Psych Casting News: Ralph Macchio is Back

Psych The Movie Reveals A Former Guest Stars Return

Ralph Macchio is Announced to Reprise his Role

When Psych: The Movie was announced,  the network and studio promised that the special would feature some returning guest stars. EW can exclusively reveal one of them. Ralph Macchio has been revealed to be reprising one of his two roles on the show.

In case you forgot, Ralph starred in 2 eisodes, “We’d Like to Thank the Academy” and Remake A.K.A. Cloudy… With a Chance of Improvement.” He is reprising his role from the Police academy spoof Officer Nick Conforth. He played a police academy officer who trained Shawn and Gus in season 5. If you haven’t seen the episode do yourself a favor and watch it. It is absolutely hilarious, and the banter between Conforth and Lassiter was priceless.

Conforth will play an important role in Shawn and Gus’ investigation into the Thin White Duke (Zachary Levi), a mysterious villain who targets one of their friends. In an interview with creator Steve Franks he said this about Macchio’s character: 

“He’s actually a big catalyst to get our investigation going. He holds one of the key pieces of information. He actually functioned perfectly within the framework of the story and that was kind of the key.”


Thoughts and Feelings:

I am not going to lie, when I thought about returning characters my brain immediately flew to Cary Elwes. Still waiting on confirmation for his official casting if he is going to be back. I did not immediately think of Macchio. I am however, very excited to see his character return.

His character fit in seamlessly with the cast and felt like he had been around the whole time. He may have started off a little timid in the field, but by the end he found his stride. He totally saved the day and Shawn’s life. Gus and Shawn had totally adopted him as one of their own. I can’t wait to see what the character has been doing since we last left him in Season 5. I am attaching a little clip to refresh his role in your mind.

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One thought on “Psych Casting News: Ralph Macchio is Back

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    June 30, 2017 at 7:50 am

    Homygoodness. Toss in Cary Elwes, and man, this will be the movie conclusion to Psych that I wish Serenity had been to Firefly. It just… just wasn’t complete, man!


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