Quest for 100: Rivers of Blood and Monsters from “The Void”

Well if it isn’t?

Hello again, and welcome back to the latest trip on my Quest for ‘100 films in one year.’

On this edition I am talking about a film that completely surprised me, and has me staying up late to write this recap so that I can avoid the nightmares that are sure to come.


The Void 

  • I always seem to find some of my favorite movies of the year during these months between March and June. The Void is no exception on that front. I really had no idea what I was walking into except that it was a movie with mixed reviews. Which I don’t know what the confusion is; there is no confusing what this film is about. This movie is for every kid who made their spaghetti look like guts at Halloween. The kids who loved watching movies to see the brains fall out of the zombies. Everyone who pretended to squirt ketchup on their faces, and make somone think they got hurt smashing into a door. This film is a beautiful mess, and as you watch every horror gag splatter on the walls, and spray rivers of blood as the cast screams in terror you’ll want to thank Writer/Directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kotanski for this amazing film they somehow found a way to get out to the masses.


What feels like a blood soaked middle finger to every CGI monster or digital blood splatter ever put on the big screen;

  • The Void turns an excellent splatter film into something you can’t look away from no matter how grotesque the monsters making victims out of our heroes are. I truly can’t tell you the last time I watched a movie with so many practical effects that were as bloody, messy, and as beautiful as these are in a long time. Once again I can’t thank Jeremy, Steven, and the rest of their crew for the amazing display of what feels like a love letter to the gore, and splatter movies that made old school horror so amazing before people started watching Halloween torture porn. If you haven’t heard about The Void yet and you consider yourself a fan of great horror gags go find this movie at your nearest theater as fast as you can no matter what dark, dank alley you may have to search through to find it.


  • This isn’t a movie for the masses, and despite some issues with story telling and pacing, I really can’t imagine people walking out of this film not appreciating every single monster kill, brutal stabbing, or skull smash. Movies with such great detail as this won’t be around for long with the way the industry is going, but maybe, just maybe The Void will start a trend of well done movies with top notch gore, and practical gags for all. (Was fun to see Knives Chau [Ellen Wong] in this as well). You might scratch your head a couple times in this one, but it will most likely be because you’ll wonder how they created such amazing effects with little to zero CGI. Every one of which will haunt you, and others for years to come as this truly is a film full of nightmares.
  • 1-2 beers recommended because once this film takes off you’ll forget to breathe as it sucks you in wondering what Horror is around the next corner.


That makes 9/100 with more to come very soon. Thanks for tuning in and please comment below if you have watched The Void yet. Go to for more amazing articles to tickle your love for all things pop culture and nerd.


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    April 27, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Egad. Thank you. I must find this movie and a tub of popcorn. Igor- AWAAAYY!


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