Why the new film ‘Princesses’ should be made by Disney

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There’s a hot new script making the rounds in Hollywood. The project is an Avenger’s style approach to fairy tale princesses. Tracking Board broke the news about the project, they reported that Paradigm’s David Boxerbaum and Jack Wagner are shopping it to several major studios.


The project is entitled Princesses. It is described as “a female-drven Avengers featuring classic fairy tale princesses.” Nir Paniry wrote the script. Lawerence Grey is set to produce. Along with the announcement of the project being shopped around, it was also announced that director Joachim Ronning was attached to the package for Disney.

Just imagine we’re wearing dresses, high heels, and kicking ass

At this time it is not established which fairy tale princesses would be part of the story. The assumption is that it would be characters that are within the public domain.

Why Disney should make the film

There are a few obvious answers for why Disney should do the project:

  1. They would be getting a Director they already know in Joachim Ronning. It can be assumed that they trust Joachim as he directed one of their flagship franchises, the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
  2. Disney has already established the popular fairy tale princesses. When you picture Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, etc., you picture the Disney version of them.

  3. Disney has already proven that they can do a different rendition of said characters in the popular show Once Upon a Time.
  4. Disney has shown success in remaking their classic cartoons into live action, having already established faces playing the princesses. If they were able to bring along such actresses as Emma Watson (Belle), Lily James (Cinderella), and (though not a princess per se,) Mia Wasikowska (Alice). Having already seen these actresses playing the characters gives further believability to the viewer.
  5. Disney owning Marvel Studios has shown that they know how to bring a shared universe together properly. After all the project is described as an Avengers style grouping.

The not so obvious reason why Disney should make the film

Back in 2007 Disney released the comedy/musical film Enchanted. The film focused on an animated princess finding her way into the real world. This is by far one of my favorite Disney films. Over the years the film has gained a lot of popularity. Disney is now in the works to make the sequel to the film titled Disenchanted. Their hopes are to start filming some time this year.

With having already established a world where animated characters in the Disney vein can find themselves in the real world, how great would it be to use this launching point as a way to establish what’s to come in Princesses? Something could pull the animated versions we know into the real world and they have to band together to fight the threat in real life.

The film is still in very early stages of development. We will keep you posted as we learn more. If you have any thoughts or ideas about our thoughts above, make sure to subscribe to the site and leave them in the comments below.

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