Science Fiction and Fantasy Films Worth Watching

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films That Deserve a Second Chance

This isn’t rocket science. These films were universally scorned during their time on the screen and for years after. However awful they were at the time, they deserve a second look now. Cult status pending.


Kevin Costner in a mullet and the Exxon Valdes in one movie! Actually I thought Kevin was sexy in this and the premise was good. The idea behind it, a world full of water, and everything drowned and how would humanity survive made for a good story. Too bad the script was marginal and the constant reports of how awful this movie was going to be, tanked it. Bonus: The sinking of the Exxon Valdes was epic!

John Carter

It wasn’t awful. It was a good movie that suffered from bad reviews. If a critic went to this movie expecting Spielberg, they were bound to be disappointed. It was a fun movie, didn’t follow the book, and the casting was awesome. Dominic West, Mark Strong, James Purefoy, and Lynn Collins in one movie stellar.  Plus, with the addition of Bryan Cranston how could a movie go wrong? The “dog” like creature, Woola was adorable. It’s too bad that this movie and Battleship tanked Taylor Kitsch’s career.


I have not seen this film but on the trailer it looked good. If you can ignore the science and suspend your disbelief of physics, I am told it’s a good movie. Go for the story, the acting, the sci-fi premise, and the great effects.

The Last Starfighter

Robert Preston’s last film role was Centauri, mentor to Alex Rogan the Last Starfighter. It starts out as a video game that “finds” the best gamer and recruits him to fight for the Rylan Star League against the forces of Xur. For 1984 it was exciting and full of CGI effects. It made it seem like anyone could be a Starfighter. Not great filmmaking but it was fun and had an HEA, (happily ever after).

Flash Gordon

This movie is so full of cheese a person could become lactose intolerant. The music was done by QUEEN! Kick-ass soundtrack, so-so movie. Actors Brian Blessed, Max Von Sydow, Timothy Dalton and Topol try to act like this is a significant movie. Just get some crackers and enjoy the cheese.

Star Wars: Episode-II Attack of the Clones

The light saber fights and the origins of Boba Fett are the reasons for watching this movie. If I was George Lucas, I would have asked for my money back on the Portman/Christensen chemistry. I saw it the first day in a crowded theater at midnight. When Yoda showed up for the final duel the theater was silent. A guy yelled out loud, “Here’s where you get yours bitch.” It was the best part of the whole movie.

Night of the Comet

Zombies made by a passing comet, unless you were hiding in a steel box. Except there are bad government guys who want the survivors’ blood to keep the “zombieism” away. There is extra special salty goodness in a young Robert Beltran. Bonus points for a sassy and sexy Catherine Mary Stewart as Regina “Reggie” Belmont.

Wrap Up

These movies aren’t Oscar worthy movies, they are however more fun. Some movies should be more about enjoyment. There is enough room in the movie world for both “artistic” and “fun” pictures. So get some crackers and enjoy your cheese.

-From the Mind of GiaTomcat

2 thoughts on “Science Fiction and Fantasy Films Worth Watching

  • Jack Malice
    May 12, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    I loved the Last Star Fighter one of my all time favorite movies! The John Carter books are amazing too, especially when you realize that Edgar Rice Burroughs released the first one in 1917. I just wish the Movie had been better.

  • Avatar
    May 29, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    All I can think is “My God. Someone else FONDLY remembers Night of the Comet.” Screw Die Hard. This is best Christmas movie!


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