Secrets In Death: The Truth Revealed

Secrets In Death: The Truth Revealed

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The latest installment of J.D. Robb’s futuristic murder mystery In Death series is out and has been consumed. Secrets in Death continues Eve and Roarke’s story, and it just keeps getting better every book. This story focuses on the death of an old acquaintance of theirs, gossip monger Larinda Mars.  She was most prominently featured early in the series, Glory in Death. She weaseled an invite to Roarke’s Christmas party by spilling the beans on the bad guy C.J. Morse. She was never a friend of theirs as you come to find out, she was despised by many. So here is a brief recap of the story and my take on why it was good.

Plot Summary

The story starts off a bit unconventional, with Dallas going to meet up for drinks with DeWinter. The 2 of them are tolerable co-workers at best and frosty at the worst of times. Both strong-willed and passionate they often butt heads on the job. So in an effort to make their professional relationship better they agree to meet for drinks. The bar they decide upon is a favorite hangout of Mars, who is there when they arrive. She is clearly involved in an argument, but it is dismissed as Eve has other things on her mind. Considering she is in a place she doesn’t want to be with a person she isn’t sure she likes, worrying about a gossip show host is the last thing on her mind.

Unbeknownst to Eve however, Larinda is about to take front and center priority in her world. While at the bar, Death comes to one Larinda Mars, who has her arms sliced open while in the bathrooms. She is literally a dead woman walking, as she is dead the minute the attack occurs. So now a murder happens right under Eve’s nose, and she takes it as a personal insult.

Digging into Larinda’s life uncovers a mountain of disturbing secrets the gossip queen was hoarding. The popular TV show host was a blackmailer off camera, stalking and harassing victims all over the city. The nasty web of blackmail and victims starts unraveling the longer Eve digs at the case. And each thread revels a new potential suspect that could have brought down the “victim” I’m not going to spoil the ending here, you will have to read to see who the killer is.

Thoughts and Feelings

So what I liked about the book is seeing the characters continue to evolve, and there are no stagnant characters. I am not against a little repetition in plot lines by any means, but when a character never evolves or learns from past mistakes book after book after book I can’t read it anymore. I used to love the Janet Evanovich series, but seriously how many books was I supposed to believe that a bounty hunter could be that incompetent and still be employed. Or catch such dangerous characters and still be afraid to wield a weapon. I am actually ashamed I read 13 of the books from the series – but I digress.

I am pleased to see the series finally turning away from the drama of Eve’s past as a central focus. It’s still there and still acknowledged as a drive for the character, but it doesn’t feel like the main focus anymore. For as dark as the murders are, there is almost a lightness and playfulness to the characters that weren’t there before. Everyone seems to be in a happier frame of mind. Nothing against angst, but it is lovely to see some fun moving forward.

I am greatly enjoying seeing the personal awareness From Eve towards her friends. I think that was always there, but she actually acknowledges it and does something about it to make a situation better. She is less hesitant to be generous even though she still feels awkward in the end. She is reaching a point where she knows the friendship is more important than the small bouts of uncomfortable feelings giving gifts bring. This book has some wonderful laughs, and some great one liners that I can’t wait to go back and re-read.

What I hope for the Next Book

This series is starting to hit a really good stride. I really am hoping for a book that brings one of the side characters to a more prominent light. Like Baxter, or Trueheart. Or Santiago, give some more insight to some of the other members of homicide. I loved Treachery in Deathand the way it brought Peabody into the forefront more.

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