Project Scorpio Specs Announced by Microsoft, is it all what we hoped for?

Microsoft announced the specs to Project Scorpio announced at E3 2016. It certainly ups the entertainment game for the coming holiday 2017.

Project Scorpio Specs

6 Teraflops for graphic processing

326 GB/s of memory bandwith

1TB HDD storage

2.3GHz custom CPU

4k UHD, Blu-Ray, DVD player

Vapor Chamber for liquid cooling

Centrifugal fan for cooling


The system is able to run VR games when they start arriving. The only question is what VR system it support.


Microsoft has repeatedly told consumers that Xbox and Windows 10 are compatible. We’ve seen this with the integration of games, controllers and even the roll out of the tile based Xbox One update.


While no price has been set yet. We should see something closer to release. I expect the price range to be in the $800 to $900.

Is it worth it?

If you’re a hard core console gamer and love the latest and greatest tech, then upgrade. If you want a system that does all the 4K native, then upgrade. If you want a bit of a 4k upgrade, don’t care about VR, and don’t want the likely large price tag, then upgrade to the Xbox One S. It’s a bit more than the standard Xbox One, can come with a bit more memory and certainly has decent graphics. I don’t know yet.

SaphirRose, contributor.

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