Netflix Punisher on set photos emerge

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Our first look at Punisher since he made his debut in season 2 of Daredevil have been released. These come care of Getty Images. If you love yourself some Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, (and honestly who didn’t he crushed in the role), it’s time to get your geek fire ignited. There are over 100 photos at the site for the new season.

What’s in the photos?

So lets talk about what you’ll see and get our takes on it (Due to having to pay editorial rights on these pictures we will not be able to display them here):

  • Bruised and Battered
    • The first set of photos have Frank looking like he has come out of a serious butt-kicking, which is no surprise. But beyond that we get photos of him sitting in a truck looking like he is following or staking out the people/person responsible.
  • You’ll never take me coppers!!!
    • We get some shots of Frank tussling with the police, leaping over cop cars and even sitting in a cop car. Most likely stealing it to get away. He is not bruised up in these so these will probably be around an earlier to mid point in the season after he has come out of hiding.
  • Fear the Beard
    • There are photo’s where Frank looks like he’s been getting ready to audition for ZZ Top. He’s got a big glorious beard and is under disguise as a homeless man. This will probably be very early in the season when we start finding out what he has been up to.
  • Flower Delivery
    • Couple photos of Frank carrying flowers. Most likely to the graves of his family. He is wearing the same clothes as the cop fight. Meaning the cops were probably staking out his family graves and that is what leads into the fight. Jeez a man can’t even pay his respects.
  • Chit-chat with Karen
    • The last set of photos has Frank sitting with Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) on the waterfront. He’s still bearded up. Based off the connection he made with her in the second season of Daredevil, she is probably still a confidant and trying to keep him safe.

Punisher Season One

Unfortunately there are no new photo’s with him back in the Punisher gear. Sorry no white skull shots. All we know at this time for release date is sometime in 2017. Hopefully sooner than later just to get Iron Fist out of peoples mind’s.


The last time we saw Frank was at the end of Daredevil: Season 2. He seemed to embrace that he was the Punisher and helped Daredevil out of a jam in a rooftop fight. His last words were “See you around Red” in reference to Karen Page. Judging from the photos we know that is going to happen. Now we will just have to sit and wait to see what he’s been up to. Once again if you want to see the photos you can go to Getty Images Website.

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