Poll Results – Who is the most Powerful Wizard?! Pfft Merlin

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM. The results are in, the people have spoken and well… Merlin wins the contest of who is the most POWERFUL Wizard of all! BCON called it and wins this nerd fight. Check out BCON’s articles here on Malice-Corp or listen to him on the Malice-Corp PodCast.

You can check out the original poll article by clicking here.


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Winner – MERLIN and @bmconstant (BCON)

The granddaddy of all wizards. Merlin has been in existence since c. 1136. Known mainly for the Arthurian legends, Merlin is one of King Author’s biggest confidants and the earliest known version of wizardry in pop culture.


Merlin has had many different incarnations and can be found in thousands of different properties throughout history and all kinds of different media. If you have a favorite property that features Merlin please share it in the comments below! Lets keep this nerd fight going! #RaistlinLives. #RaistlinForEver #AVoteForRaistlinIsAVoteForTheDarkness

Next Weeks Poll

Next Weeks poll is “What is the greatest movie ever made by Quentin Tarantino?”  Say tuned for the announcement.  Remember the Polls start Sunday and run to the end of Friday Pacific time!

One final note

See BCON, you should have written the article and gloated.  Instead I get to plug Raistlin! I DEMAND A RECOUNT. Just kidding, nice call on your horse in this race.

Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

2 thoughts on “Poll Results – Who is the most Powerful Wizard?! Pfft Merlin

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    April 3, 2017 at 10:11 am

    Hey Mest, why so glum ? Look Miracle Max could help people who are “mostly dead” so maybe he’s just “mostly powerful” ? Now go have fun storming the castle !


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