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Earlier this year, we got a movie from M. Night Shyamalan that returned him back to form in the film Split. Great pacing, a story that kept you involved, and a huge payoff ending. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you go watch it now. That way there will be no spoilers when you come back. For those that choose to not watch it and keep reading, I will warn you now. THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE!!!!

A little Shyamalan History

When M. Night’s first big break came with The Sixth Sense, he was the new hot buzz for Hollywood. Everyone couldn’t wait for what he was going to do next. The great films kept rolling with Unbreakable, his take on a superhero/comic movie. The immediate response after this was when are we going to get a sequel to the film. No sequel came however, and we kept getting movies that got worse and worse the more he released. Signs, was enjoyable. The Village, you saw the twist ending a mile away. Lady in the Water, things started getting laughable. The Happening, the film that started the M. Night’s career is done talk. After The Happening, Shymalan switched up his game, instead looking to direct a big budget potential tent pole film in Avatar: The Last Air Bender. This was a mistake beyond all mistakes. The film was absolute garbage and After Earth certainly didn’t help the problem.

I had all but written off Shymalan. Then, he got attached to the Fox show Wayward Pines. The first season was thoroughly enjoyable. It had those things that made you like his films in the first place. The story and intrigue, waiting to see what was really going on, and you got a nice twist in it. The second season didn’t fair as well, but it looked like a spark had ignited.

Split (Here come the spoilers)

The trailer for this film sent chills down people’s spines once you saw that James McAvoy was playing a character with many different personalities that had abducted young girls and they had no way of escape. It looked like it was going to be a great suspense film. This was before even knowing that this was a Shyamalan film. Seeing it was a Shyamalin film caused some doubt to creep in. I still went and saw it. It was a fantastic film, then the (as Robot Chicken always said “What a twist!!”) Shyamalan moment came. The film got weird, and it was starting to lose me. But there was a second twist. The film ends with seeing Bruce Willis’s character from Unbreakable. Everything once again makes sense. This is a pseudo continuation of Unbreakable. We are in a world where superheros can exist. I walked out of that theater more excited then I did walking into it. Now, just like when Unbreakable came out, the chatter has started a new. When are we getting a sequel?

Unbreakable Split Glass

Glass is rounding out the trilogy

First, we got a tease from Shyamalan on Twitter telling us to come back on 4/26 for some unbelievable news. On 4/26 Shymalan started tweeting like crazy. First, there was a tease about the question he is asked the most about:Glass_Tease

Then he revealed his plan all along:Unbreakable_Trilogy

We were getting the sequel to Unbreakable but who would be in it? If you go to his twitter page now this is what it looks like: Glass_ConfirmedSo everyone is coming back! We’ve got a release date of January 18, 2019. The film is called Glass, in reference to Samuel L. Jackson’s character, no doubt. It looks like we are getting the films that we enjoyed when Shyamalan first was introduced. I pray this is the case. In the comments below, let us know if you are excited about this or fearful. Give us your hot takes on what you think will happen in the film. Make sure to follow us on all our platforms, and come back for all things nerd.


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