Malice Corp Smack Talk Episode 20: Evolution 2018, Crown Jewel 2018, & Headlines

Smack Talk Pro-Wrestling Podcast Episode 20

The Malice Corp Smack Talkers (Masonic Vader, Mindfreak, and The Bearded Master Marty) are back to get down to business on the Pro-Wrestling World. Reacting to what’s going on outside the ring, between the ropes, and on the matt itself. Want to be a part of the show join us live on to bring the trash talking, jibber jabbering, slack jawed, smack talk.

Smack Talk Episode 20: 

– WWE Evolution 2018 PPV Reactions

– WWE Crown Jewel 2018 PPV Reactions

– Which event was the better event?

– Was Crown Jewel a money grab?

Pro-Wrestling Headlines:

– Brock Lesnar takes back championship.

– Alexa Bliss Injury

– Dean Ambrose Heel Turn

– Braun Strowman Injury

– Why Becky Lynch is the hottest thing in pro-wrestling right now!!

– Whats going on with Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks?

– Will NXT be it’s own brand?

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