Nerd Fight Poll: Best Doctor/Companion Team

Nerd Fight Poll: Who Is the Best Doctor/Companion Team-Up

Hello all you Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

We are back with another poll for this week. Last week saw the fight for the best Doctor Who Villain. To honor the return of the master last week we had some of the villains from Doctor Who square off. We got a ton of response from voters, especially on reddit. A lot of wonderful discussions were had with voters over the last week. So thanks to everyone who came out and participated you made the week a lot of fun.

So because tonight is the finale of doctor who we delve into the whovian verse one more time. This finale is wrapping up both Moffat and Capaldi’s run on the show, so now we all eagerly await the casting of the new doctor. With a new regeneration imminent, we decided to stroll down memory lane and pit our personal favorite Doctor/Companion team-ups against each other. So here are your contestants for the weeks battle.

4th Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith:

Sarah-Jane Smith, was an investigative journalist who traveled with the Doctor in his third and fourth incarnations. She held the honor of being one of the few people the Doctor considered one of his best friends. They had a great chemistry together that was hard to say goodbye too. Sarah and the Doctor respected one another greatly. After many trips together the Fourth Doctor received a summons to return to Gallifrey, his home world. He told her then that they had to part company because humans weren’t allowed on the planet. Their final words to each other were pleas to not forget them. Punched right in the feels.


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7th Doctor and Ace:

Ace, AKA Dorothy Gale McShane was a very troubled teen on Earth. She had a penchant for bomb making and getting in trouble. She gets caught up in  a time storm swept her up and transported her to a place called Iceworld in the far future. Here is where she met the Seventh Doctor, whom she referred to as “Professor.” Ace and the doctor had a very teacher/student Relationship at times. The doctor was always trying to educate Ace and make her a stronger person. The doctor often used manipulations on Ace that she grew frustrated with. She left him for a few years after the death of her love Jan. She did eventually rejoin the Tardis after a few years to continue their many adventures.

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10th Doctor/Rose Tyler/Captain Jack:

One of the most famous trios of the whovian verse. The only thing that made the Rose/10 dynamic better was the brash flirtations of Captain Jack Harkness. Each character had chemistry that oozed out of every scene. They may not have gotten a lot of time together amidst saving the world but they were unforgettable.

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10th Doctor/Donna Noble/Wilfred Mott

Nobody can tell me that Wilfred wasn’t a true companion. Donna was the doctor’s best friend. The Doctor and Donna worked because Donna wasn’t cowed by the Doctor but challenged him to always be better than he was. And he in turn made her the most important person in the universe. Wilfred is so, so very amazing! So kind, so badass, and he had such a heartwarming dynamics with Donna and the Doctor. And just like Doctor would be proud if Wilfred was his dad, I would be so happy if I had a grandfather who would be even remotely similar to him. The end of their time with the doctor was one of the most heartbreaking stories on Doctor Who.

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11th Doctor/The Ponds

Even though the Ponds were technically the in laws of the Doctor, this definitely felt more like a paternal doctor relationship. Amy and the Doctor were great together on their own. Adding in Rory elevated the entire relationship to amazing. The 3 of them had amazing adventures together. They had humor and warmth and a very familial love bled into their scenes together. It was brutal to watch them be separated by the weeping angels.


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11th Doctor/River Song:

Professor River Song (born Melody Pond) was a “child of the TARDIS” and the wife of the Doctor, specifically his eleventh incarnation. She was mostly human, with some Time Lord DNA, conceived by her parents, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, aboard the TARDIS as it traveled through the Time Vortex. 11 and River were sensual, fun, and flirty. They had an undeniable chemistry on screen and I loved watching them interact on screen. 

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Time to vote

There you have it folks, those are this week’s combatants. Vote for your favorite Doctor/Companion Team-Up. Also, if you want to see why we chose who we did then make sure to listen to this week’s podcast. You can find it either at or YouTube. Heck, while your there you can even subscribe and that way you’ll know when our next podcast is airing.

Finally, if you would like further insights into the characters, click on their name and it will take you to their respective wiki pages. Voting goes until July 7th, 11:59:59 PM PST. So, don’t dilly dally. Get your vote in and help give someone on the podcast bragging rights for this week.


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