Preacher And Their Dynamic Duo

Hoover And Featherstone: Behind Preacher and Their Strangest Duo Ever

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So I’ve been on a Preacher kick lately. I binge watched the show 3 episodes in to season 2. This show is a wild ride and often does things that people won’t expect. Having never read the comics, I thoroughly enjoy a show that keeps me so often surprised at what I just watched. But Season 2 is far superior to Season 1 for one reason. And that is the introduction of The Grail, and it’s soldiers Lady Featherstone And F.J. Hoover. The 2 of them on screen have a weird chemistry together that works when they are in scenes together.

Lady Featherstone

So let’s explore these characters just a little bit more. On one hand you have Lady Featherstone, who is blindly devoted to the Grail. To the point she is willing to sacrifice herself for the cause. She’s a chameleon who can inhabit whatever role and look that’s needed for the mission. She has her goals in site and is willing to do just about anything to achieve them. Including offering herself as a role play partner in her Boss Herr Star’s kinky fantasies. That is serious commitment.

She is the thinker and kiss ass of the partners. She has no time for Hoover’s humor or jokes. The actress who portrays her, Julie Ann Emery, sucks you into the character. Even though she is technically a bad guy who wants to kill Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy, You are still drawn into her and what she is doing. You want her to both succeed and fail.

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So you would think a character like Lady Featherstone would have a partner that was her fanatical mirror. Instead, she is teamed with Hoover. Hoover likes to make jokes, and questions things they do, and is addicted to Boo-Berry cereal. Though he tries, he so far makes mistakes, and some that have very awkward consequences. I am wondering if he will have to face the consequences of getting the wrong prostitutes ordered for his boss.

I’ve unfortunately dubbed Hoover the “whipping boy” of Team Grail. He takes the brunt of the punishments, and whenever he steps in to aid his partner, it always seems to lead to a beating. Just the last episode alone, he steps in to bail out Featherstone from Tulip, and gets the crap kicked out of him. All in the name of keeping cover. Just let the poor man eat his Boo-Berry in peace!

But despite the ass beatings and the screw-ups, you can’t help but root for the guy. Malcolm Barret plays Hoover with a charming affability you cannot help but love. He is very relatable and he makes you feel empathetic towards his character.

Off Screen:

So to be totally honest, part of these characters charm comes from the actors who portray them. Watching the 2 of them banter back and forth and engage with their fan base is so much fun. They draw you in and make you feel like you are a part of the episode. When that happens, I love the show that much more. I love watching a show where I feel like the actors are getting to hear their fans and acknowledge the love and praise being sent their way. So thank you Malcolm and Julie for engaging with us fans day in and day out. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next week.

Preach on Preacher! Until next time stay nerdy out there.

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