Rip Hunter Back on Legends of Tomorrow??

Is Rip Hunter Making his Return to Legends of Tomorrow? 

So the second season of Legends of Tomorrow is in the books, but now the wait for season 3 begins. It looks like we may be seeing most of the core cast return, which is awesome beyond words. But the shows Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has dropped some hints that the show may make a return to the character of Rip Hunter. Rip, Rip could come back??? Rip was the original captain of the Waverider and the guy who collected and brought this crazy cast of characters together.

We start off Season 2 where Rip chose to scatter the team throughout time. Everyone except for the injured Mick, to save their lives. He intercepts the bomb with the Waverider and saved New York. However the remaining members of the team could not find a trace of his existence leading them to believe he was dead. He makes his way back onto the show in the later half of season 2. But then leaves the crew at the end of the finale. He leaves the Waverider in the Hands of the White Canary. According to an interview on entertainment weekly, Guggenheim dropped hints that Rip would be making a return to the show in season 3.

“We’ve got plans for Rip for next year.” Guggenheim explained. “It’s just in a different capacity than him being a member of the team.”

Arthur also weighs in on the topic of Rip’s return. In an interview with Digital Spy he has this to say on the matter:

“Yeah, I do come back, in some way, to Legends of Tomorrow… but I can’t talk about that! I always work on shows that you’re not allowed to bloody talk about…”

So I don’t know about you super nerds but I am super excited. Super excited about seeing one of my favorite legends back in any way, shape, or form I can get him.

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