Quest for 100: Anime, Colossal, Free Fire

Well if it isn’t.

Hello and welcome back to my Quest for 100. I really feel like each of the movies I watched had a little something deeper to say. Not everything was very apparent. But, each one told their stories in different ways. Some of which were much more entertaining than others.


First Up Your Name.

Your Name.

Your Name. was a Japanese release last year, and it has finally made it’s way stateside. I can’t say that I was watching for this movie at all. But, I am very happy my local Alamo Drafthouse had it playing. Your Name. follows two teenagers. Mitsuha who lives in a remote lakeside village who is bored with her life and wishes for more. And Taki, who lives in Tokyo alone with his father. Taki seems to be living a pretty normal teenage life until a comet streaks across the Japanese skyline changing both of their lives forever. What starts out as a very common “Freaky Friday” body switch movie. The two protagonists have to begin to keep track of everything they do while they mysteriously switch back and fourth between each other’s bodies.

Your Name. has quite a few fun moments as the two heroes try to screw-up each other’s lives as little as possible each time they switch. It is not very clear where this movie is heading for a majority of the film. However, once we get into the real meat and potatoes of this adventure it becomes very clear this isn’t your usual affair. It has one of the more satisfying conclusions of the year so far.  1 beer or glass of wine recommended. Your Name. is a great date movie and a story for everybody. I really can’t wait to watch it again. Mainly because of how much fun I had despite having no idea what was going on for the first half of the film. Will watch again for sure.


Free Fire hits something in all the chaos

Free Fire

  • Free Fire somehow turned what should have been tense high adrenaline gun fights into something I found myself laughing at way more than I probably should have. This film, by Ben Wheatley, surprised the hell out of me. I was very worried the trailers ruined this movie for me. I saw everything from start to finish. Then as I sat there, I realized what the trailer left out was the most important part. The tone of the film. Free Fire is a great example of how to tell a story in such an unusual way that the actual narrative shines so bright it can’t be ignored. This was a dark comedy that had me laughing at every person that got shot. What I had assumed would be a bunch of people shooting at each other out of anger and strife turned out to be a bunch of knuckleheads just trying to survive this insane situation they all created. Free Fire takes a firm stance that foolish people can create terrible moments for everyone around them. I won’t spoil anything but just know this film goes from zero to 100 so fast. It was shot very well. All the actors involved create a very realistic world no matter how insane they all seem to be. 6 pack recommended. Free Fire took on a very controversial topic and managed to fit it in a dark comedy that had some pretty great moments. You’ll need the beers to keep you busy while you wait to see who survives this Mexican standoff. Might watch again.


Colossal: not your usual Rom-com


  • I went into Colossal not knowing what to expect. Watching the trailer for this movie had me very interested as to how Anne Hathaway was involved in controlling a huge city destroying monster. Instead of a monster mash, I was pulled into a story with a Hollywood trope as old as time. (I should have known better). If you said Jason Sudeikis, and Anne Hathaway were in a movie, what genre would you assume it to be? Definitely not the monster movie that was shown in the trailers. It would have to be a romantic comedy for sure. Funny guy, smart lady, I mean it is kibble for the Rom-Com audience. I really thought going into this movie that both of these actors lost a bet and had to be a part of this weird monster smashing film for a mutual friend. Instead, I realized real quick that this film was in their wheel house, no problem. Now, don’t get me wrong, both Sudeikis and Hathaway are great actors. The problem was it became the usual boring affair of a Lady who has it all and screws it up. She then has to run back home to get her life together, and the funny guy from her past is there to catch her on her way down and helps bring her back up. Well…… that’s what I almost got.
  • Colossal then took that Hollywood trope, and packaged it in this weird tale of Hathaway being able to control a monster who brings havoc to Seoul, South Korea. Wait hold on, that’s not quite the story either.

Quest for 100(Save your questions for the end I was confused as well)

  • It finally concludes with a really great lesson on life. The fact that we all have to deal with our baggage sooner or later or it will destroy us from the inside out. The actual finale of this movie really did have a great lesson tied in. The issue was the odd way in which we had to get there. If you’re coming for the monster you’re in for a long movie. If you came for the people in this movie you’ll leave satisfied as they put on a great show. I recommend a 12 pack of  Pabst Blue Ribbon. It will be the only thing that makes you feel like this world actually exists somewhere. Also, you’ll need the extra beers because people around you are going to need to hit the bottle as well to get through this odd tale. Will not watch again.

Thanks again for joining me on the Quest for 100 Movies. Please comment below if you watched any of the movies above or if you still have any questions about Colossal. I know I do ha-ha. I hope you are enjoying this journey. Let me know if you’ve watched anything this year so far that you think I need to go check out. Also, please check out the other wonderful articles right here on or any of my other films I’ve watched so far. Also, go watch, like, and subscribe to our Youtube channel. Recently we held a super hero draft where you can also vote on your favorite heroes and help create our last super hero team.

12/100 movies watched so far. May looks to be like an amazing month for movies. So, stay tuned in for everything else soon to come.


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3 thoughts on “Quest for 100: Anime, Colossal, Free Fire

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    April 29, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    are you planning on seeing Sleight? Low budget superhero movie that is getting a lot of love. Would like to know your take

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      April 29, 2017 at 8:10 pm

      yes I am looking forward to it as well. The local Angelika is showing it will hopefully catch it before guardians Vol. 2


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