‘Snapshot’ A new short story by Brandon Sanderson review

Greetings to all from Malice-Corp.com.  Looking for a quick, but entertaining read or listen.  Snapshot by Brandon Sanderson may fit the bill.  The Sci-fi and fantasy master word smith has released a new short story to entertain, confound, and maybe thrill.  Snap-shot is published in audio book format by Audible Studios or by Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC for the Kindle edition.  At just 2 hours and 23 minutes in length in the audio format it makes a good afternoon listen or excellent for that short flight or long lay over.

I just finished listening to Snapshot by Brandon Sanderson via Audible.com.  I want to take a few moments to give some feedback on this short novella, without any spoilers.  So if you are looking for an opinion without any spoilers please read on.

First I want to talk about the narrator on this book.  A good narrator makes or breaks an audio book in my mind and William DeMeritt provides use with another good performance.  William does a good job through his performance of giving us distinctions between the characters.  There are several slip-ups where it is easy to become confused on who is speaking because he slips into the wrong vocal patterns and accents of another character, but I bet you will have trouble finding them if you are not looking.

Next let us talk a little bit about the story, with out tossing out any spoilers.  I will admit it starts out a little slow.  Which is a bit of a shocked for a Sanderson piece.  I have always found his work hooking me in with in the first few minutes or pages.  I had to force myself to push through the beginning of Snapshot  I actually had to work to pay attention for the first half hour, but then it kicked in.  The story and plot began to develop and I got interested in the mystery at hand.

Snapshot is a Sci-Fi novella over laid on a cop/crime solving drama.  It does ask some interesting questions about technology, personal privacy, government, and finally the nature of our existence.  Huge gambit huh?  Well this little pieces has a lot of layers to it and will make you think as deep as you want.  One the surface it can be a simple who done it to a complete examination of the State versus the privacy of its citizens to a study of who we are and what we are capable of.  It does this all with bashing the over the head with the authors on ideas on each of these subjects.  I found the ending left me want more from Sanderson and wishing this was a full novel.

It is a good listen/read, is well priced for its length, and under priced for its entertainment value.

I give Snapshot 4 out 5 stars on my own personal Nerdology scale.  Would love to hear what your opinion of this novella is in the comments below.




Jack Malice; contributor and founder.

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