve learned a lot from my time with Steam Powered Giraffe (an informal college education if you will) and it all takes a lot of time and energy. Of course it’s going to be risky for me but that risk is only on me. The risk is even greater for a character-centric act to replace a well-liked (hopefully) character, but all of us at Steam Powered Giraffe really feel that you’re going to like Bryan and Zero. So look at it this way: SPG’s family is growing. We’ve got a new member of the family and baby Sam has graduated big boy school and is off to smash his art and his music into your eyes and ears. Thanks for having me and until next time.” -Samuel Luke (Hatchworth)

Looking forward to the future; Zero (Bryan) has big shoes to fill.  But being backed up by the Spine (David Michael Bennett) and Rabbit (Isabella Bennett) I have no fears the band will continue to entertain and confuse me.

Jack Malice; contributor and founder.

Steam Powered Giraffe are a San Diego, CA based band

See more from Steam Powered Giraffe on youtube


The Official SPG Website

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    March 17, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    What’s NOT to love about robots and guitars? This Peter guy knows what he’s talking about. Wonder where he is…


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