Smack Talk Wrestling Ep. 41: McMahon’s Wild Card Rule, AEW TNT Contract, & Jericho / Kenny Omega Surprise

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Smack Talk 41: WWE Wild Card, AEW TNT Deal, & Jericho / Kenny Omega Surprise

This is Smack Talk! The podcast from wrestling fans for wrestling fans. A weekly recap on the world of Pro-Wrestling.Masonic Vader, The Bearded Master Marty, and Mindfreak talk about it all WWE, All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and New Japan. Reacting to top headlines, giving predictions, and just letting the smack talk fly. Jump in the ring, drop some elbows, and lets talk smack! This Episode: WWE Headlines, AEW TNT Contract, and more.

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MALICE CORP SMACK TALK PRO-WRESTLING EP 41: Wild Card’s, Rivalrys, and an AEW TV Deal!

WWE Topics:

  • WWE Superstars are everywhere!: Vince McMahon’s new wild card rule has the WWE Talent from one show to another. Is this good for the programs overall or just a game for Fox to get the big names on Smack Down Live?
  • The Kofi Kingston Games: Is it time to put whats been going on with Kofi to rest and just enjoy him having the belt? How long will his reign be?
  • Did The Revival Contract Situation: Did The Revival really turn down their contracts, and are they letting themselves become a bigger joke just to go somewhere else?
  • The Tag Team Dilemma: Where have all the tag teams gone? Is the Daniel Bryan / Rowan Tag Team the next great team?
  • Questions for the Audience: What is the current Best Rivalry on WWE?

Other Wrestling Headlines:

  • AEW and TNT Television Deal: Now that All Elite has a TV deal. What does this mean for the world or pro-wrestling? Will they be gunning for WWE, or happy to just share a sports entertainment medium?
  • Jericho & Kenny Omega: No show is too small to make a headline, and show the world what’s up. That’s just what Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega did, and we got reactions!

Drop your thoughts in the comments. Agree or Disagree with us? Let us know, and don’t be afraid to talk some smack if you think we’re a bunch of mindless no good jabronies.


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