The 100 Movie Challenge: The Quest to Watch 100 Movies in Theater in One Year

Well if it isn’t

Greetings everyone and welcome to my quest to watch 100 movies this year. Now, just not any movies but new movies in a theater. This is my way of showing support for the film industry. It’s my way of supporting all of the amazing people who work for it and aren’t on the big screen but behind the scenes. This challenge was originally set by one of my favorite comedians Doug Benson. He started this to show support for the movie industry by challenging others to watch movies where they are supposed to be watched. Not on a small screen at home but in a theater with other people in the dark, crunching popcorn, and sipping on beverages. I attempted it half-hearted last year, and came up well shy with only 72 movies. But this year is going to be different! I am going to attack this with much gusto, and make 2017 the first year I accomplish this feat.

The Plan

So, I will need to keep up quite the movie watching pace of two movies a week every week to guarantee I get to 100 movies in one year. Now, in no way, shape, or form am I considering myself a movie critic. I don’t consider myself qualified, and I don’t think the opinion of one person should ever deter, or promote anybody’s actions. Especially, when choosing to go to the movies or not with a thumbs down or thumbs up, or  some star rating that feels somehow skewed. I am just a man on a movie quest.
Since I have such a love for movies I struggle to think a movie is just bad. I personally just think some movies are more entertaining than others. Some movies I’ll re-watch, and others I hope never find their way back into my life to soak up any more time than I already given them.

My Rating Scale

In this quest, I will be giving you my reactions to the movies I watch. My rating scale will be a little bit of a different approach as well. I will be recommending how many beers, or other stimulating substances you may need to enjoy the movies I watch.  Lastly, I’ll give you a quick recap of the films, or maybe even some things I would want to change to make it a better flick. So, without further ado here are my first steps on my Quest for 100.

What I’ve Watched so far

  • Logan:

    • Epic conclusion to a mostly lack luster spin off series from the X-men. I really hope this isn’t Hugh Jackman’s last time putting on the claws, but if it is, hot damn was it a great finish. Full of fun, action, and some truly great movie moments. Everyone on the screen is at their best, and you can truly feel like this was a movie everyone wanted to be a part of instead of the normal cash grab that some of these conclusion movies can turn out to be. Logan was amazing.
      • 0 beers needed to enjoy. Can’t wait to watch again.
  • Get out:

    • From Writer and Director Jordan Peele in his first movie in the suspense genre. I can’t say enough things about this film, and holy hell is it wonderful. I am really looking forward to anything Peele puts out in the future knowing that this is the kind of quality movie I get to enjoy from someone who is that talented. Kudos for a great debut in this genre. I’m even more happy at the theme of this film. It will make you think, but more importantly it will have you scared, on the edge of your seat begging for more. The only thing scarier is the Get Out challenge that came and went already (phew thank goodness). Unlike this film, which I think will be an instant classic, and a staple for creepy movie film fests.
      • 0 beers needed to enjoy. Will watch again on a dark creepy night.
  • John Wick 2:

    • Sequel to one of my top 5 Keanu movies. (Point Break, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Matrix, and Speed you can place them in whatever order you want). It does a great job of continuing this series, and keeps the action over the top while never taking itself too seriously. The CG blood splatter is something I’m still getting used to, but a movie filled with double taps, and pistol whips makes you wonder how good John Wick was before he got soft over a dog. Looking forward to the inevitable 3rd film in this series.
      • 3-5 beers recommended mostly because this film doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should you. Probably won’t watch again.
  • Kong: Skull Island:

    • Yes!!! The return of monster films is here! Godzilla paved some ground work, but Kong Skull Island is a movie full of action, suspense, and a bad ass Monkey destroying anyone and anything in his path. I was worried about some of the comedic relief I saw in trailers, but it was a perfect fit in a movie that is a great example of what going to the movies is about. Having fun and walking out the theater with a smile on your face despite the flaws
      • 1-2 beers recommended this film is full of big moments. You won’t have much time for more beers because your eyes will be glued to the screen waiting for something else to make you go. “Dammmmnnnn” will watch again soon I hope.
  • Beauty and the Beast:

    •  Disney Set the bar high here with their most recent live-action classic princess remake. With a cast that doesn’t outshine the story, or hog the screen. The fact that Emma Watson can belt those notes, and how many times you’ll probably sing these songs in the shower after watching the movie. I can’t wait for more of these re-makes. Disney released a long list of the upcoming films and you better buckle up tight because some of the names announced with these projects I think we are in for an amazing flurry of films over the next several years with Beauty and the Beast just being the start.
      • 1-2 beers recommended because why not this film is all kinds of fun. Be careful though if you catch a buzz it could catch you off guard and cause some tears. Will watch again. And this time I’ll know the lyrics to the songs. (come on Alamo sing-a-long party)

Keep an eye out for what’s soon to come

March was the first month of this journey, and I’m already a little behind. Keep an eye out for my reviews of Power Rangers and Raw. I’ve also got tickets purchased for Ghost in the Shell, and Colossal. So keep an eye out for those updates on my quest. Please comment below on any movies from our past you would like to see me give recommendations on. Also, please check out the rest of the wonderful people contributing to Malice-Corp. You can follow on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Lastly, thanks to all of the readers out there.


P.S. In no way am I promoting the use of any illegal substances or activities. I also want everyone to be safe if you do take my recommendation to have some drinks while enjoying any of the films I mention in my posts. Let’s be honest, movies should be fun, emotional, or just plain entertaining and who doesn’t love a few drinks with a good movie. Or, a movie so bad it’s great. So, please find alternate means to get home safely before you ever consider drinking and driving after a great night out getting lost in the worlds that so many people spend so much time to create for us to enjoy.

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    April 21, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    Beer ratings rule! Good job BIGPAPAMATT!


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