Quest for 100 Episode 12: MaliceCast Live Takeover!

Quest for 100

The Quest for 100 podcast centers around a challenge to watch 100 movies in the theater in one year. Matt and BCON lead the quest as they talk about recent movies they have seen. They then rate those movies. Latly, they chat about some of their favorite stories that happen in the movies and AT the movies.

Episode 12

On this episode, the Big Poppa Matt and BCON took over Malice-Corp’s live podcast on Twitch. They brought on Nick from Nerd Mosh Pit to join the conversation. After a long break the guys catch listeners up on where they are at in the journey. The Meg, Slenderman, Mile 22, Christopher Robin, First Reformed, Sorry to Bother You, Black Klansman, and Teen Titans Go to the Movies are among the movies discussed. Let us know what movies you have watched and join in on the conversation on twitter @questformovies or email us at Don’t forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe wherever you download the show. Thank-you all for listening.

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