Questions About GOT Seasons 7

Things I need Answered in GOT Season 7

AKA What the heck was that new teaser trailer???


OK so who else is super excited GOT is back from hiatus in 3 months? 3 months that we nerds now get to endlessly discuss and analyze the teaser trailers released by HBO. 2 trailers have been released as of now, one called “The Long Walk” and the second called Sigils.” Neither trailer honestly offers up a whole lot of content.  They were better however then watching ice melt for an hour to get the release date. And no, I did not watch the full block melt. I’m crazy but HBO found the crazy line I won’t cross.

Trailer 1, Sigils

The sigils trailer was visually stunning. It starts off by circling a statue of Stone that depict the main houses vying for the Iron throne. A voice-over of various characters from past seasons runs through the trailer as well. The only new quote seems to be from Jon Snow at the end saying: “There is only one war that matters. The Great War. And it is here.” It was perhaps telling that the statue of the house sigils starts to crumble and break towards the end. Perhaps it is a sign that everyone will fall to make way for new and better things. I will say it didn’t give me the creepy chills like the GOT season 6 trailer which had the faces of the dead as the voice-over went through the various character quotes.

Trailer 2, The Long Walk

Now comes the actual trailer for GOT Season 7 The long Walk. The trailer itself showed Cersei, Daenerys and Jon Snow all walking down long corridors and up a dais to go sit on different thrones. Cersei is at King’s landing, Jon is at Winterfell, and Dany is who knows where. I am going to guess the Dragonstone throne. If it is that would be fitting since I do believe that is where Aegon originally started his conquest of Westeros. After they each sit on their respective thrones, they all give a long look into the camera. All their eyes shut, and it goes to candles being blown out. Back to Cersei as she is exhaling a bunch of fog. Signifying I am assuming that the North (or Winter) is coming to descend finally on King’s Landing.

It ends with a cutout of a giant white walker eye. I guess this is a reminder that they are coming, and these characters could die at any time. Just in case you have forgotten the whole show. I honestly don’t know how any of my favorite characters are still alive, in light of how many deaths there are in this show. Again not a whole lot to it, and I have so many questions from season 6.

Questions leftover from Season 6 that the trailer gave me no info on……..

I was really hoping to see some flashes of Arya tackling her kill list. What is happening with Bran as the three eyed builder? Is Bran as a time traveler really the original Bran the builder who built the wall? With the Night King perusing him is he now destined to destroy the wall? Are Dany and Jon Snow going to meet this season of course this is assuming they meet at all? What’s going on in Sansa’s head (where the hell do her loyalties lie?) Who is going to win the “Ultimate Puppet-Master of Westeros” award Littlefinger or Varys? Is Jorah Mormont alive or dead?? I need to know these things!!!

Until Season 7 premieres, I will just be left to analyze these things in my own head which could get a little scary….. But here’s to hoping that HBO will take pity and drop another trailer with a bit more information for us dying fans.



-SuperwhovianFreak out

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