Quest for 100: The Good, The Bad, The Furious

Well if it isn’t!!!


Thanks so much everybody and welcome back as I continue to watch films, and recommend how much booze you may, or may not need to take these flicks to the next level of movie going excellence.

Now I have been looking forward to a lot of movies this year. Also while trying to plot out a majority of the 100 movies I will need to watch I knew there would be some I would really regret sitting through. Now I am a huge fan, and it takes so much to disappoint me at the movies Usually it’s a movie I’m really excited for that does not meet expectations. I’ve yet to walk out of the theater even though I wish I would have a couple times. Also there are just some pure stinkers that I just do not care for. One of the films below I was dreading to watch, and doing everything I could to avoid it, another film I expected to be horrible but I wanted to see it for nostalgia reasons, and lastly a movie I had a lot of hopes for. All three in fact though surprised the hell out of me, and this has been a great week or two of movies, and I am excited to talk about all three.


A Foreign Film that never stops making you cringe


  • After the first time I saw the trailer for Raw I was very excited for it. I didn’t really look too much into it before I saw the film, and once I sat down I was surprised to see it was a French/Belgian film. Now I am not one to shy away from reading subtitles in a movie especially when they are as good as this one. Now trust me Raw is not for the faint of heart, as a young girl raised vegetarian enrolls into a veterinary school something inside her awakens as she is forced to eat a rabbit kidney for a freshman hazing. Now as this movie continues you begin to realize not only does she begin to get a taste for meat but something truly dark awakens in her as she becomes insatiable in her need for more meat. This film kept me squirming in my seat the whole time, and more than once the whole theater groaned in agony as we saw some very creepy, and stomach turning scenes. As the relationship between the main character Justine (Garance Marillier) and her Sister Alexia (Ella Rumpf) truly turns this film from a stomach turning gross out into a very cryptic suspense film that comes to a wonderful crescendo of a finale. 0 beers to enjoy this film mostly because you might throw them up if you have anything less than an iron stomach. Might watch again as long as it’s on an empty stomach

Foreign Film Extra– I am a big fan of foreign films – if you are afraid to watch a movie because it has subtitles I really feel like you’re missing out on some fantastic movies. With great foreign films you won’t even notice you’re reading because you’ll be so enthralled by the amazing things going on. I have a short list of flicks you should check out.

  • Brotherhood of the Wolf– A film about two men who come to a small French Village to investigate killings terrorizing the countryside. Which most of the residents think to be wolf attacks.
  • Delicatessen– In a future where food is sparse, and meat is even more scarce. This is a light-hearted film following the handyman of a local deli, and apartment building. Very touching film about a creepy bunch of neighbors and an even creepier landlord.
  • The Dinner Game– The Film that inspired Dinner for schmucks. Trust me this one is much funnier than the film that got released here in the states. Dinner game has the same premise of wealthy business men having to find a person with the strangest hobby, or talent.
  • Leon: The Professional- Now this was originally released as Leon, and you won’t have to read most of this film but still one of my favorite roles ever played by Jean Reno, and Gary Oldman. This is a wonderful film that gets a little odd at times with the relationship Matilda (very young Natalie Portman) wants to have with Leon. Always worth a re-watch if you’ve already seen this film, and you can thank me in the comments below if its your first time watching it.
  • Train to Busan– This is one of my favorite movies from last year, not only was it a great virus breakout film it had some of the best action scenes out as well as a ton of heart. Be careful watching this one though some very sad moments occur, and I’m pretty sure a few tears fell out watching it.
  • The Host– An amazing monster movie from Korea. If you love watching people get eaten, and families finding a way to survive dire situations you’ll love this movie not only for its captivating story but for some really big laughs as well.

I wish my Power Rangers were still as cool as these Power Rangers!!

  • It’s Morphin time!! Man was this a surprise out of left field. I had such a wonderful sense of nostalgia from this film, but I think we also got something that even audiences with zero knowledge of the Power Rangers can enjoy this very fun, and well done remake to a series that I loved as a child. I was a pretty big fan of the original TV show especially since the original movie, and its sequel felt cheap and choppy even as a young kid. The cast felt well thought out – we had all of our normal Teenage angst, and struggles with a millennial twist that I think will speak very well to this generation of kids. Now I’m not saying you need to run out and watch this movie immediately, but I would absolutely make time for it if you love a classic team building movie that doesn’t dive too deep down any one rabbit hole but still finds time to tell a good story. I am very happy to see this movie get made especially considering how much fun it was. Power Rangers turned out to be an above average time at the movies and which thankfully they did not re-create some of the more cringe worthy aspects of this series (except for Alpha 5 and his Aye-aye-aye) a great addition to our pre-summer movie going experience.  3 beers minimum because if you go into this movie too seriously it might disappoint you. Might watch again with a younger family member to introduce them to the Power Ranger series. Also stay after the credits for a nice tease at a sequel


The Fate of the Furious (small spoilers ahead)

  • Now when I looked up movie releases for 2017 this was no where near the top of my list of movies I was trying to see. I really have a hard time enjoying these movies especially since I lived through the really bad additions to this franchise. Now this series has come a long way, and thank you so much for that. Dwayne Johnson has been an absolute break-out addition to these movies, and Vin Diesel definitely has found his acting wheel house, and audience nailed with these films. After they began turning these movies into more action-spy films; they have gotten much better I’ll give them that. With that being said I still find very little fun in these movies. I’ve never been one for wild car chases, and gravity defying stunt cars blowing up buildings, and god knows how many other things behind the wheel of these modern day heist films. I will have to say though if I can watch Batman shoot kryptonite grenades at Doomsday, and Captain America’s shield bounce off 3-4 people’s faces, and then rebound into his hand perfectly I can watch Dom put pop tops on air hoses, and turbo charge cars in Cuba. 2-3 shots of your favorite liquor before, and during the film. A nice buzz is going to take this from OMG really; to HOLY SHIT that was awesome real fast (and furious like). Also I totally miss Paul Walker in these films RIP. Won’t watch again unless it’s being roasted Mystery Science Theater 3000 style.


Thanks again for joining me. With these three films that makes 8/100 and I’m still decently behind pace here so be ready for more updates to come soon. Please checkout all the other fantastic articles here on and comment below if you have any other foreign films I didn’t mention, or need to watch asap.


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4 thoughts on “Quest for 100: The Good, The Bad, The Furious

  • Avatar
    April 20, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Stay strong, brother! We believe in you! (Love Brotherhood of the Wolf. Woof!)

    • Avatar
      April 24, 2017 at 10:38 pm

      Thanks Igor!!! I’m going to get to 100 if it kills me. and if I fall short I get to try again next year haha. (100% agree Brotherhood of the wolf is one of my favorites)

      • Jack Malice
        April 24, 2017 at 11:36 pm

        When do the good movies start? Matt you have to be into pain to go through this man!

        • Avatar
          April 25, 2017 at 12:05 am

          no one ever said it would be easy. Thanks for the sympathy. Watching the movie fodder out there so you don’t have to is definitely going to be my new tagline


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