Smack Talk 34: Kofi Gauntlet Match, AJ’s New Contract, ROH 17th, & More

Smack Talk 34: Kofi Gauntlet, WWE Headlines, & Ring of Honor Update

This is Smack Talk! The podcast from wrestling fans for wrestling fans. A weekly recap on the world of Pro-Wrestling. Reactions, trash talk, and dropping some smack. Masonic Vader, The Bearded Master Marty, and Mindfreak talk about it all WWE, All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and New Japan. Jump in the ring, drop some elbows, and lets talk smack. This episode we kick of with Vince McMahon, and the Kofi Gauntlet screw job. Keep listening for all the pro-wrestling headlines.

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SMACK TALK PRO-WRESTLING EP 34 TOPICS: Kofi Gauntlet, WWE Headlines, & RoH update

Wrestling News:

  • Vince McMahon Screw Job of the Week: Kofi Kingston runs the 5 man gauntlet only to get screwed by Vince again at the end.
  • AJ Styles gets a new WWE Contract: Details we got so far.
  • AJ Styles Vs. Randy Orton: How will this story play out, and what do we expect to happen?
  • Tommaso Ciampa surgery updates: Get well soon, and can’t wait to see you back in the ring.
  • Kurt Angle announces final match: Kurt Angle will be squaring up against Baron Corbin at Wrestlemania. Is this the proper send off or is the WWE saying goodbye with a lackluster opponent?
  • Harlem Heat gets the WWE Hall of Fame induction: Another 2 timer hall of famer enters, and we react.
  • Did the Miz just give one of the best promos of all time, and are is his talent being wasted on a Shane McMahon storyline?
  • Ring of Honor 17th Anniversary: Why you should have watched, and what you can expect for upcoming ROH events.

Drop your thoughts in the comments. Agree or Disagree with us? Let us know, and don’t be afraid to talk some smack if you think we’re a bunch of mindless no good jabronies.


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