Quest for 100: Spider-Man Homecoming

Well if it isn’t?


I hope everyone is doing well. Welcome back to another issue of my quest to watch 100 movies in the theater this year. I’m sure lot’s of you are already excited about this film, and seeing Spidey come back to the MCU is just one of many reasons why you should be excited to go see this movie immediately.

Spider-man homecomingA bold move by Sony

First off. I am very excited that Sony, and Marvel, agreed to bring Spider-man back into the MCU. This has to be the best combination since peanut butter and jelly, or bacon and bacon. They managed to find a perfect combination of films here. Lighthearted enough to keep the kiddos entertained – yet still threatening, and dangerous enough for the fanboys to make sure their nerd boners fly at full mast for the entire film.


Spider-man homecoming Robert Downey Jr.When the Stars  align they both shine brighter

One of my only concerns for this film was the addition of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. Thankfully that fear was squashed early in the film. As we moved the story along the addition of Stark became a great plot device to show Peter Parker’s immaturity, and just how young of a kid we were dealing with in this film. When the two heroes were on the screen together Peter Parker was able to not only hold his own against one of the biggest scene-stealers of all time in Tony Stark, but he actually out-shined Iron-Man every chance the writers gave him.

This was such a breath of fresh air as Stark has become synonymous with show stopper in just about every film he has been featured in, and to watch him get a taste of his own medicine was fantastic every time we got to see it. The other great part is we got to watch not only Peter Parker grow from these interactions as Tony would lay down some tough love. We also saw Stark stray away from jokey joke maker, and embrace his role as a super hero protector. Which by the end of the film started to fit him almost perfect.


Spider-man homecoming villain A Villain that only Sony could bring to life

Most MCU films are all about the star power, and they do an amazing job of highlighting their Heroes. To be honest though besides Tom Hiddleston as Loki a vast majority of their Villains are pretty forgettable. The one strength that most of the previous Spidey films had though were great Villains. Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, Rhys Ifans, Jamie Fox all played excellent Villains in previous films especially considering how poorly both sequels in those previous franchises were. Hell even James Franco (despite him being a little whiny) was an excellent addition to the rogue gallery.

Spider-man homecoming Michael KeatonMichael Keaton as Vulture/ Adrian Toomes not only manages to be a great villain. He also finds a way to arguably be the best actor in a cast that is full of star power. Keaton gives a performance that I highly doubt anyone will be able to top for some time. Not only is he just a bad-ass dude, his wings are something truly terrifying as they cut through and tear up everything in their way. Keaton brought something to the screen that most super hero films lack in a lot of ways. The villain rarely out powers the hero. We are always just waiting for our hero to get angry, or find their inner power to defeat the bad guy.

Homecoming really does make us question how the hell is Peter going to beat this guy. This not only leaves you wondering how is he going to be defeated, but after an absolute mind-blowing twist in the film (which made everyone in the theater gasp and say “WTF!!”) You could not wait for the final showdown, because you knew it was going to be something epic and brutal. Not just a wham-bam thank-you ma’am final Climax.

Spider-man homecomingA Super Hero Movie that deserves to be right at the top of any list.


What a fun film I really can’t recommend it enough! The hits just keep coming from the MCU, and after losing Andrew Garfield who was doing an excellent job as Spider-man, Sony just never found the right mix for their intervening Spidey films. I am very excited for this franchise, and Tom Holland has already made me forget about those previous Spidey films. Even though this film had so much that made it great, it feels like we are still going to get so much more which makes me so excited. Way to reinvent the boring origin story film and make something glorious. 0 Beers needed to enjoy this film. I will watch this again very soon.


Thanks so much for tuning in. I am currently at 21/100 films, but I will have articles up for another 5 films shortly. So keep any eye out for more. In the meantime check out all of our amazing articles on Also please tune in to my Podcast for more crude, and rude news on Nerd Mosh Pit.

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