SDCC 2017: The Walking Dead

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This years San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) recap continues with videos for AMC’s The Walking Dead panel. The panel took place inside the famed Hall H that holds around 6,500 people in it. This was unlike any Walking Dead panel that had happen before. Typically the panel is moderated by Chris Hardwick. However, due to unforeseen circumstance that happened the week prior Chris sat this one out. This was a panel for the fans first and foremost.

Unfortunately in the days leading up to the panel one of the stunt man on the show, John Bernecker, passed away. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this tragic time. Don’t forget that despite all the safety precautions provided to Stunt Men/Women, as a result of their job they are still putting the lives on the line. All this to bring us better entertainment in the shows we love. Due to this the panel was almost cancelled. Rather then cancel it. Scott M Gimple, Robert Kirkman, and much of the cast decided to continue for the fans.

The Walking Dead Panel

The panel had a very somber start as Scott spoke about who John Bernecker was. Explaining the many projects he had worked on, and how much he was going to be missed. This flowed right into the trailer for the next season. A trailer that if you haven’t seen yet shows that it’s going to be all out war. Starting with a couple edited lines from Negan, that would be the last time anything was edited for the rest of the panel.

They came back from the video, had Jeffery Dean Morgan say the opening trailer lines they way they should have been said. After that Robert Kirkman explained that this panel was for the fans that had come out, and that was entirely why there were there. It was a straight 40 minutes of fans asking question after question.

Full Panel and Highlights

Below is the videos for The Walking Dead full panel. For those that don’t have time to watch but want their SDCC Walking Dead fix there are a couple highlights from the panel. Keep in mind the Jefferey Dean Morgan Negan highlight is NSFW.

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