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Hello all and welcome back to my quest to watch 100 movies in the theater in one year and give you at the end my recommendation on if you need some beers to make these films more enjoyable. On a recent article I wrote about The Void I mentioned I usually get to watch one of my favorite movies every year around this time. Well, I think this movie Sleight has set the bar high, and is probably one of – if not the best – film(s) I’ve seen so far this year.




  • Now this movie has not received much love from its trailer, and I’ve talked to quite a few people about this movie and without even watching it most have not been very excited to see it. I don’t think many of us are ready for or really care about another origin story for a super  hero because we’ve all watched that story plenty of times right? Well please, please, please get that out of your mind. Sleight takes the super hero origin story, and like a new age millennial Dr. Frankenstein gives this tired Hollywood trope new life with a bolt of lightning. The first thing I’d like to say about Sleight is: Thank you for something fresh, original, and something really exciting not only to watch on the big screen, but what the future of this world has the opportunity to become.


  • Sleight is a story that caught me completely by surprise, and to say this is a super hero movie doesn’t do it justice. Neither is it a true origin story which I think is my favorite part. We don’t get to see how our main character Bo (Jacob Latimore) got into the situation he is in. We don’t get the normal story of why he is where he is, but what we do get is an understanding that he is trying to survive, and take care of the people that need him most. Bo is a young man who lives in a very real world. This version of L.A. doesn’t feel foreign but something that could be down the street from us. The people he encounters aren’t extreme caricatures pulled straight out of comic books where we need to be told who they are, and why they are here. Sleight feels very familiar something that doesn’t need to be explained in painful overly long detail because we know this world, and the people in it. Bo is a character that we’ve seen before; the kid we’ve walked past 100 times on the street. The young man we’ve never actually looked at in his eyes or cared to know what his story is. With all this said once again I want to thank J.D. Dillard for bringing this character who normally walks past us in the background of our lives, and brings him front and center with a story that was engaging, heartbreaking, and powerful all in one.


  • I’ve complained so many times about how movie trailers can ruin great movies, and destroy lesser films. I think Sleight got lucky that the marketing team for this film didn’t know how to sell it to audiences because it kept all of the secrets of this film intact, and I am very thankful to them if somehow it was intended to do so. Now this film is not perfect by any means, it has a very odd opening to the final act but thankfully does not last long enough to slow down the pace of this movie much if at all. With a phenomenal cast to go along side our protagonist Bo, Angelo (Dule Hill) plays a great antagonist. I really hope this movie catches some fire, and gets some love from audiences. It would be a shame for this movie to get lost and forgotten. We really have a great story being told, and all the parts to make a great tale. A very like-able hero with motives, and a strong sense of purpose to protect and provide for those he loves. We also get a wonderful antagonist that has every reason to seek out our hero and take from him what he can. This is a great foundation for any story to be told, and Sleight executed it all at a very high level.


  • Any super hero movie, or really any film that comes out this year is going to have a tough time knocking this movie off it’s pedestal for me. My expectations have been raised extremely high, and if anything gets close to or surpasses Sleight we are going to get some truly awesome films. I hope we get to see the continuation of Bo’s story in any platform we can. Comic books, movies, a TV/Netflix series I don’t care just make sure J.D. is attached and we’ll have a long lasting incredible series of stories for years to come. Zero beers needed to enjoy this film. I can’t wait to watch it again, and tell everyone I can to go see it now.

Thank-you all for joining me for another article. I am at 13/100 films with May being packed with some great films I am looking forward to many more excellent times like this one. Please comment below if you have watched Sleight, or what are you looking forward to most this month of May. Also, please check out all of the wonderful contributors on


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