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Psych: The Movie

Reunion Done Right

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If you haven’t watched the newest installment of the Psych-verse yet – shame, shame on you. You are seriously missing out on one of the greatest things to grace our television sets in the past year. This cast hasn’t missed a single step. honestly feels like no time at all had passed from the end of the series till now. It has seriously been 3 years? Not even Gilmore Girls was this flawless in picking up where they left off, and I personally loved that revival series. What more could you possibly want to end 2017 than James Roday and Dulé Hill going at it again in the roles that gave them a cult following, and is still one of the greatest bromances from television.

During its epic USA run, Psych fed off the chemistry between Roday and Hill to carry the detective comedy that parodied some of the greatest moments from pop culture history. From Twin Peaks (which also had it’s own revival this year) to Hitchcock, Friday the 13th to The Hangover, it felt like no reference was left unused. From episode to episode the quips and references flew. And it continued that trend in the movie, which was amazing considering the break from season end to movie. And can I just say, this had an excellent soundtrack accompanying it, I was so happy to see.


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 The Plot – Act 1

So the movie picks up not long after the series ended. They immediately bring Soup-can Sam back from retirement, though with an admittedly epic wig that he didn’t sport last time. It was hilarious to see that he still hadn’t replaced the missing half of the beard that he gave to Gus in the Santa Barbaratown episode. He is attempting to rob a gang of bad guys looking for his stolen engagement ring. And for those who were worried that an engagement would have altered Gus and Shawn’s friendship – rest assured they are just as crazy and epic level bromance as ever.

The story follows the original series by moving at a brisk pace. We move over to Juliet and her new partner Sam. This made me miss Carlton something fierce. Alas, we don’t even get a chance to bond with Sam do we? Sam arrives home to find his apartment invaded by a David Bowie wannabe in an admittedly cool hat. Zachary Levi was born to play this role though, only Carey Elwes and Ally Sheedy had cooler introductions.  My biggest takeaway from this scene though was the hiding of the gun in the gingerbread house. That was a nice throwback to Lassie hiding the gun in the bowl of pistachios. It’s beautiful to see that Jules is passing on Lassie’s paranoia. Sam is shot twice despite that and fate unknown for now.


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The Office

We get to see the new Psych office for the first time, aptly renamed “Psychphrancisco” All one word, lowercase with a ph for the F. What’s not to love about this office? I mean, sure it’s not the beautiful beachfront property that made no sense how they could afford, but it was great all the same. The fact that it looked like San Francisco spit out the props for the Goonies movie really helped it’s cause though. If this is going to be the site for future movies, I deem it a worthy replacement to the Santa Barbara office. Though I will miss the walking along the boardwalk exposition scenes.


Act 2:

At the hospital, Shawn and Gus get booted to the curb when they offer to help track down Sam’s assailant. Upon leaving, they run into an old friend, Nick Conforth. Damn it is good to see Ralph Macchio back in action. Nick delivers some intel, alerting them to the fact that Jules may be hiding something that led to this attack. He tells them that Sam was receiving calls from a burner phone whose signal had been traced to a specific area. So off they go to investigate what turned out to be another insane asylum. Only this one is inhabited by an angry german shepherd, and not an axe wielding killer.

This scene through the asylum though is where we get to see Shawn and Gus’ old chemistry shine through. The dialogue, jokes, and banter were classic Psych. I loved it, and I need more of it. The thinking cap bit, the screams when attacked by the dog – it just took me back to early seasons of psych. The bad guys come, so off they flee. Which leads to yet another 13 point turn fleeing scene that was just awesome. Oh and Shawn liberates the now friendly dog, so kudos to Shawn for that one.

They go take the dog to the Chief, and take her back to the asylum. The bad guys have cleared out and Jules has tracked them all down. She once again boots them to the curb and off they go to Gus’ planetarium party. Where Gus meets the female version of himself, and they get in a fight over Pluto. How they end up together after she disses Pluto is beyond me, but I guess there is no explaining attraction. But it was hilarious to watch Gus get “Gussed” and have him completely freak out.

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Act 3:

So we see back at the hospital that Sam has been killed and officers are dead thanks to the Thin White Duke’s blonde henchman. Over at the morgue, everyone shows up for the autopsy. And in comes in our favorite crazy ME, Woody. Kurt Fuller can do no wrong with this character. So good to see him back in action. And finally we get to see Shawn living the psychic detective bit again. The men from the beginning of the episode accost Shawn and Gus in their office. Shawn pleads his case about the engagement ring, but ends up skating out of it by doing a tarot card reading. Just like the good old days, growth is nice, but never let us forget what it was based upon.

Jules finally agrees to let Shawn into the case, and he figures out immediately who is stalking her. Juliet’s former Snitch Billy, who Juliet threw in jail despite a promise she made. In the confrontation you find out he is a lackey, so you are still left wondering who is pulling the strings. From here, Shawn does what Shawn does best. Call his dad for help, and may I say Henry may have had the funniest transformation in the movie. We all need more Hipster Henry in our lives, who embraces the life of drum circles.

And now we come to probably my favorite 2 scenes in the whole movie. After hashing stuff out in bed, Shawn and Juliet find different ways to comfort themselves. Juliet calls Lassie, and boy was it good to see Tim Omundson. Having suffered a stroke right before filming, Roday and Franks had to do some serious rewrites, but I am glad that they were able to get a little Lassie in the movie. Shawn on the other hand visits the dream world. He reunites for a song with the departed Mary Lightly, singing Allison Road. Although I am sure the appearance of Gus as Prince and Jules as Princess Leia was all the distraction you needed to downplay the significance of that song choice.


Act 4:

The next scene we see the Chief’s daughter get kidnapped. Inevitably the whole gang comes to meet the Thin White Duke at the rendezvous spot. and they are whisked away to meet the mastermind. Who makes her entrance by brutally shooting  Billy like 5 times. If you didn’t get it by the dream sequence it was Yin’s trainee Allison behind the whole thing. She masterminded this to get to the woman who put her behind bars, Juliet. I gotta say the fights in these scenes were awesome. Kip ups to back-flips, to bad ass Woody wielding a rifle – it had it all and then some. You just gotta watch it to revel in the awesome.

They get Chief Vick’s daughter safe from the bomb and all is well for Team Psych. But they just had to get 1 more twist thrown in there. The gangster from the beginning, appears to give Shawn his missing engagement ring. Apparently all the predictions Shawn made came true, who knew! The fact that he is apparently an ordained minister is just the icing on the cake, as he weds Shawn and Juliet on the streets of San Francisco. It was a sweet sappy ending that was 100% Psych, I approve. And just in case you thought they were done there, well just wait and see who appears as Shawn is getting ready to depart for his honeymoon. You’re gonna have to watch to find that one out though.



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