Quake Champions Closed Beta is coming

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORPWell Malice-Corp now knows the date for the Quake Champions Closed Beta.  Would you like me to tell you?  Well to bad, Quake is all mine! No just kidding.  Keep reading it is below.

Quake Champions Closed Beta

Bethesda announced that the closed beta for Quake Champions will begin April 6th, 2017.  You can head over to the Quake Champion page and sign-up now for the closed Beta.  You must be 18 years of age to access the site and to sign up for the Beta so keep that in mind

Anarki Champion Trailer

We also got a new trailer for one of the playable profiles that will be avalible during the closed beta, with a small description of some of the Anarki Transhuman Punks’ abilities.

Anarki Transhuman Punk Abilities

Bethesda provided us with a look at some of the basic abilities you will have access to while playing the Anarki Champion profile during the closed betal.  From the Bethesda quake Anarki page:


Anarki is a firm believer in performance enhancement – anything that will give him an edge over his opponents. Should you find yourself running low on health, you can trigger Anarki’s active ability to get you back in the game. Every time you use Anarki’s Health Injection ability, you add a little more to your max health. Anarki will retain this boost ever after death.


Thanks to his Hoverboard Air Control passive ability, Anarki actually gains more speed than the other Champions as he strafe-jumps around the Arena, turning him from a speed demon into a speed God. This passive ability also gives you more control over his movement, allowing you turn sharply mid-air and rapidly change direction.

Final thoughts

Game play footage looks great but what do you expect from a quake game.  We just have to wait and see. If you manage to snag a beta invite let us know we would love to hear what you think of the game or at least what you will be allowed to share.  As always love to hear your thoughts on Quake past, present, and future.  Just comment below.  Please like and share us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Don’t forget you can catch the Malice-Corp PodCast on our YouTube channel as well.

Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

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