Quest for 100: Good Tunes, A Watching, and A Sword

Well If It Isn’t?

Welcome back to the Quest for 100. In this issue I have three movies for you that had some great ideas but all fell a little short from completely blowing my mind.


The Circle

This was a pretty wild idea starring Emma Watson who works for a tech company that tows the line between accessibility and privacy. Now while this will always be a hot topic of conversation. I think they handled it well, giving a few different points of view as to how great of an idea this could be and some of the very real reasons why others would want to avoid it. Even though The Circle took this idea a little over the edge, as to how far people might be willing to go to connect with the rest of the world.

It is a fair question, but I wish they would have gone a little more real world with some of their ideas to turn this into a little more suspense film. Instead of bordering on the sci-fi. An amazing cast of Tom Hanks, Patton Oswalt, John Boyega, Glenne Headly, and Karen Gillan. They all made this film feel intriguing, and kept you guessing as to where it was headed. A very satisfying ending to this movie. As well as a heart breaking performance by the late great Bill Paxton make this a movie absolutely worth checking out.

3-5 Beers mostly so you can say goodbye to Bill Paxton in a role that was very hard to watch knowing that he had now passed. Will not watch again because I’d rather watch Bill Paxton in something more bad ass like Aliens or Frailty.


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Guy Ritchie does it again. I love what he is able to do with the period pieces like Sherlock, and now King Arthur. I think he really makes this a fantastic movie. It is far from perfect in so many ways, but what Ritchie does is make stylized action packed fun movies and this is no exception. Not only does he manage to make Charlie Hunnam much more than his Jax Teller character from Sons of Anarchy. He also pulls together a star studded cast with Jude Law, Aidan Gillen (Little Finger from Game of Thrones), Djimon Hounsou, Eric Bana and some other very familiar faces. Ritchie’s style is all over this film, and it does not disappoint.

With over the top fantastic action, and visceral camera work. If you enjoy any of his work. Which is full of fast talking, hard hitting, and charismatic characters, this film will not fail to impress you there. I wish he had fleshed out some of the outside elements more, such as the tentacle ladies, and some of the Mage Guild. But hopefully this movie will keep Ritchie around, and he will get a chance to continue a fun take on a classic story. One that I was very happy to sit through.

5 beers or take a shot every time Charlie Hunnam walks around shirtless. It will be fun either way. Might watch again especially if we get a sequel.


Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

If you haven’t already watched this yet. I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Guardians of the Galaxy is probably my favorite current Marvel movie franchise, and this sequel did not disappoint. I loved that we fleshed out, and began to journey down the path of the Ravagers. Who seem super intriguing. This movie was a lot of fun just like the first, (Despite having an opening scene that tried a little too hard to mimic that of the first.) but I was glad we got a large portion of baby Groot cuteness out of the way.

Once Kurt Russell shows up. This movie really takes off in a great way and carried some really heavy weight. Which was very surprising. Since the whole of the Marvel Universe does everything it can to stay pretty light hearted, usually. I think Chris Pratt shows off some excellent acting chops, and somehow Kurt Russell finds a way to be love-able and hated all at once. This showed a great dynamic between Star Lord and his father. While giving this pretty large cast of characters another excellent addition to a fantastic film.

1 beer needed mostly because this movie forces some of the humor early but once it gets rolling you’re locked in your seat for all the right reasons. Looking forward to watching again.


With these three films I stand at 16/100. Which means I am mostly on pace now to hit my goal. Thanks again for tuning in. Please check out all of our other amazing articles here on Also, please check out my newest addition to our podcast family The Nerd Mosh Pit. Episode 1 is already up and running. Episode 2 is on its way. Please comment below on any of the movies you’ve watched recently. That I need to watch as well, or if you think one of the movies I watched needs more booze to make it better.


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2 thoughts on “Quest for 100: Good Tunes, A Watching, and A Sword

  • Avatar
    May 27, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Based on your review, I think I’m back on board to see King Arthur, thanks for that! I love Guy Ritchie and adore the legends of Camelot, so it will probably fit nicely into my wheelhouse.

  • Avatar
    May 29, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    Yah, seeing His Highness as well. As for Guardians, out of Pratt, Cooper, Saldana, Russell, and the rest, my big winner is… Bautista. Drax is easily my favorite character, and it’s largely because our pro wrestler is doing a great job of making him physically threatening, believable as a character AND always delivering great lines. My only complaint about Vol. 2 was shoehorning in Howard. Not funny; not clever. He was only entertaining because he was Howard the Duck, and didn’t LOOK bad.


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