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Last week’s nerd fight poll was the best CW The Flash character (minus the Flash). As always, we took to Twitter, Reddit, and any other social media platform we could think of to try and get your votes for our picks. Amazingly, this week’s finale drove people to come vote. And, we have so many people to thank for coming out and participating in the poll this week. As you know, The Flash’s greatest strength as a show stems from the amazing characters and actors it possesses. So, who came out on top and was crowned Best Flash Character?

Last Place:

The Trickster (BigPapaMatt)

While it was deemed a brilliant pick by the podcast, unfortunately, the Trickster got no traction with voters this week. However, I think we can all agree that a character played by the great Mark Hamill deserved better in the votes.


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5th Place:

Jay Garrick/Henry Allen (BCON):

This pick got the biggest shout-out from John Wesley Shipp himself taking part and trying to get fans active in the poll. However, he is so active that I think the fans were overwhelmed by all his amazing tweets. With how many tweets he does in a day, it seems that the poll got lost in the shuffle. He may be the OG Flash, but, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to come out on top. Yet, on a bright note, BCON was excited to get a retweet from one of his favorite characters and the actor himself.


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4th Place:

Captain Cold/Leonard Snart (Fans)

One of the fan picks, Captain Cold, had a hot start jumping into the front of the poll. But, he chilled considerably as the week went on. The fact remains, he is one of the most popular Flash villains, and he is sorely missed on Legends of Tomorrow.


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3rd Place:

Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost (Fans)

She may have started off a bit cold early on the week, but she came back with a vengeance after the finale aired. Heroic moments really do make a difference in fan voting. However, it was too little too late.


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2nd Place:

HR Wells (SuperwhovianFreak):

HR deserved all the love ever after this weeks finale. The ultimate sacrifice was made by him, and it was utterly heart wrenching. It was like being stabbed by both drumsticks when he died and didn’t win. Rest in peace HR, you will be sorely missed.


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1st Place:

Iris West (Mest5150)

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Finally, we come to first place. Iris is our champion. She came out of the gate swinging, jumping ahead quickly. I was embraced by the WestAllen supporters, and they played a huge part in this victory. Between her supposed death last week, and all the great fandom love, it was enough to outweigh HR and his noble sacrifice. Amazingly, the response almost doubled the amount of votes for HR. She was the first character picked in the poll and for good reason. Iris West is far too important to The Flash. We and the show would be lost without her. As a result, we have a large amount of gratitude to give to all the wonderful Iris West, Candice Patton supporters, and the WestAllen Stans.

 Special Thanks

Here are all the wonderful people that re-tweeted or liked anything having to do with Iris in the poll:

  • Immediately, the hot start came from a retweet care of @Malashamonique. Thank you for starting the craziness that continued throughout the week.
  • @tamarac20978560, @ficvsreality, @Waisendgame, @peppiwa, @icandiris, @beingmessyy, @ChebieD all really kept the traffic and tweets going for the massive push to get Iris into the lead position and not look back
  • @intosnight, @_cantsitwithus, @sunshinehappier, @taylor_cap25, @neecie1989, @gna365, @westallenearth1, @augustisoverr, @ifekene, @alexsophiarose, @candris_ @secreterik, @barryalleniris, @fufumq, @multi01fandom, @AlexisWaverider, @Mayali_21, @KnowledgisPowa, @sarahpia2011, @xxHot_Babe92xx, @Barriswestallen, @RoseAlaina, @Scirabr, @flezrasbarry, @IrisBestAllen, @TinaLBelcher, @WestAllenAF, and @Zxkween came with the dagger that sealed the deal

The support was greatly appreciated, and Iris and Candice Pattinson won because of it. Thank you to all the WestAllen Fandom and any others that helped support the poll.

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I hope everyone had fun with the poll. Next weeks Nerd Fight is The Most Hated/Loved CW Villain from the 2017 season. This should be a fun send off to all the wonderful CW shows until they return from their Summer hiatus.

If you haven’t caught this weeks Youtube MaliceCast Podcast please do so and remember to like and subscribe. Please leave any thoughts about the above items below in the comments. Again, we thank you. We hope to see you in the Nerd Fight again starting on 5/28/17 at 12:00:01 AM PST.


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